Vaishno Products

We offer a wide range of Vaishno Products. The offered products are obtained from the trusted vendors of the industry, who use high grade factor inputs in manufacturing process. Our offered products are extensively used in domestic and commercial sectors for various electrical applications. Available in various sizes and weights as per the specification detailed by the clients, these are highly admired due to their reliable operations, compact design, heat resistance and longer service life.

Push Button Station

Our company is offering a wide range of control signaling devices that are available in flush & project type and metallic body. Fabricated from top quality materials, these devices are known for their durability, high efficiency and ease operation.
Vaishno has various range in their indicators categories in 22.5 Ø with resistor or W/O resistor from 12 V to 220V AC/DC, Vice Versa for push buttons in Red, Amber, Yellow, White, Clear Green, Blue Colors.

Hooter & Buzzer

We bring forth for our clients a comprehensive Vaishno Hooters & Buzzers made from the top-grade material using suitable processes and machinery. These devices are known for their convenient functionality and long service life.

Control and Signaling Devices


  • Very good flame resistance


  • Self wiping contacts ensure trouble free operation


  • Interchangeable blocks provide multiple contact configurations at site.


  • State-of-the-art workmanship aesthetic elegance


  • VAISHNO/HOTLINE Hotlines traditional hall mark for precision & exacting quality and assurance for consistency & reliability


  • VAISHNO/HOTLINE Hotlines more than two decades of trust and confidence


  • Safe in operation, locking device unaffected by vibration
  • Protection against electrical shock (Unit Earthed).


Push Buttons & Selector Switches are available in Chrome Plated Metallic body and Bezel as well as in Glass filled thermo plastic body and bezel and are functionally interchangeable.

The elements are interchangeable and can be stacked without additional hardware, 1 to 4 element (NO or NC) can be used with Push Buttons and Selector Switches. For illuminated Push Buttons 1 or 2 element (NO or NC) may be used.

The Pilot lights and illuminated switches are suitable for direct supply or supply through series resistor, using bayonet cap filament bulb type BA-9S for both AC/DC supply from 6V to 230V.

Indicating Lights with switching device and integral LED modules can be directly mounted on panel and rated voltage can be directly applied to the module input. These are available in Standard and barrel type enclosure in Thermoset (DMC) and Thermoplastic housing for AC / DC and AC or DC Supply.

SIGUT TERMINATION: This unique feature is highly user oriented. It increases safety to the user by preventing accidental contact by the user with live terminals.

COMPACT 22.5 mm DIAMETER: The smaller mounting diameter reduces mounting space by 30% as compared to conventional 30.5 mm design.

ENERGY SAVER: 22.5 mm devices require lamp with 2/2.6W instead of 7 to 10 watt lamps used in 30.5 mm devices. Thus results in energy saving.

MOUNTING: Only screw driver is required for fixing these devices on to panel having thickness of 1 to 6 mm in any position. The whole assembly is locked into position with the help of two M4 pointed screw on the bracket. These screws also ensure the earthing. We recommend fixing centers as per standard. The Screws should be tightened simultaneously to an extent as to pierce through the paint on the panel from inside.


Electronics Buzzer

“VAISHNO/HOTLINE-HOTLINE” offers Electronic Buzzers to meet control Panel and Control Desk Manufactures specific requirements. The Range is broadly divided into four groups:

  1. Electronic Buzzer in 12V AC/DC Ratings.
  2. Electronic Buzzer in 24V AC/DC Ratings.
  3. Electronic Buzzer in 110V AC/DC Ratings.
  4. Electronic Buzzer in 220V AC/DC Ratings.

“VAISHNO/HOTLINE-HOTLINE” Electronic Buzzer type HSB-96 is designed to provide audio annunciation. The output Pitch has been carefully selected in the maximum Sensitivity zone of human auditory system and the pitch is continuously adjustable over wide range giving pleasing sound to the comfort & convenience of the operator.

The device is fully electronic giving total reliability and long life over that of Electro Magnetic Buzzer & Bell and these are available in three different tones i.e. Single Tone, Two Tone and Three Tone.

