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  • About Spin-cot Textiles Private Limited

    Aim / Vision / Mission

    Vision : Quality, Trust and Commitment.

    Aim : our aim to produce world class quality with Indian cottons at very competitive price.

    Memberships / Affiliations

    We are committed to implement ISO9001:2000 standards and TQM systems.


    Unifloc - Latest generation, high productivity, automatic tuft opening and feeding machine

    Contamination cleaners- having charge-coupled cameras to reduce polypropylene, jute, hair and colour threads.

    C60 cards - from Rieter, Switzerland, which individualize the fibres gently and separate the fine trash.

    Sophisticated E65 Comber from Rieter Switzerland, to remove the short fibers and fiber neps.

    Single delivery high production Drawframes from Rieter with Autolevellers and Quality monitors

    Speed frames - of Zinser 668 imported from Germany with latest

    3-over-3 drafting systems to ensure defect free roving packages for spinning.

    Com4- compact ring spinning systems K43 from Rieter, Switzerland to produce low hairiness yarns with improved strength.

    Schlafhorst 338 Autoconers - incorporated with sophisticated Uster Quantum clearers & Siro clearing to ensure consistent quality package with controlled contamination.

    Yarn - conditioning Equipments from ELGI to maintain precise moisture levels in the yarn to ensure superior working performance at the customer end. (Yet to be installed ).

    To,Spin-cot Textiles Private Limited

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