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Power Saving Equipment

APFC Panel Board


"Serwel" the India's largest manufactures of Automatic Power Factor Controller Panels, established in the year 1996. In view of constantly rising power tariff & penalties imposed by the State Electricity Boards / Utility companies, it is imperative for any HT & LT Industry / Consumer to install an automatic Power Factor controller system for curtailment of Power Factor penalty and also to Save Energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor.

Automatic Power Factor Controller


We are an esteemed company involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a comprehensive range of Automatic Power Factor Controllers. These are manufactured at our sophisticated facility using finest quality raw material and following all the quality measures. These are designed precisely to ensure that they are fully automatic and are easy to use. Available at industry leading prices, these controllers deliver robust performance and have very long functional life. 


  • Corr. Delay Capacitor - switching delay (1 to 250)
  • Ct Rating 1A / 5A : Current rating for the current transformer/ (select 1 AMP if the CT input is received through the select 5Amp if the CT input is received through the R5 pin of the power connector)
  • PF Target Power Factor (1.70 to 1.00)
  • PF Cap / Ind: Lagging /Leading Target Power Factor
  • Dead band: Dead band for target Power Factor (0.00 t0 0.30)

Energy Saving Equipment


We offer our clients quality Energy Saving Equipment. These intelligent energy saving products improve energy efficiency and will help you to save money and save energy, so reducing your carbon footprint, cutting your energy bills and helping you to live a more sustainable life. These latest technology based energy saving equipment helps in saving at least 40 % of energy in comparison to other conventional lilts. These products enable the users to keep effective control constantly escalating power costs.

Energy Saving Voltage Regulator


Energy Saving Voltage Regulators are being manufactured, exported and supplied by us. These regulators improve the life of capacitors, switch gears, conductors and contacts. These regulators prevent the loss of power by maintaining high power factor which results in reducing the electricity bill to a great extent. Voltage Regulators are manufactured using high grade material and cutting edge technology to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 


  • Saves penalty and earns profit
  • Improves the life of capacitors, conductors, switch gears and contacts
  • Maintains high power factor (near unity) and cuts the electricity bill to the maximum extent
  • Short pay back period

Power Factor Controller


Power Factor Controllers are manufactured, exported and supplied by us. These controllers have intelligent switching and are highly sensitive. Power Factor Controllers are being manufactured at our well-equipped infrastructural facility by following stringent quality parameters as per global standards. This helps us ensure that the products offered by us are robust performance and long working life without any hassles. Due to our exceptional price range, these controllers have become the first choice for the customers.


  • Auto/Manual switching facility
  • Capacitor current display
  • Auto CT polarity
  • Highly sensitive
  • No effect of industrial noise
  • Intelligent Switching

Power Management Unit


We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Power Management Units that are known for effective voltage improvement and balancing. Power Management Unit functions flawlessly and can operate on six different functions at the same time. Being a quality focused organization we ensure the precise performance and long working life of Management Units without ant hassles. These are offered at industry leading prices.


  • Max Power works on 6 different functions at the same time such as
  • Surge and transient suppression
  • Harmonics filtering
  • Voltage improvement and balancing
  • Current balancing
  • True power factor improvement
  • Improve the quality of electrical power used by installations
  • Optimize electrical energy costs for installations by 4-8%

Power Saver


"Serwel" the India's largest manufactures of high end Power Quality and Power Saving equipment, established in the year 1996. Having belief in Quality, Technology, Consistent Support and Providing Solutions as required by the Customers, We achieved the maximum customer satisfaction, which helped us to expand the customer base in Domestic and Overseas. 

Wastage of power is observed in electrical circuits due to the super imposed power pollutions like harmonics, unbalanced currents, spikes, surges and high reactive currents. SERWEL Power Saving product uses latest upgraded technology to provide quality and optimum power to various loads to save power. Once quality power is supplied to electrical gadgets, they work to optimum efficiency with enhanced life span.

Serwel power savers employing reactive power management system and harmonics filtering system, which consists of Electronic circuits, special zig-zag inductors, hi-tech R.C. Circuits and essential electrical switch gear systems.

Power saving is achieved basically by improving power quality and filtering the power pollution in AC Lines.

Serwel  Power Savers are available in four models to suit lighting, motors, air conditioners and mixed loads.


  • Power savings above 20% in discharge lighting.
  • Uses imported, high quality raw material to get high efficiency of 99.5%.
  • Reduction in MDI.
  • Improves life of all equipment.
  • Uses Isolation shielding to suppress the harmonics and to give quality power to load.
  • Reduces maintenance cost up to 80%.
  • Eligible for accelerated depreciation benefit.
  • Pay back period is 8
  • Reduces heat generation in chokes, ballast and prevents energy loss and hazards.
  • We can also provide timing profile for enhanced.

Product Application:

  • Street Lights / Security Lighting

  • Sub-Station Building

  • Telecom Building

  • Work Shop

  • Software Units / Call Centers

  • Pump Houses

  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Commercial Complexes

  • Food Processing Units

Substation Transformer


Power Transformer: A power transformer is an electrical device consisting of one coil of wire placed in close proximity to one or more other coils, used to couple two or more alternating-current (AC) circuits together by employing the induction between the coils. The coil connected to the power source is called the primary coil, and the other coils are known as secondaries. A power transformer in which the secondary voltage is higher than the primary is called a step-up power transformer.

Vacuum Contactor Panel Board


These panels mainly used for Industrial motor control & switching in India.
General spec. for 6.6/3.3 kV Panels
400A, 40kA, 6.6 kV Vaccum Contactor Panel for HT Motor switching.

Area of applications:
Reduce voltage auto-transformer starter
Reduce voltage reactor transformer
Induction/ Synchronous (brush or brushless starter)
Medium power capacitor banks.