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Waterproofing Products

We are a leading Manufacturer of Dr. Fixit Newcoat, Dr. Fixit Pidiproof, Dr. Fixit Solyseal, Dr. Fixit Proofcote Black, Dr. Fixit Torchshield AP 3160 / 4160 and Dr. Fixit Super Latex from Ghaziabad, India.
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Dr. Fixit Newcoat

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Dr. Fixit Newcoat

Product Description:
Heavy Duty Reinforced Acrylic Waterproof Coating For Terrace


Dr. Fixit Newcoat is a heavy duty terrace waterproofing system, composed of specially developed highly elastic & resilient acrylic polymers, properly selected & graded fillers, lightfast & weather durable pigments, micro-fibres, additives & best quality fungicidal in water medium. it is used as a liquid applied waterproofing membrane for all types of building terraces. Dr. fixit Newcoat is a three-layer system with coats in different colours ensuring proper build-up of the thickness, making it a reliable waterproofing system.

Areas of Application:

  • Building roofs / terraces– flat & slope.
  • Over existing cementitious waterproofing treatments like brick-bat coba, concrete screeds, acrylic coatings, etc.


Features & Benefits


  • Film Thickness – Provides higher dry film thickness of 1 to 1.25 mm in three coat application.
  • Crack Bridging  - Bridges cracks upto 2 mm width.
  • Application Advantage  -  No need to remove existing sound BB coba, plaster, concrete surface.
  • Suitability - Can be used for flat as well as sloping roofs.
  • Strength- Higher tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength with cementitious substrates.
  • Resilience – Forms highly elastic & resilient coating so helps to withstand the structural movements.
  • Durability  – Resistant to uv & weather conditions.
  • Abrasion Resistant  – No additional protective coating is required for roof subjected to foot traffic.
  • Ease of Application  – Can by applied by brush & roller easily.
  • Weight Addition – Light in weight does not add extra weight over the roof.
  • Toxicity  – It is Non-toxic in nature.
  • Breathability – it is Breathable.


Method of Application



  • Prepare the surface thoroughly by cleaning, washing and removing dust, dirt, oil, grease and loose particles.
  • Ensure that the roof slope is a minimum of 1 in 100.
  • In existing old terraces such as brick-bat-coba or screeds, the substrate must be checked for its soundness.
  • Damaged or hollow portions, sharp edges, etc. must be cut and repaired with a polymer-modified screed.
  • Surface cracks must be filled with Dr.fixit crack-X or Dr.fixit unifiller or polymer-modified mortar in case of
  • wider cracks.
  • Bitumen based waterproofing treatments must be completely removed by mechanical scarification or by any other effective mechanical means.



  • Apply one coat of Dr. fixit primeseal (diluted with water in the ratio 2:1) at the rate of 10-12 m 2 per litre. allow it to dry for 2-3 hours.
  • Apply the first coat of Dr. fixit Newcoat at the rate of 2 m}} 2per litre and allow it to dry before taking up the second and third coats, the rate of application being the same.
  • The sequence of colours viz-a-viz pink, green and grey can be decided depending on the desired top coat colour.
  • In case only two colours are being used, ensure that the colour of the first and the third coat are the same. this would ensure correct consumption of material that will deliver a total Dft of 1 mm.


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Dr. Fixit Pidiproof

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Dr. Fixit Pidiproof

Product Description:

Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+

Integral Liquid Waterproofing Compound For Concrete & Plaster


Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ is specially formulated integral liquid waterproofing compound composed of surface active plasticising agents, polymers & additives. It is used as an additive for cement concrete, mortar & plasters. It makes concrete cohesive and prevents segregation.


Standard Compliance / Speci Cation

Meets the requirements of IS : 2645-2003 and IS: 9103-2000 standards 


Areas of Application

Waterproofing of concrete and sand-cement mortars used in


  • Basements

  • Roof slabs and screeds

  • Water tanks & water retaining structures

  • External plastering

  • Bathrooms and balconies

  • Sumps and drains


Features & Benets

  • Corrosion resistant - Makes concrete more cohesive, hence protects steel better against corrosion

  • Compatibility – Being a liquid, easily dispersible & compatible with concrete/mortar mixes.

