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Potato is a starchy, edible tuber that is cultivated throughout the world and is consumed as a major staple food. This food crop occurs underground, in the stem of the plant on which it is grown. Potato plant comes from the family of Solanaceae and is long lasting in nature. The potato crop contains high level of nutritive value and ranks 4th among the most important crops of the world. It constitutes nearly half of the worlds annual output of all root and tuber crops. With an annual global production of about 300 million tons, potato is an economically important staple crop in both developed and developing countries. In India, more than 80% of the potato crop is raised in the winter season (Rabi) under assured irrigation during short winter days from October to March. About 8% area lies in the hills during long summer days from April to October. Rainy season (Kharif) potato production is taken in Karnataka, Maharashtra, HP, J & K and Uttaranchal.



The onion is any of a variety of plants in the genus Allium, specifically Allium cepa. Allium cepa is also known as the "garden onion" or "bulb" onion. Above ground, the onion shows only a single vertical shoot; the bulb grows underground, and is used for energy storage, leading to the possibility of confusion with a tuber, which it is not.[1] It is a close relative to garlic. India is 2nd larges onion growing country. Indian onions are famous worldwide for their pungency.

India has two types of Crop Onion (1) kharif and (2) Rabbi.
Kharif harvesting start in Nov to Jan & Rabi harvesting start in Jan to May.

Rabi quality self life is more and we keep the variety for six month in ventilated godown .Indian Onion can export round the year. Onion is considered as a flavoring spice particularly to hide certain repulsive odor especially in non-vegetarian dishes.  It is consumed raw with salads, often as side dish. Smaller onions are pickled with or without vinegar. They are baked, boiled and fried. Its tubular leaves are cooked and eaten like any other green leafy vegetables. It is reported that the leaves are rich in vitamin A. in this era of fast food both the bulb and the leaves are gaining popularity. 

Dry Red Chillies


Dry Red Chilly (Lal Sukhi Mirch) is a commonly used spice in several Indian dishes. These products are most commonly used as a tempering agent along with several other spices in Indian cuisines. We offer these in varied quantities and in safe packaging. Some more facts about red chillies are mentioned below:


  • Chili pepper (lal mirch) seems to have arrived during 16th century in India
  • Its the fruit of plants and belongs from genus capsicum family, which are members of nightshade family 'Solanaceae'
  • Commercially cultivated in several parts of world as they yield better returns as compared to other varieties
  • Heat in all chilies, whether hot or mild, is due to a flavorless, odorless, colorless chemical known as 'capsaicin' (present in chilli seeds and membranes)
  • Dry red chilly is commonly used as a tempering agent and fried with other spices before adding to the dish as final touch
  • Lentils, vegetables and many other regional cuisines are flavored with chilly-flavored-oil (known as tadka or chhaunk), comprising of red chilly, cumin and other spices in India
  • Dried chillies can be stored for a longer duration-however, the tasty part of it gets lost and only the fiery part of the chili peppers remain in dried form


Coriander Seeds


We provide Fresh Coriander Seeds that are sourced from the trusted vendors who are quality cautious. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the Coriander Seeds buyer based in India. Medicinal and culinary properties of our Natural Coriander Seeds make them perfect to be used in the preparation of foods. Commonly used for flavoring the foods, our Natural Coriander Seeds are in huge demand.



We are the expoter of best qulity bold and small both varity of cassia semen tora seeds from india duly machine clean in any quantity , prompt shippment .



We are listed at the apex when it comes to offer high quality Tamarind to our clients. Due to its tangy flavor, these products are widely used in several chutneys and curries. The paste and pulp of raw or ripe tamarind is used in several Indian preparations. We offer these juicy and high quality products in several sizes of packaging to our customers.



Our clients can avail a wide assortment of Groundnuts at leading market prices from us. Groundnuts are also known as peanuts and are highly healthy & nutritious. These products can be eaten raw, boiled, roasted or steamed. One can consume these products as a whole or as an ingredient in several cuisines, namkeens and so on.



We are looked upon as one of the most distinguished providers of Guargum. Its an annual plant and is a rich source of nutrition for animals and humans. These plants grow best in sandy soils and reasonably warm weather. We offer these products in several packet sizes to suit the needs of our customers. Customized packaging is also available at highly competitive market prices to our clients. 

