Network Signal Jammers

We are offering mobile jammers that apply the technical knowledge of mobile phone transmission and reception blocking. This superlative series comprises low power blocking devices used for transmission and reception of signals.

Mobile Jammers

We offer wide range of mobile jammers to our clients. the radius 10~40m but the jamming radius still depends on the strength signal in given area. It can be applied at meeting room, conference room, museum, gallery, theatre, concert hall, church, temple, restaurant, classroom, training center, factory, bank, train, bus, etc

Product Description:-

Cover interface frequency:




Total output power: 0.4Watt

Effective range: Radius Up to 10 Meters. The signal must less or equal -75dBm in the location, the jamming Radius still depends on the strength signal in given area

Whole Weight: 28 K.g.

Work time: 150 minutes, this kind of jammers can continue to work when charging, Support Powered by car  charger

A: Look like Mobile Phone.

B: Internal Insulated Antennas

C: Replace Battery by hand, same like mobile phones.

D: Charging battery with Nokia charger.

E: High Quality Design, Low heat anticipation, Continues operation.

F: Can continue to work when charging.

Portable Jammers

With the active support of our team of experts, we are engaged in offering a huge assortment of PortableJammers . This high grade Portable jammer is a highly cellular /Satellite mobile phone jammer designed for bomb disposal security applications, like Troop marching and filed operation. The jammer is constructed to block continuously and simultaneously up to five frequency bands. Its smart active cooling system enables non-stopped use even in a very hard climatic and weather condition. The user-friendly system is integrated into a trolley type weatherproof and shockproof pelican case1560. Frequency bands include all the cellular phone system or Satellite system optional.



  • RF output power up to 85Watt
  • Choice of Frequency bands from 800-2500 MHz, as required



  • Easy of mobility, can be carried like a trolley

  • Light in weight of case. The weight of complete system up to 68g. Easier to carry

  • Jams simultaneously up to 5 selected frequency bands

  • Maximum RF output power up to 85Watt

  • Antennas type: high gains omni-directional antennas (Standard) for all bands (Directional antennas are also optional)

  • Power source: Internal battery (DC) & AC mains (external) both

  • Built-in battery back-up. Full system operation for up to 2Hours from internal rechargeable battery

  • Remote control available to ON/OFF the jammer

  • High Power RF amplifiers with VSWR and temperature self-protection technology


    • Battery: Built in rechargeable Ni-Mh (1600 mAh)
    • GSM/CDMA: 850 ~ 960 MHz
    • Typical Battery Life: 2 Hours
    • Total output power: 30 dBm




  • Bomb disposal and vehicle mounting for military complexes

  • Filed Operation activity

  • Special Police Authorities

  • VIP convoy for security purpose

Network Jammer Pouches

Network Signal Jammer Pouches for use in your store, home, office, or anywhere else you need instant and remote security surveillance. Also includes automatic nightvision, which makes keeping an eye on people and possessions easier and more affordable than ever! Choosing a top-of-the-line surveillance device just got a lot easier with this Wired / Wireless IP Security Camera! There isn't a better combination of price and quality out there, so see what this IP camera has to offer: Wired and wireless use: With both wired and wireless LAN connectivity, this IP camera can connect to your router either via a reliable wired Ethernet cable or over WiFi for maximum convenience, making positioning very flexible.

Features & Specifications

  • Sensor Type: Color CMOS 1/5 Inch
  • Viewing Angle: 60 Degrees
  • Lens: f: 3.6mm, F: 2.0
  • Video Compression: MJPEG Video Compression
  • Video Frame Rate: 30fps (QVGA), 15FPS (VGA)