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Code of Conduct

Code Of Business Conduct And Ethics Of Board & Senior Management

SEL MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED, strongly relies on independence, responsibility, transparency, professionalism, accountability and code of ethics, which are the basic tenets of corporate governance. SEL always seeks to achieve optimum performance at all levels in adopting and adhering to best corporate governance practices.


This code of business conduct and ethics helps to ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards of business conduct. The board of directors (the board) has adopted a code of business conduct and ethics (the code) for all board members and senior management personnel viz., all members of management one level below executive directors, including all functional heads. Every board member and senior management personnel is expected to read and understand this Code and its application to the performance of his or her duties, functions and responsibilities

Honesty & Integrity

All board members and senior management personnel shall:

  • Act honestly, diligently and in good faith and integrity in all their dealings with and for the Company.
  • Always be fair, honest and should not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, origin, age etc.
  • Always work together on the principal of mutual trust, transparency along with personal responsibility and accountability in the interest of the Company.
  • Always observe corporate discipline, professionalism and ethical standards while dealing on behalf of the Company.

Work Culture

At SEL, our core focus is to give a sense of belongingness to the employees, since we believe that involvement leads to initiatives and hence success of the employees and the organization. 

At the bottom of our cultural pyramid is the vision and ethos of the management. We work to tag all human behavior and activities with the objective of the management which is “sustainable success and happiness of the organization and its people who are its kernel” 

As is any sphere of life or office, culture flows from top to bottom. Giving life and boundaries to this abstract idea is furthered by our deep and long sighted human resource policy which puts “human resources/people” at the top of “strategic assets”. Right recruitment, introduction to work culture, training & development, retention, recognition, sustainable development and cohabitation are the primal functions towards which all our human resource policies are geared.

Aim / Vision / Mission

With a strong infrastructure and a sound financial base SEL is poised for a quantum growth, seeking to achieve a larger market share.


  • To Build a sustainable, profitable and growth oriented, socially responsible corporate through strong and effective systems, committed team and satisfied customer base.
  • To create a “System Driven Management Supported” corporate.

Our Milestones

  • 2005: Forayed Into The Spinning Business With Yarn Manufacturing Facility at Neelon (District Ludhiana)
  • 2007: Setting Up Of another Spinning Unit at Rahon (District Nawanshahar, Punjab)
  • 2008: Expanded the manufacturing base at Rahon by establishing another Spinning Unit
  • 2009: Addition Of Two Spinning Mills at Neemrana (District Alwar, Rajasthan) And Hansi (District Hisar, Haryana)
  • 2010: Open end yarns were added in the portfolio, the spinning capacity of which is now being tripled

Management Team

The top management consists of The Chairman Mr. R.S. Saluja, Managing Director Mr. Neeraj Saluja, Whole Time Director Mr. Dhiraj Saluja, Executive Director & CEO Mr. V.K. Goyal and Executive Director & CFO Mr. Navneet Gupta

The top management through its functions provides strong leadership; visible and active support; and demonstrated commitment which is fundamental to the success of the business. It creates and articulates a vision of what the organization could achieve in the long run. It tends to move the organization in new directions and empowers people at all levels to utilize their full potential to achieve the objectives. It stresses relationships with peers, values and commitment – the emotional and spiritual aspects of the organization.

  • Mr. R. S. Saluja, Chairman
  • Mr. Neeraj Saluja, Managing Director
  • Mr.Dhiraj Saluja, Whole Time Director
  • Mr.V.K. Goyal, Executive Director & C.E.O
  • Mr. Navneet Gupta, Executive Director & C.F.O

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At SEL we believe Corporate Social Responsibility is about how we manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society and environment. It is the continuing commitment by us to act ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

Social responsibility can be broadly divided into two parts: human responsibility and environmental responsibility. We perform our Human responsibilities towards the various stakeholders. We respect the rights of employees, shareholders, the government, customers, investors, suppliers, competitors and the society at large. Environmental responsibility refers to the organization’s responsibility towards environment protection. We ensure that we continuously achieve pollution control standards set by various regulatory bodies. We follow an efficient system for the disposal of waste.

We strive for optimum utilization of energy, materials and all natural resources. We ensure effective steps to achieve recycling of waste as much as possible and responsible discharge of any inevitable waste. Our bio massed co-generation power plants would lessen the greenhouse gas emission. We provide training to our employees on environmental issues and encourage our buyers and suppliers to be environmentally responsible. We are encouraging adoption of “Go Green” policies. We are constantly striving to make the product and the process of production as environment-friendly as possible.

We believe the realm of social responsibility extends beyond the legal responsibilities of an organization and the advantages of Corporate Social Responsibility are far beyond the myopic view of gaining goodwill to harness business. It’s a belief that a business which takes all its factors of production from the society must give back to the society, for sustainable progress and happiness of one and all.

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