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Concrete Cementing

Innovative Cementing Solutions - Cement supports and protects well casings and helps achieve zonal isolation. Critical to safer, environmentally sound, and profitable wells, zonal isolation is created and maintained in the wellbore by the cementing process. Whatever your drilling environment or however remote the location, our innovative cementing technologies offer you a range of cementing solutions to achieve zonal isolation for the life of your well.

Deepwater Cementing - Understanding deepwater technical challenges is key to designing cementing solutions that meet deepwater specifications and provide required zonal isolation.

Deepwater Cement Slurries | Advanced Flexible Cement Technology | Lightweight Cement Slurries

Concrete-Based Oilwell Cementing - Developing high-quality cementing solutions for each type of well environment requires a thorough understanding of the physical properties of both the slurry and the set cement needed.

High-Density Cement Slurries | Microcement Slurries

CO2-Resistant Cement - EverCRETE cementing solution reduces the risk of CO2 degradation and leakage and can be used to cement new CO2 injection wells or plug and abandon existing injection/production wells.

Gas Migration Control - Density control, mud removal, and slurry design are critical to effectively cementing gas-bearing formations and preventing annular gas flow.

GasMigrationAdvisor | D400 EasyBLOK | D500 GASBLOK LT | D600G GASBLOK | D700 GASBLOK HT | D168 | D193 | ISOBLOK

Lost Circulation - Cement additives cure lost circulation and reduce drilling costs.

CemNET | InstanSeal

Mud Removal - Effective mud removal is a basic requirement for successful cementing solutions and is the first step in achieving long-term zonal isolation.

WELLCLEAN II Simulator | WELLCLEAN II Advisor | Chemical Washes

Self-Healing Cement System - FUTUR self-activating cementing solution ensures long-term zonal isolation and well integrity during production, abandonment, and beyond.

Cementing Equipment - Providing the right cementing equipment for every job requires a full line of state-of-the-art technology designed for even the most challenging well environments.

CemSTREAK | Offshore Cementing Pumping Equipment | DeepSea EXPRES Cementing Head

Cementing Software - Available software services let you evaluate zonal isolation parameters, calculate pressures, optimize mud removal, evaluate and minimize gas migration risk, and minimize contamination during plug placement.

Cement Plug Placement Optimization Software | Solids Fraction Monitor | CemCADE Cementing Design and Evaluation Software.

Artificial Lift

Schlumberger offers artificial lift solutions for applications ranging from simple and economical to complex and high-temperature and high-pressure. Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and gas lift products and services are designed to mitigate risk and expand the operating limits of conventional systems. Answer products and services are also available to optimize artificial lift and production.

Electric Submersible Pumps - The REDA line of multistage centrifugal ESPs supports a wide range of artificial lift applications, from cool-water wells and gas well dewatering systems to high-gas/oil ratio (GOR) and high-temperature pumping systems and accessories.

EZLine ESP | REDA Maximus ESP | REDA Hotline ESP | Solutions for High-Gas Wells | ESP Components | ESP System Design

Gas Lift - Gas lift systems using standard Camco gas lift products and services and the XLift high-pressure and PerfLift perforated zone gas lift systems provide artificial lift solutions for conventional environments and extreme and challenging environments.

Conventional Gas Lift | High-Pressure Gas Lift | Perforated-Zone Gas Lift | Surface Flow Control Valves | Retrievable Gas Lift Valves | Side Pocket Mandrels | PIPESIM Gas Lift Optimization Module

Subsea Lift Systems - Consist of high-pressure gas lift systems as well as high-volume, high-horsepower ESP systems.

Dual ESP Systems | High-Pressure Gas Lift

Horizontal Surface Pumps - Surface pumping systems use multistage centrifugal pumps skid mounted horizontally for applications ranging from simple water injection to more complex crude oil transfer and refinery services.

Monitoring Systems - The Phoenix downhole monitoring system supports in-depth analysis, diagnostics, and remediation planning, especially in problematic wells and changing reservoirs.