  • Permeability – It reduces the permeability of water into concrete.

  • Strength – The setting time and compressive strength of the concrete remains within the specification limits.

  • Shrinkage – Reduces shrinkage crack development in plaster & concrete.

  • Workability – Improves workability of freshly mixed cement concrete.

  • Durability – Increases durability by improving waterproofing of concrete.


Method of Application

  • Charge cement & aggregates to concrete mixer as per the mix design, mix in dry state for 1–2 minutes.

  • Start addition of 75–80% mixing water & mix for 2-3 minutes.

  • Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ is added as per the recommended dosage into the remaining mixing / gauging water, then add to concrete mixer & mix for another 2 minutes.

  • Place the concrete or apply plaster, as needed .

  • Cure the applied mortar or concrete as per good construction practices.



Precautions & Limitations

  • Do not add Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ directly to dry cement & aggregate mix.

  • Maintain water-cement ratio as low as possible.

  • Do not increase the dosage of Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ than the recommendation.

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Dr. Fixit Solyseal

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Dr. Fixit Solyseal

Product Description:

Dr. Fixit Solyseal

Clod Applied Elastomeric Bituminous Waterproof Coating


Dr. Fixit Solyseal is based on bituminous emulsion, polymer, and additives in water as a medium. it is a highly viscous dark brown coloured paste used for waterproofing of above ground & below ground concrete structures. after drying it forms a thick film, which bonds strongly to cementitious surfaces, forms a jointless or seamless waterproof membrane.

Areas of Application

  • Flat and sloping RCC roofs.

  • Shallow basements rafts & walls with low water table

  • Wet areas (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens etc.) / dry balconies

  • Protection to lift pits and concrete foundations.

  • Rust protection for galvanized roofs, metals & asbestos cement sheet roofing, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproofing - High film build up provides excellent water resistance

  • Elastomeric - Excellent flexible properties can easily accommodate all normal building movements.

  • Seamless - Can be applied to complex shapes to form a seamless and highly durable water proofing membrane.

  • Chemical Resistant - Provides effective protection against alcohol, salt solution, and mild acid / alkali.

  • Adhesion - adheres firmly to most of building surfaces including concrete, felt, brick, metal, etc. both horizontal or vertical surfaces.

  • Water vapor Transmission - Very low impermeability ensuring water tight for all substrates.

  • Water based – Easy cleaning of tools and brushes by water.

  • Easy to apply - suitable consistency for easy application by brush, roller or squeegee.

Method of Application

  1. S U R FAC E P R E PA R AT I O N

  • Surface to be applied must be free from dust, loose material, paint, oil, or any other material which may impair adhesion.

  • Mechanical means for surface preparation are strongly suggested. Finally vacuum cleaning of all loose solids and liquids must be done, if required.

  • All surface cracks up to 5 mm wide should be filled up with Dr. Fixit Crack- X. Cracks more than 5 mm and all separation gaps should be filled up with Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP modified mortar.

  • Triangular fillets prepared with sand -cement mortar, mixed with Pidicrete URP(6kg per 50 kg bag of cement), must be applied 5 cm in ht & 5 cm in base. this fillet must be provided at all junctions / corners of parapet walls, roof floor slabs, thresholds around pipe openings and column stubs, around intrusions, water tanks/ aC unit bases, etc.

2. Priming

  • The surface must be pre-wetted with water & brought to a touch- dry state

  • then mix Dr. Fixit solyseal with water in 1:1 ratio & apply this as a primer with brush/roller to the entire substrate. Use a stiff brush to ensure that the primer is applied well into the undulations & holes in the substrate. Let the primer dry up completely before the first coat of Dr. Fixit solyseal.

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Dr. Fixit Proofcote  Black

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Dr. Fixit Proofcote Black

Product Description:
One Component Bituminous Elastomeric Water Proofing Coating

Dr. Fixit Proofcote Black is composed of bituminous emulsion, polymer, properly selected & graded fine fillers and additives. it is used for waterproofing of ac sheet roofing’s & water retaining structures because it form tough & elastomeric rubbery coating with excellent waterproofing properties at very economical  than liquid
applied polymeric coatings.