Sunflower Seeds


We are reputed as one of the most reliable suppliers of Sunflower Seeds. The products offered by us are cultivated using eco-friendly method and highly safe and effective to use. These seeds contain high quantities of oil and a rich source of polyunsaturated fats. We offer these products at highly attractive rates and within the stipulated time frame to the customers.   

Indian Niger Seeds


We supply excellent quality niger seed and proud to be counted amongst leading niger seeds. We export optimum quality indian niger seeds which are considered as one of the best quality available in entire marketplace.

Safflower Seeds


We are involved in supply of Safflower Seeds. These seeds are obtained from herbaceous plant called Safflower. Seeds of Safflower plant is used in coloring and flavouring foods. Apart from this, safflower seeds has high medicinal values. These are used in making insulin injection. Safflower seeds are used in making cooking oil and salads and bird feeds.



We are renowned for supplying best quality Chana . These are one of the best selected gains of pulses, in which single grain ensured full fledged quality. These are very hygienically processed and packed to ensure their authentic taste and long quality. These pulses are available in market in various price range as per our buyer needs .

Black Sesame Seeds


We export high quality Black Sesame Seeds Oil that has high nutritious qualities of sesame seed Oil. Black Sesame Seeds are added in several salads and dressings to enhance their taste and flavor. Based on the purity factor of our offered Black Sesame Seeds Oil .



We supply superior quality Bajra  from India to all around the world. The finest quality bajara is free from any foul smell and highly suitable for poultry feeding as well. We supply bajara with premium packing that saves its nutritional values for longer period of time.

Brown Sesame Seed


Our brown sesame seeds are small tasty, unhulled seeds that are used in cereals, crackers, spreads, drinks, casseroles, granola, candies, soups, salads, fish and baked goods. Delicious when toasted and sprinkled on grains or main dishes. Known as tahini when ground into a butter.

Hulled Sesame Seeds


Our company offers extensive range of Hulled Sesame Seeds to our esteemed clients. Supplying using fine graded sources, these seeds are procured from trusted vendors. The outer husk of these seeds are mechanically removed to produced hulled sesame seeds which are white in color, easily digestible and white in color.

Yellow Maize


We are engaged in offering a superior quality Yellow Maize to our clients . We source the yellow maize, natural maize from reputed farmers and processed and packaged using latest technology. Our immaculate processing technology ensures that the nutritional content and all the natural protein is retained.



We are one of the noted providers of high quality Wheat. We carefully process and pack these products to make these free from impurities and foreign material. Our products are available in several sizes of packets as per the need of our customers.

Tur Dal


Customers can avail from us Tur  Daal that is produced as per the organic system. This dal is appreciated for its taste and easy to cook quality. The delicious dish made using the dal is also known for high nutritional content and healthy fiber .

Turmeric Fingers


Our Turmeric Fingers are sourced from reliable vendors to ensure quality. Dried Turmeric Fingers are highly appreciated for antiseptic properties that make them perfect for quick healing of wounds. They are widely used for the preparation of various beauty creams & cosmetics. Yellow Turmeric Fingers offered by us are completely free from mould rancidity, insect damage and other extraneous materials.



We supply the finest quality jowar feed grains in order to ensure the best health of the cattle and animals. Jowar has some unique qualities that makes it so beneficial for the health of animals when provided as their fodder.



We are acknowledged as one of a prominent Pulses Suppliers in the  market. We ensure that our Pulses are organically grown through natural manure. We serve Pulses that are free from unwanted impurities like dust, grains, pebbles, etc.



We produce high quality nutritious range of fresh vegetables from our farms at a reasonable prices. These vegetables are hygienically packed and can be delivered to the customers within a short time frame .

Agro Products


We provide our clients with Agri products , which have gained acclamation for purity and accurate composition. These nutrients help in proper growth of plants. We store and pack these nutrients carefully, so that their properties can be maintained.

All Other Spices


Clients can avail from us a wide array of Food Spices, which is processed using good quality of herbs and plants. These spices are aromatic, add taste to the food , easy to cook and completely free from harmful additives. Further, we process these under hygienic conditions and at a very low temperature to maintain nutrition of spices .

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