Salient Features-

  • Electronic Circuit
  • Long Life
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Generates no radio frequency voice
  • Protected against polarity reversal.
  • Suitable for operation on A.C or D.C.
  • Exquisite appearance.
  • Easy flush mounting for panels

Industrial Hooter

VAISHNO-HOTLINE” Industrial Hooters are designed for control rooms, power stations and continuous process industries. The unit is housed in a dust and vermin proof die cast aluminium enclosure, surface coated with hard baked paint with an attractive finish. The audio output level ranges from 100 db to 120 db with effective range in normal conditions of noise as 50 meters. Terminal block suitable from 2.5 square mm cable is provided to connect the supply.

“VAISHNO/HOTLINE-Hotline” Hooters are available in a wide range of voltage from 12 V to 440 V AC as well as in DC upto 220 V.


  • Die Cast aluminium body
  • Highly Insulated
  • Terminal provided for power supply
  • Continuous duty
  • Audio output from 100 db to 120 db
  • Range – 12 V to 440 V AC

      -- 12 V to 220 V DC

  • Operating Voltage Range-80% to 120% of Rated Voltage

LED Indicators

Suitable for 6.5mm, 8.5mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 14.5mm, 16.5mm, 19.5mm, 22.5mm, 25.5mm, and 30.5mm. For 12V AC/DC to 220V AC/DC applications. Available in Thermoplastic, DMC Moulded enclosure and Brass housing.  Tested as per IS/IEC- 60947/IEC 60947-5-1.

Cam Operated Rotary Switches


Push Button Stations

Push Button Stations are available in Cast Alluminium, Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) and in Thermoplastic Enclosures with or without canopy having IP-54/IP-55/IP-65 and IP-67 degree of protection consisting of shrouded Actuator with 1NO or 1NC or Selector, Lockable, Stayput or illuminated buttons can be provided on request. The Push Button Stations are generally available in standard version from 1 unit to 4 unit and in custom designed version i.e. duly wired from Terminal to Contact Blocks mounted with ammeter, voltmeter, selector switch, speedometer etc. Colour : Light Grey  Shade No. : 631 of IS-5, or as per customers request  


VAISHNO HOTLINE offers Pendent Type Push Button Stations in IP-65 degree of protection in light grey shade no. 631 of IS-5 for crane and hoist application, in Cast Alluminium housing, having standard Spring Return Push Button with 1NO + 1NC contact arrangement. Cable entry will be ¾ or 19mm from top or bottom. Push Button in different combinations such as Selector, Lockable, Stayput etc. can be provided on request. Legends as per requirement.


Junction Boxes and Empty Enclosures FRP Cast Alluminium

Widest range of Junction Boxes & Empty Enclosures in FRP and Cast Aluminium Enclosure in standard or as per customer specification with IP-54/55 & IP-65 degree of protection and with 2.5 sq. mm. and 4 sq. mm. terminal blocks (from 2 Nos. to 150 nos.). Apart from standard sizes, Junction Boxes in bigger sizes can be manufactured. Colour : Light Grey Shade No. : 631 of IS-5.

Limit Switches Oil Tight Ip-65 Dop

VAISHNO-HOTLINE make series V9 Limit Switches are being manufactured as per rigid quality standards conforming to IS : 13947 (Pt. 5 / Sec. 1). These Limit Switches keep performing in most contaminated atmosphere.

  • Oil tight, Water tight & Dust proof.
  • Quick make & quick break action.
  • Terminals with ample wiring space.
  • Flame retardant Thermo-Plastic barriers between
  • terminals to prevent short circuit.
  • Serrated stationary contacts for better termination.
  • Flexibility of replacing complete contact blocks
  • without changing to the operating characteristics.


Utilisation Category

AC 15 & DC 13 as per IS/IEC 60947-5-1 IEC 60947-5-1

Thermal Current 10A
Insulation Voltage 600V AC
AC-15 Rating 6A 110V, 3A 220V, 1.5 415V, 1.1A at 550V
DC 13 Rating 2.2 110V, 1.1A 220V
Frequency 2500 operation per hour
Mechanical Life 1,00,00,000 Operations
Electrical Life  1,00,000 operations on Load
Enclosure Cast Aluminium
Protection IP 65, IP 67
Terminal Capacity 2.5sq mm



VAISHNO HOTLINE offers a wide range of FUSE BASES to take high breaking capacity fuse links. These bases have a special type of silver plated contacts made out of electrolytic copper for low watt loss. The base is moulded out of high grade flame retardant, non-hygroscopic phenolic moulding powder conforming to IS: 1300 / BS771 with a high gloss finish. These Bases can also be supplied with glass reinforced polyester (DMC) moulding for better mechanical & electrical properties. A spring steel rings maintain their intrinsic elasticity even at elevated temperatures.