Areas of Application
  • Asbestos cement roofs & around “J” hooks.
  • Sunken portions of toilets & bathrooms.
  • Sewage pipes.
  • Plinth, foundation.
  • Basements.

Features & Benefits
  • Permeability – Highly impermeable, means excellent waterproofing.
  • Open time - sufficient open time than other bituminous cold applied liquids.
  • Ease of application – easy to apply by brush & roller.
  • Cleaning –  tools & equipments can be easily  washed with water, does not require expensive solvents.
  • Microorganism growth –  Prevents the growth of fungus, algae & bacteria.
  • Cost saving -  cold applied material does not require heating.
  • Flexibility - flexible, accommodates movements in cracks, does not crack with aging.
  • Curing – self curing in air.
  • Ecofriendly -  Water based hence non hazardous.


Method of Application

  • Ensure that the surface to be coated is sound and free from all contaminations.
  • Remove existing bitumen / tarfelt treatment completely from the surface before applying Dr. fixit Proofcote Black.
  • Surface for treatments must be thoroughly cleaned of all laitance, loose material, oils, greases etc.
  • Mechanical means such as wire brushing, shot blasting can be used. clean the dust & fine particles by vacuum cleaning.
  • Moisten the surface adequately prior to application of Dr. fixit Proofcote Black.
  • Allow surface water to evaporate and ensure that the surface is touch dry.


  • Apply the first coat of Dr. fixit Proofcote Black by a brush evenly over the entire area. Do not abruptly terminate the coating.
  • In case of sunken slabs in toilets, it is advisable to extend the coating by 1 ft above the finish floor level from all the sides.
  • Allow first coat to dry for 4 to 5 hours & then apply the second coat and allow it dry for at least 72 hours.
  • Coating must be protected from getting damaged by overlaying 10 to 15 mm cement sand mortar.
  • A fiber net cloth (Haessin cloth/manjarpat) must be sandwiched between two successive coats of Dr. fixit Proofcote Black while repairing of hairline cracks of asbestos sheet roofing.

Precautions & Limitations

  • Not to be applied on wet surface.
  • Not to apply below +10°c & above +45°c.
  • Not for areas subjected to regular foot traffic.
  • Must be applied on totally cured cementitious substrates.
  • Sprinkle fine sand over the second coat when it is still wet for better adhesion with the cement mortar.
  • Do not apply over existing bitumen or tarfelt treatment in all applications.
  • Asbestos sheets must be clean and dry prior to application of Dr. fixit Proofcote Black.
  • Do not apply over loose or bad plaster.
  • For underground structures and foundations apply Dr. fixit Proofcote Black if the soil is not chemically contaminated. for hostile soils Dr. fixit coal tar epoxy a coal tar based epoxy coating shall be applied.

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Dr. Fixit Torchshield AP 3160 / 4160

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Dr. Fixit Torchshield AP 3160 / 4160

Product Description:
App Modified bitumen Based Membranes For Waterproofing


Dr.Fixit Torchshield AP range of polymer modified membranes are modified bitumen waterproofing membranes manufactured by saturating and coating a polyester carrier with a waterproofing compound made of a special grade of modified bitumen with APP polymers. Whereas the modifiers boost the thermal, mechanical and ageing characteristics of the membrane compound, the non woven polyester carrier establishes the mechanical  characteristics as it performs as the reinforcement element that provides the membrane with its significant Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Puncture Resistance and Elongation properties.The upper and lower surfaces are laminated with polyethylene film. 

Dr. Fixit Torchshield AP membranes are ideal for use in a wide range of waterproofing applications such as foundations, basements, tunnels, roofs, car park decks and other civil works. The chemical resistance of Dr. Fixit

Torchshield AP
makes it particularly suitable for tanking applications in areas where aggressive ground water
conditions prevail.

Areas of Application
  • Waterproofing and damp-proof membranes for:
  • Concrete roof (Sloped/Flat roofs)
  • Basements and swimming pools (Externally)
  • Car park and irrigation canals lining
  • Concrete retaining structures
  • Tunnels and subways


Features & Benefits
High strength reinforcement gives excellent resistance to puncture and stress. Dr. Fixit Torch shield AP is easily a torch on applied and adheres well to the substrate. The modified bitumen membranes’ coating adheres well to contours, and is dimensionally stable to normal structural movements in the building.