Downhole ESP Monitoring | Cable to Surface Monitoring

Artificial Lift Optimization - Artificial Lift system and reservoir monitoring, surveillance, diagnostics, and optimization in real time.

Surface Electrical Equipment - Variable speed drives (VSDs), fixed speed drives (FSDs), motor controllers, and other surface electrical equipment provide reliable power, system monitoring, and protection against electrical faults, even in extreme environments.

Fixed Speed Drives | Surface Power and Control Specialists | Universal Site Controller | Variable Speed Drives.

Carbon Services

A trusted partner - Schlumberger has over 80 years of experience mapping, measuring, and modeling underground rock formations. The technologies we have pioneered and developed to explore, characterize, and produce hydrocarbon resources have been applied by Schlumberger Carbon Services to form a solid foundation to address the challenges of storing CO2 underground safely, reliably, and efficiently. Since the mid-1990s, Schlumberger has directed R&D efforts towards this new frontier, investing substantially to innovate, adapt, and patent technologies specifically for use in CO2 storage projects. Schlumberger Carbon Services is now involved in over 60 carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects around the world and this participation, in many different geological contexts, has provided us with detailed understanding of the varied challenges.

Expertise at all stages - We integrate and manage all the services and technologies needed to select, plan, construct, operate, and monitor sites:

· Front end engineering and design (FEED) studies.

· Performance management and risk control analyses.

· Detailed site appraisals.

· Global project management experience.

· Worldwide data management and interpretation expertise.

· Seismic services.

· Reservoir characterization.

· Geologic models for reservoir simulations.

· Well construction technology for optimal placement and long-term integrity.

· Advanced monitoring technology for injection, verification, and assurance.

Preselection - Select the best storage site and minimize uncertainties.

Site Appraisal - Evaluate sites using our unique measurement and modeling tools.

Development and Injection - Knowledge and experience to make the right decision.

Monitoring - Tailor the monitoring strategy to the individual site.

Postinjection - Leaving a site safe and secure

Highlighted Projects - A few of our worldwide project involvements.

Fluid Loss Control Systems

Additives for controlling fluid loss during and after completion
An extensive portfolio is available of additives that control production-limiting fluid losses during and after completions. Our fluid loss control technologies reduce the high costs and the risks of formation damage often resulting from remedial treatments.
Our line of fluid loss control systems include the uniquely engineered seal-n-peel system, designed as a contingency for high-rate gravel or water-pack completions. It deposits an impenetrable filtercake against the inside surface of the screen assembly. When the well is ready to go on stream, the cake simply peels away using production pressure and flow as the lift-off mechanism.
Control the loss of clear brine fluid with a chemically modified, crosslinked cellulose polymer.
Get superb supplemental fluid loss control when mechanical devices fail or are unavailable.
Viscous pills
Increase the viscosity and carrying capacity of workover and completion fluids.

Drilling Fluids Systems

M-I SWACO built its reputation on engineering drilling fluid systems and additives that improve efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize HSE impact. We customize drilling fluid systems and associated additives to reduce NPT in the most demanding applications, including HTHP, deepwater and depleted wells. M-I SWACO is widely recognized for developing solutions for downhole problems, from the simple to the complex. We were the first, for instance, to introduce cost-effective and high efficiency micronized barite technology to water and oil-based drilling fluids.

A leader in R&D, we develop drilling fluid systems for specific applications, such as deepwater, shale gas and heavy oil extraction. Complementing our drilling fluid systems are specialized additives that optimize efficiencies by targeting performance-impacting downhole problems that increase costs.

The formulation of the base fluid and additives is tailored for the specific well construction application with the primary objectives of:

  • Maintaining wellbore stability
  • Optimizing ROP and overall drilling efficiency
  • Reducing NPT
  • Maximizing production
  • Cutting costs
  • Minimizing HSE footprint