Fuse holders for LV Industrial Fuse Links, clip on and bolted type.


Control Equipments, Circuit and Motor Production, Lighting and heating Equipments.

Ratings (a) Volts- 550v AC, (b) Amp- 160A- 630A,
Breaking Capacity


Rated frequency  50Hz/ 60Hz

Industrial grade non hygroscopic, Phenolic Molding/ Reinforced Polyester (DMC).

Mounting Type Stud.

VAISHNO/HOTLINE/HOTLINE HOTLINE DC SHUNTS are available for current ratings from 5A to 15000A with mV drops of 50-150 mV. DC Shunts are manufactured with Stringent Quality Control confirming to IS: 1248. Shunts consist of manganin rods/wire soldered or silver brazed to Brass/ Copper Blocks. The shunts are artificially aged after manufacturing, then tested on full load.

Shunts are used for measuring current in DC Applications by connecting them to Moving Coil Panel meters, Digital Meters or other measuring devices. Shunts can also be used in Control Devices such as Power Supplies and Battery chargers or for over Load Protection.


Accuracy Class- 1 or 0.5 
Over load-- Shunts are capable of with standing temperatures upto 120º C without any permanent alteration in physical or electrical properties. Over loads and faults which results in temperature of this magnitude can be safely handled.   
Temperature Co-efficient- 0.002% per degree centigrade, above ambient temperature in still air, with free ventilation, temperature not exceeding 120º C  at the centre and 90ºC at the ends.
Insulation- Shunts are supplied un-insulated and protection against contact should be installed where applicable.
Over loads (Brass Ended) - Continuous- 1.2 x Rated Current, 5 seconds- 4 x Rated Current upto 30 seconds,
5 seconds- 10 x Rated Current upto 5 seconds
Ambient Temperatures- Calibration -20ºC
 Working Range -20 ºC + 60 ºC


Compact Brass Ended- These shunts are often requested for special applications due to small size. Manufactured to IEC: 51 Class-1, they can be current rated from 5-50A with 25, 50, 60, 75, and 100mV output.
Standard Brass Ended- These Shunts are heavy duty type and provide accurate DC mili Volt signal suitable for measuring instruments and circuits and are manufactured as per IS: 1248, Class-1 or Class 0.5 with current rating from 5A- 15000A and 50- 300mV output.
Installation- For maximum heat dissipation, mount shunts in the horizontal manner, with the blade, standing vertical. Utilize the full end block surface area. Ample ventilation should be provided. Bus Bar should be adequately rated, clean and level, with a thin coat of silicon grease applied to the contact surface area. Use flat and tension washers under the nuts and tighten fully.


Current Transformers

“VAISHNO/HOTLINE/HOTLINE HOTLINE” Current Transformers reproduces proportionate primary current on its secondary side required for extending the range of the instruments or protective devices connected to its Secondary circuit.

Types Available : Tape Wound & Cast Resin Confirming to IS:2705
CORE: Toroidal core of high Permeability silicon steel.


METERING CT: Accuracy will be selected on the basis of the instrument i.e. when installed at a far away from CT the secondary is chosen as 1A instead of 5A.

PROTECTION CT: Meant for Circuit Breakers & Relays

When the ratio is low it becomes difficult to obtain good result with single & primary turn. For this both primary & secondary turns are wound on the toroidal core.

Rated Frequency - 5-60hz * Class of Insulation - E * Rated time thermal current ith - 60 in * Nominal surge current ldyn - 2.5 ith (minimum 100 kA at all window type Ct’s) * Highest voltage for equipment Um - 0.72Kv (other voltages on request) * Rated power-frequency withstand voltage - 4Kv / 1min (Other voltages on request) Instrument security factor - Fs5 or Fs10

Ct’s available in class 0.5 and 0.2 and other accuracy class available on request * Ct’s also available with 1A sec current * Other VA’s are as per customer requirement.

* Unbreakable, flame retardant, self-extinguishing / Nylon casing of grade UL 94 V2
* Cores are made from high grade CRGO material
* Dual coated copper wire having class of insulation H.
* Nickel plated secondary terminals with plus minus screws of 0.5Nm.
* Integrated secondary terminal caps.


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