Method of Application
This application procedure is a standard guideline for using the 3 & 4 mm membranes only, which may slightly vary upon the site conditions & different application areas. For details, consult the Dr. Fixit Technical Team.


Clean & remove dust, dirt, loose particles and unsound substrate. Make the surface smooth, even & free from local depressions with polymer-modified mortar. Priming can be done over this the next day.


Apply one coat of a bitumen based primer Dr. Fixit Bitushield Primer SB on cleaned & leveled surface @ 3-5 sq.
m./ litre / coat.


  • Unroll the Dr. Fixit Torchshield Roll after application of primer.
  • Align the roll correctly & re-roll it in alignment before torching.
  • Use gas burner to heat substrate & underside to softening points. When the embossing disappears, roll forward & press firmly against substrate to bond from the lower end towards the higher end.
  • Keep overlap margin for minimum 100 mm.
  • Ensure that a constant flow of bitumen is maintained across the whole width of the Roll and that a bead of bitumen is extruded from each edge which demonstrates that a good seal has obtained. DO NOT flatten the bead with trowel.
  • All angles & abutments upstands should be sealed with extra care to ensure perfect bondage. Seal the edges well into grooves & protect to seal with a polysulphide / polyurethane or a bitumastic sealant.
  • Dr. Fixit Torchshield applied all over the terrace, must be finished with a coating of aluminum paint for non-foot traffic area. For foot trafficked area, overlay with concrete screed mortar

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Dr. Fixit Super Latex

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Dr. Fixit Super Latex

Product Description:
SBR Latex For Waterproofing & Repairs


Dr. Fixit Super Latex is based on modified Styrene butadiene latex used for high performance applications in waterproofing and is used for repairs of spalled concrete such as – floors, columns, beams, chhajjas, slabs & waterproofing of toilets & bathrooms & terraces. it bonds strongly to old & new concrete & to plaster.

Areas of Application
  • As a bond coat  - plaster to plaster, concrete-to-concrete, plaster to concrete masonry to stone work and for plastering over brick masonry. Bonding coat & mortar for tiles & panels, underlays for special finishes such as top rendering coat for chemical resistant floors.
  • As waterproofing  – Waterproofing of small roof terraces, sunken portions of toilet & bathrooms, chajjas & lift pits, balconies & stare cases. waterproofing of liquid & effluent tanks, car deck and walk ways .
  • As crack repair  - Repairs of plaster  cracks more than 5 mm & in gaps developed between masonry and RCC members.
  • As rebar coating  – Coating for prevention of corrosion over rebars.
  • For Cladding  – fixing or refixing of slip bricks, tiles, stones & marble bedding.
  • As external rendering – Weatherproof & frost resistant render, the high wear & erosion resistant render.  as bonding slurry coat for pin hole treatment on a concrete surface & as repair mortar for overhead applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Multipurpose –  it is multipurpose & economical product, easy to use
  • Cracking –  it prevents c racking by improving flexural strength
  • Hardness –  improves the hardness & prevents dust generation
  • Shrinkage – Reduces drying & aging shrinkage cracks
  • Bonding – Bonds strongly to concrete, masonary, stone work, plasters, steel, asphalt & mostof the building materials.
  • Erosion & corrosion –  improvers erosion resistance & prevents corrosion.
  • Abrasion resistance – improves abrasion resistance of cement mix.
  • Waterproofing - prevents leakage & dampness.
  • Durability - enhances strength of a repair mortar & provides durability
  • Rebound loss - Less material wastage- material does not fall back/ rebound, when used as bonding agent.
  • Coverage - excellent Coverage -70-80 sq.ft per kg/ in 2 coats, hence economical.


Method of Application
  • Clean the surface with wire brush or scrubber to remove hidden dirt , loose particles. Laitance, & dust. Degrease the surface by using suitable solvents
  • Repair the concrete spalled portion by saw cutting the extreme edges of the repair location to a depth of at least 10mm to avoid featheredging  & to provides strong substrate.
  • Clean the concrete surface to remove any contamination where breaking is not possible.
  • Roughen the surface by light scabbling or grit blasting expose corroded rebars in the repairing area fully. Remove all loose scales &  corrosion deposits & immedeatly clean the surface. 


