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PU Pigments

PU Pigment


Product Name: PU Pigment Black and Other Shades.

Product Description: Pigment dispersed in low weight polyol with additives.

Hazard Identification:
Not a dangerous product according to EEC criteria.

Method of Application: This product is used universally for Polyester and Polyester systems. For Jet Black shade Pigment can be used as dosing or it can be added in the Polyol at the rate of 3% on the weight of Polyol system.

i.e. Polyol = 180 Kgs.
Additive = 020 Kgs.
Total    = 200 Kgs.
3% is 6kg. of Pigment is added and start the processing.

Precaution: Please shake well before use.

Physical and Chemical Data:

Appearance: Black Liquid
Colour: Black
Odour: Nil
Density gr/cc at 20° C ca.: N. A.
*Viscosity cps at 20° C: 16000
pH at 20° C: N. A.
Boiling Point: Above 200°C
Melting Point: N. A.
Flash Point: Above 2000°C
Apparent Density gr/cc: N. A.
Vapour Pressure mbar at 20° C: N. A.
Solubility in Water at 20° C: Insoluble

(*) Measured with BROOKFIELD RVF (Spindle n.6, 20 rpm)

Stability and Reactivity:

Thermal Decomposition: Above 200° C
Conditions To Be Avoided: No particular conditions.
Materials To Be Avoided: Keep away from oxidizing substances, amines and acids.
Hazardous Decomposition Products: The following substances may develop : Nitrogen, