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Daikin Single Wall Mounted Cooling Unit

Inverter Split AC (FTKS Series)


We make available for our clients an impeccable gamut of Split AC.
Fan Coil Unit    Condensing    Unit     Ton MRP
FTKS25EVMA     RKS25EBVMA   0.75   Rs 35,000
FTKS35EVMA     RKS35EBVMA     1      Rs 42,900
FTKS50FVMA     RKS50FVMA     1.5     Rs 54,400
FTKS60FVMA     RKS60FVMA     1.8     Rs 62,900
FTKS71FVMA     RKS71FVMA     2.2     Rs 72,100

Inverter Split AC (FTKE Series)


Our organization supplies a wide assortment of Split AC, which has a modular look.
Fan Coil Unit  Condensing   Unit     Ton MRP
FTKE25GV1     RKE25GV1     0.75     Rs 30,800
FTKE35GV1     RKE35GV1       1       Rs 37,100
FTKD50FVM     RKD50BVM     1.5     Rs 47,200
FTKD60FVM     RKD60BVM     1.8     Rs 54,500
FTKD71FVM     RKD71BVM     2.2     Rs 62,600

Non Inverter Split AC (FT-M Series 5 Star)


Our range of AC's is widely used in various sectors like corporate, commercial and residential.
Fan Coil Unit  Condensing Unit   Ton MRP
FT25MV16     R25MV16     0.75    Rs 29,000
FT35MV16     R35MV16     1        Rs 34,900
FT50MV16     R50MV16     1.5     Rs 44,500
FT60MV16     R60MV16     1.8     Rs 53,800

Non Inverter Split AC (FTE-M Series 3 Star)


We are engaged in providing our clients with an exquisite range of Split Air Conditioners.
Fan Coil Unit   Condensing Unit   Ton MRP

FTE35MV16     RE35MV16     1       Rs 31,000
FTE50MV16     RE50MV16     1.5     Rs 36,700
FTE60MV16     RE60MV16     1.8     Rs 46,900

Daikin Non Inverter Split AC (FTE L Series 2 Star)


Our clients are offered with Split Air Conditioners that are sourced from leading manufacturers of the industry.
Fan Coil Unit   Condensing  Unit  Ton MRP
FTE35LV169    RE35LV169    1      Rs 28,200
FTE50LV169    RE50LV169    1.5    Rs 33,400
FTE60LV169    RE60LV169    1.8    Rs 42,600

Inverter Split AC (FTXS Series)


With the help of our business associates like Daikin and Panasonic, we are able to offer Split AC.
Fan Coil Unit     Condensing    Unit     Ton  MRP
FTXS25EVMA     RXS25EBVMA   0.75    Rs 41,900
FTXS35EVMA     RXS35EBVMA     1      Rs 51,500
FTXS50FVMA     RXS50FVMA     1.5     Rs 65,300
FTXS60FVMA     RXS60FVMA     1.8     Rs 75,500
FTXS71FVMA     RXS71FVMA     2.2     Rs 86,600

Non Inverter Split AC (FTY Series)


These air conditioners are used in corporate, commercial and residential fronts.
Fan Coil Unit     Condensing Unit          Ton MRP
FTY35CVMA8      RY35CVMA       1       Rs 40,000
FTY50GAV1A8     RY50GAV1A     1.5     Rs 50,900
FTY60GAV1A8     RY60GAV1A     1.8     Rs 58,900

Non Inverter Split AC (FL Series)


These air conditioners are installed with automatic filter cleaning technology and ensure significant energy saving performance.
Fan Coil Unit Condensing Unitn  Ton MRP
FL35HAV1     R35JV16     1        Rs 46,900
FL50HAV1     R50JV16     1.5     Rs 57,200

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