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Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K

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Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K

Product Description:
Two Pack Cementitious Waterproof Coating


Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K is a two component cementitious & acrylic flexible waterproofing & protective coating composed of best quality portaland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder. it is applied to waterproof and protect concrete and similar structures. specially formulated for swimming pools, retaining walls, pile Heads, water tanks, submerged tunnels, sumps, bridge decks, marbles, granites and a wide variety of extreme service class structures because on curing it forms an excellent elastomeric, waterproof & protective layer over the substrate.

Areas of Application
  • Dr. fixit Pidifin 2K can be applied to new or old concrete structures that are structurally sound and strong,
  • Basement retaining walls.
  • Pile Heads.
  • Structural surfaces of cellars.
  • Concrete roof slabs, floors, balcony floor slabs.
  • Water tanks and swimming pools.
  • Bridge decks.
  • Canals and dam walls.
  • Structural surfaces of dykes.
  • Waterproof coating (bottom coat) for marble, granite and other natural stones.
  • Suitable for steam room waterproofing.
  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • For special applications such as areas where more thick plaster application is needed.


Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility - Provides a flexible & low permeable coating.
  • Water permeability - excellent resistance to ingress of water.
  • Slip resistant - Provides slip resistant coating.
  • Waterproof - waterproof for concrete structures.
  • Adhesion - excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone.
  • Diffusion - excellent resistance to chloride ion diffusion and carbon dioxide.
  • Low temperature resistant -  resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.
  • Carbonation -  Prevents carbonation of cement concrete


Method of Application


The surface must be strong & free from dirt, dust & loose particles. Thoroughly wire brush the surface & clean the dust by air compressor or wash the surface with water.
Oil & grease must be removed using degreasing solvents.
Any damaged surface must be repaired by using polymer modified repair mortar.

2 MIX IN g
shake well the liquid component to a homogenous milky colour , before mixing transfer entire quantity of liquid component into a suitable clean mixing vessel, gradually start addition of powder component under  constant mixing with a stirrer using a pneumatic or electric power tool (1kw) at slow speed at 250 – 300 rpm  for 3- 5 minutes to a homogeneous & uniform free flowing slurry.

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Dr. Fixit Raincoat

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Dr. Fixit Raincoat

Product Description:

Dr. Fixit Raincoat is composed of high quality acrylic emulsion polymer, light fast & weather durable pigments, properly selected & graded fine fillers, many additives & water as a is used as a waterproofing & protective coating for exterior walls of the buildings because. it forms higher film thickness, has excellent flexibility, breathing properties, water resistance, crack-bridging ability, weathering durability and an excellent resistance to the growth of microorganisms.

Areas of Application
  • All types of exterior masonry surfaces, concrete, cement sand renderings, etc.
  • Applicable on asbestos sheets.

Features & Benefits
  • Film Thickness - Higher film thickness provides resistance to the movements of structures, gives crack bridging ability & waterproofing properties.
  • Flexibility  - Flexible and covers hairline cracks(upto 0.5 mm) effectively so that no ingress of water.
  • Toughness - Tough films withstands wind driven rain.
  • Elasticity -  High elasticity easily withstands stress caused by thermal expansion & contraction (>100% elongation at 110-120 micron Dft).
  • Ready To Use – No dilution is required hence ensures desired film thickness built-up without affecting the performance.
  • Microbial Resistance – Resistance to fungus and algae hence maintains the aesthetic value. 
  • UV Resistant – Resistance to UV (sun light) hence coating has longer life.
  • Dirt Pick Up – Very low dirt pick up & can be cleaned easily hence maintains the aesthetics.
  • Breathability - permeable to water vapour.
  • Ease Of Application  – User friendly, easily applicable by brush, roller or spray.
  • Toxicity - It is non-toxic.

