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DR.WEIGERT GmbH Cleaning Solution Suppliers In Tamil Nadu

Dr. Weigert Cleaning Solution ( Neodisher Ir)


It removes rust, scaling deposits, discoloration from stainless steel, hardened chrome steel, chrome nickel steel surgical instruments.It also restores the original finish and brings usuability back. It is world class rust remover for professional Instruments.

DR.WEIGERT Cleaning Solution (Neodisher IP Spray)


It is universally accepted instrument lubrication formula : Combination of high quality medicinal paraffin oil and emulsifer that ensure steam sterlization of instruments even after application.It is safe to the patients and does not react with tissues FDA registered and toxicologically safe in accordance to EN-ISO 10993-1.

Dr.weigert Cleaning Solution (neodisher Lm 2)


It efficiently removes organic (blood, mucus, fats, protien) and inorganic (betadine, ointments etc.) residue from the instruments. it prevents re-deposition of cleaned soil. Best cleaning results even in hard water. Prevents stains & discoloration build up on instruments due to hard water during cleaning.

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