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Portable Drilling & Tapping Machine

Our range of products include Portable Drilling & Tapping Machine such as Gear Pitch Type Auto Tapping Machine, Auto Slanting Tapping Machine, Portable Tapping Machine and Vertical Hydraulic Tapping Machine.

Gear Pitch Type Auto Tapping Machine

Item Code: JT-4508

Gear Pitch Auto Tapping Machine is designed to have one pitch by per turn, to feed and return back the knife synchronously and mechanically. Therefore, it is even though the soft plastic work piece, that could be tapped perfectly. It can make use of selecting push button or pedal switch to operate single up and down stroke, or use knob to operate round stroke.

Gear type:

  • Equipped with replaceable ab gears and meet the tap of process thread with the pitch, the comparison between gear type and leading screw type is as follows:
  • Fine thread will be to limited tapping.
  • Not easy to replace
  • Unable to high speed running, tapping capacity will be to limited.
  • Leading screw type is easy to wear and tear promptly due to long-term wear that could cause quality problems, such as bad tapping jobs etc.,.


  • Installed an isolated cooling fan in the interior of motor to dissipate dissipate heat. Could be operated continuously, steady and durable.
  • Vertical column is solid and treated by tempering to get rid of stress, surface is chrome plated, wear resisting and no rust.
  • High speed rotation continuously, 42 times/per minute.


Table given below:



Main spindle max. Stroke (mm) type of the front side of  main spindle (mm) diameter of thread (mm) up and down moving  distance of the head  (mm) distance between the main spindle and the table  (mm) working table  size(mm)
45 jt-2 ct-12 2~8 less than(10) 260 350 225x230
Motor main spindle speed (R. P. M. ) auto feeding thread  pitch for which  suits machine max. Capacity of  multi-spindle packing dimension (cm) g. Weight (kg)
50 Hz 60hz range of tpi mm m/m m/m standard thread pitch
3 ph 4 p 0. 37 kw (1/2 HP) 1340 760 420 1600 900 500 64,56,48, 44,40,32, 28,24,20, 18,16 0. 2,0. 25,0. 3 0. 35,0. 4,0. 45 0. 5,0. 6,0. 7 0. 75,0. 8,0. 9 1. 0,1. 25 (1. 5) (1. 75) 3x10 spindles 4x5 spindles 5x2 spindles 73 x 52 x 82 (l)x(w)x(h)




Auto Slanting Tapping Machine

Item Code: JT-6516E

We offer Auto Slanting Fully Auto Tapping Machine to our customers.


  • This machine with standard specification is available for mass production.
  • Can be divided into 4, 6, 8, 12, 24.
  • Equipped with auto recycle system for cutting oil.
  • Can be installed the extra mold on the disk surface depending on the need of each work piece.

Portable Tapping Machine

Item Code: MTM-930A

The Portable Tapping Machine that we deal with has a number of advanced features. This comes with many quick change speed modules to provide speed and torque for different threading types. The revolving speed can be changed and the gears are absolutely safe. The distributor disc is ideally located at the top, thereby preventing any fall or damage. The product delivers the best quality products and is easy to operate. We undertake prompt delivery of the same as per specifications.

Product Details:

  • The revolving speed is changeable during the machine is being operated. The gears are safe absolutely.
  • The total maximum height is 570 m/m. Design of motor and gear box makes the point of gravity center become only 280 m/m. As the center of gravity is quite low and hard to be fallen, the magnetic foundation can attain it function and efficiency.
  • The distributor disc is located on the top of machine which prevent it from being fallen or destroyed.
  • MTM-930A & MTM-922A with six-step speed variable (max. revolving speed: 756, min revolving speed: 51) depends on the hardness of processed objects and size of hole which makes the operator more comfortable to select the revolving speed.

Vertical Hydraulic Tapping Machine

We are a leading supplier and trader of Vertical Hydraulic Tapping Machine.

Product Details:

  • Efficient drilling.
  • The drill is protected, the drill penetrates the object.
  • Can be operation of vertical or any position.

Application area:

  • Drilling
  • Cutting the edge
  • Developing Screw thread
  • Developing funnel shape
  • Fastening the screw

Auto Slanting Tapping Machine

Item Code: JT-4508E

We are a leading supplier of Auto Slanting Type A Fully Auto Tapping Machine


  • It can be used to tapping threads whether has metal chips or not.
  • It's a mechanical movement, the machine is a fully auto. Feeding continuous tapping, one user will permit to operate several machines at same time.
  • Gear-pitch type auto. Tapping will get a precise & accurate thread for finished pieces
  • It taps an accurate depth & will suit to the blind hole tapping
  • It equipped with a safe device to monitor the feeding, torque, radial & clamping. It ensures to keeping of pro-long tapping life & a safe job.
  • It governed by PLC control (optional)
  • It can easily quick-change of different tool sizes
  • Provision of blank auto-checking and auto-stop if abnormal

Table given below:

Model e-serles JT-4508E JT-6516E
Max. & min. Thread's diameter of tapping 2~8 5~16
Max. & min. Length of tapping 1~40 2~50
Max. & min. Across corner or diameter 4~15 6~30
Main motor (HP) 3/4 HP
2 HP
Cooling oil pump 1/8 HP
1/6 HP
Cooling oil tank's capacity (litre) 30 lt 30 lt
Clamp working-pieces power pneumatic hydraulic
Net weight (kgs) 500 kgs 700 kgs
Length x width x height (mm) 1500 x 1100 x 2000 1700 x 1200 x 2150


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