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Shakti Post Hole Digger

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We offer Shakti Post Hole Diggers, which are supplied with a heavy-duty gear box and PTO shafts. These shafts have the ability to withstand tough soil conditions. Available in different sizes, we offer these diggers as per client's requirement and nature of work. Ideally suited for both 540 and 1000 RPM tractors, a minimum horse power of 35 HP is required for running this tractor. These are capable of digging holes of varied sizes and depths in soil and are also used for digging holes for electric poles.



  • Hole Digger suitable for 18HP to 30HP, with 540 PTO RPM 9", 12", inch augurs
  • Hole Digger suitable for 35HP to 50HP, with 540 PTO RPM 18", 24", 30", 36" inch augurs


These diggers come with the following:

  • Gearboxes: These are manufactured using high-quality materials and are strong, long lasting and machined to tight tolerances. The ring gear and pinions are mounted in timken tapered roller bearings
  • Drivelines: 540 R.P.M. and 1000 R.P.M, fully guarded
  • Booms, yokes & adapter kits are manufactured using high-quality material
  • Augers: double or single flight construction
  • Diameters: 9" to 36".
  • Cutting edges, teeth and points are all heat treated and are replaceable


These are widely used for making pits for following plantation:

  • Mango
  • Coconut
  • Teak
  • Pomegranate
  • Lemon
  • Phyllanthus embolic

Double Pit Digger

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We offer our clients with Shakti Double Pit Digger. These are ultra modern equipment of the new era which are widely used in the farms for the purpose of digging for Sugar Cane, Banana, and Jetropha Planting. Moreover, these equipment possess high speed and are capable of digging two pits at the same time, thus, saving time as well as labor cost.


Salient Features:

  • Facilitates in accommodating higher seed rates in new placements by modifying planting technique, which involves alerting crop geometry and soil manipulation, successfully inducing stiff crop competition at initial stages to eliminate yield and recovery levels
  • The pits formed by these diggers makes agro chemicals and nutrients easy to apply than other techniques.
  • Water can be used properly with the help of these diggers
  • The pits which are digged using these diggers receive proper sunlight and organic material which helps in the improvement of soil composition and structure. Moreover, air, light and soils can be easily absorbed and growth can be achieved for agricultural plans
  • Operation activity can be easily compared to other existing method as it can cover 25% of the total area
  • As these diggers helps in digging the soil effectively different insects, and pest like eggs, pupae of borers, and larvae are easily visible, and killed by birds
  • It helps in saving plantation from lodging and yield loose
  • This technique helps the small farmer to earn profit from smaller holding

Shakti Deep Holedigger

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The Deep Hole digger offered by us is manufactured using latest technologies and is capable of drilling a hole 3 meters deep with a diameter of 50 centimeters. These diggers possess operation efficiency ranging from 5min/hole to 10min/hole. Our range is widely used for the purpose of digging holes and is widely demanded by electric power, communication and construction industries. Owing to high quality standards, these diggers posses several distinct features like self moving, high operation efficiency, easy operation and self generating electricity.

Technical specifications:

  • Operation Diameter: 20-50cm
  • Operation Depth: 1.7-3 m
  • Operation Efficiency: 5-10 min/hole


Applications Area:

  • Picket base hole
  • Lamp post hole

Shakti Rotary Tiller

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We design and manufacture Shakti Rotary Tiller, which is suitable for every kind of soil to prepare seed beds for root crops, orchards, fodder crops and cash crops. The perfect finish of the tillers enables formation of seed beds in just two passes only. Further, it is also used for mixing the residue of crops like cotton, sugarcane, and wheat, thus, enhancing soil fertility. The rotary tillers offered by us are available at market leading prices and can be also be applied in dry and wet soil for the purpose of padding. These tillers are economic and can be used for padding. As these tillers contain sealed rotor bearing, it is useful for for dry and wet soil. As tilling can be done after the harvesting of the previous crop, these tillers helps water management and conserves moisture of the soil. Shakti Rotary Tillers are resistant to wear and tear as soil preparation is done by two passes. The moisture level generally determines the tillage depth. It also saves time and fuel


Salient Features:

  • Specially designed L- blades, having longer life & require less maintenance
  • Single speed gear box
  • PTO shaft with shear bolt system, to avoid damage to rotary tiller & tractor due to overload
  • Depth can be controlled by depth skid
  • Spring loaded adjustable trailing board
  • Rotor Speed Standard 220 R.P.M. to 540 P.T.O. R.P.M

Shakti Shurb Shlasher

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Our clients can also avail from us Shakti Shrub Slasher. These tractor-driven equipment are widely used for cutting grass at golf courses, airports and racetracks. This slasher has skid arrangement with the help of which cutting height of the grass can be adjusted. Available in two different sizes the minimum tractor HP required by slasher is 35.


Technical Specifications:

  • Manufactured using 10 gauge MS sheet with 1.4 meter
  • Rotary blade manufactured using high carbon steel and is equipped with propeller shaft (attached to gearbox)
  • Designed at 540 and 1000 RPM PTO speed of international standard
  • Fitted with grad net/sheet swing at back, having adjustable cutting height from 20 mm to 100 mm


Shakti Mini Power Tiller

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We also have Shakti Mini Power Tiller 5.5 HP. These are capable of weeding one hectare of land in a day with the help of an operator and two laborers. These are engine operated mini power tiller and are developed for weeding and inter culture between rows of crops like coconut, banana, maize, tapioca, cotton, pulses, sugarcane, sorghum, mango and grape. Further, the machine is available with three types of weeding tools including sweep blade, junior hoe and rotary blades, thus, making these products highly efficient.


Salient Features:

  • It has a fitting blades of 250 or 300 or 350 mm width with junior hoe attachment having provisions to change the width of operation
  • Rotary blades of 350 mm width can also be attached to the mini power-tiller
  • Depth of weeding is adjustable in all the three types of weeding tools. It has spark-ignition type petrol-start kerosene run engine, thereby, reducing the vibration and can be used for longer duration as compared to a diesel fed tillers
  • It has two 300 mm diameter ground wheels
  • A depth adjustment wheel is provided at the back of the weeding tools to regulate the depth of operation
  • Distance between the ground wheels is adjustable depending on the row-row spacing of the crop
  • Light in weight (around 70 kg) it can be easily turned at fields ends
  • It costs around Rs. 35,000. The cost of weeding with this machine comes to Rs.700 to Rs. 900 per hectare as compared to Rs.2000 to Rs. 2500 per hectare for manual weeding
  • It can also be used with other attachments. Such as single bottom ridger for forming ridges and furrows in garden land to facilitate sowing of seed

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