Plastic Products

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying superior quality plastic products. These are used in an array of application like plastic bags and plastic films etc. The products that we offer are a rugged material that has high resistance to certain chemicals and can be easily molded. This high temperature thermoplastic product is also tremendously strong and available in durable finish standards.

Plastic Foil

We are Manufacturer & supplying of "Plastic Foil".

LDPE Shrink Wrap

We are offering our clients Shrink Films/Wrap that are widely used in several industries like food, beverage, automobile and chemical for packaging purposes. At the time of wrapping-packaging the products, the stretchable plastic sheets are spread over under a reel tension for obtaining a series of elastic strips that are self adhered immobilizing. In addition to this, these films are 100% tested by quality controllers to ensure zero manufacturing defect.


We manufacture LDPE Film that are available in different colors and sizes. These LDPE sheets are light in weight and durable in quality. These LDPE Sheet are 100% wash proof and can be fully washable.

HDPE Rolls

Our clients can avail from us HDPE Rolls that are just similar to LDPE, but have higher tensile strength, higher impact and puncture resistance. These bags are manufactured using high grade lower thickness films that can be blown than LDPE and have with better environmental stress cracking resistance. As compare to LDPE, these films are difficult to process and have lower gloss as well as narrower range for heat sealing. Moreover, our bags are widely used in different industrial packaging, blown film applications, food & retail packaging and geomembrane.

Ldpe Polyethene Bags

We have gained expertise in providing our clients with LDPE Polyethene Bags that are proven soft, flexible and tough, even at low temperatures. Available in natural milky color, these bags are known for their flexibility, translucent, high impact strength and poor barrier, except to water and alcohol vapor. In addition to this, our bags have poor temperature resistance, but outstanding electrical properties as well as good chemical resistance and also show their tendency for environmental stress cracking.




  • Industrial packaging
  • General purpose packaging
  • Flexible packaging and lamination
  • Liquid food bottles
  • Cups and house wares
  • Chemically resistant linings & films
  • Cable insulation
  • Thin wall molding
  • Blown film
  • Cast film
  • Extrusion coating and lamination
  • Blow molding and injection molding

LDPE Polyethylene Agri Film/Green House film

Our LDPE UV Polythene is widely used as agricultural films for agricultural plantations. These are also used as green house cover.

Plastic Wrap

we are Manufacturer of 'Plastic Wrap'.,

Transparent Plastic Films

We Are Manufacture of "Transparent Plastic films.

PE Sleeve for Ductile Iron Pipes

Our PE sleeves are made from 100% virgin polyethylene with carbon black added for coloring and ultra-violet protection.