Method of Application


  • All new cement-sand renderings /concrete surfaces should be allowed to age 6 to 8 weeks before surface
  • coating.
  • surface for treatment must be thoroughly cleaned of all laitance, loose material, oil, grease, etc. by mechanical  means  such  as  wire  brushing  &  shot  blasting .
  • finally  vacuum  cleaning  of  all  loose solids and liquids can be done, if required.
  • All surface cracks upto 5 mm width should be filled up with Dr.fixit crack-x or Dr.fixit Unifiller. cracks more than 5 mm and all separation gaps should be filled up with Dr.fixit pidicrete URp or Dr.fixit Unibond sBR mortar or as specified.



  • Prime the surface with Dr. fixit primeseal diluted with potable water by volume in 2:1 ratio (2 parts primer and 1 part water) and allow it to dry for 2 to 3 hours.



  • Use Raincoat directly from the container. stir contents well before use.
  • Apply two neat coats of Raincoat without dilution by brush or roller at a time interval of 5-6 hours.
  • for enhanced protection, apply additional coat of Raincoat on rain lashing walls, chajjas and parapet walls.
  • Allow the coated surface to air cure fully for 7 days.



Precautions & Limitations

  • Do not dilute Dr. fixit Raincoat.
  • Recommended to be primed with Dr. fixit primeseal only.
  • Do not apply when ambient temperature is below 10°c or above 45°c.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or during rains.
  • Adhesion property may get affected over poor quality putty and very smooth surfaces


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Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP

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Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP

Product Description:
SBR Latex For  Water  Proofing And  Repairs


Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP is based on modified styrene butadiene latex supplied as a ready to use bonding agent in liquid consistency. it is used for repair of spalled concrete – floors, columns, beams, chhajas, slabs & water-proofing of toilets & bathrooms, small terraces etc. as it bonds strongly to old & new concrete and to plasters. it reduces shrinkage, prevents cracking, dust pick up & improves abrasion resistance.

Areas of Application
  • For concrete repairs - Spalled concrete of floors, columns, beams, chhajas, slabs, parapets, etc.
  • For waterproofing – Small roof terraces, sunken portions of toilets & bathrooms, chhajas & lift pits, balconies & staircases.
  • For waterproofing – liquid & effluent tanks, car decks & walkways.
  • as a bonding agent – Bonding mortar for tiles & panels, as undercoat for special finishes such as top render-ing coat for chemical resistant floors.
  • As a bond coat – for bonding of new concrete to old concrete, masonry stone work, plastering.
  • For cladding – fixing or re-fixing of slip bricks, tiles, stones & marble bedding.
  • As external rendering – weatherproof & frost resistant render, high wear & erosion resistant render. as bond-ing slurry coat for pinhole treatment on concrete surface & as repair mortar for overhead application.


Features & Benefits

  • Multipurpose – it is multipurpose & economical product, easy to use.
  • Cracking – it prevents cracking by improving flexural strength.
  • Hardness – improves the hardness & prevents dust generation.
  • Shrinkage – Reduces drying & aging shrinkage cracks.
  • Bonding – Bond strongly to concrete, masonry, stonework, plasters, cementitious surfaces, asphalt & most of the building materials.
  • erosion & corrosion – improves erosion resistance & prevents corrosion.
  • abrasion resistance – improves abrasion resistance of the cement mix.
  • grouting – Reduces viscosity of cement injection grout for better fluidity & bonding.



  • For priming of steel surface, apply Dr. Fixit Rust Remover to all exposed reinforcement area and wash it with water jet before applying Dr. Fixit Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer on the rebars.
  • For priming of concrete substrate, the surface should be thoroughly saturated with potable water. Remove any excess of water prior to application. Slurry of primer coat is prepared by mixing of one part Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP, one part of water and 3 parts of fresh oPC cement. Slowly mix cement with binder to obtain a smooth Consistency. Continue mixing the slurry during application to prevent settlement.



  • A forced action mixer is essential (Pan Mixer) & recommended to ensure that Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP mortar  is thoroughly mixed. Use a suitable sized drum with heavy-duty electrical drill machine fitted with spiral paddle mixer at slow speed of 400-500 rpm.
  • Hand mixing is permissible only for 25 kg or less quantity.
  • Charge the mixer with required quantity of clean & dry sand, cement & mix for 1-2 minutes, then add Dr. Fixit  Pidicrete URP as per the dosages recommended. Mix for 2-3 minutes to avoid air entrapment. Keep on slowly adding water  until the required consistency is achieved. do not add extra water.



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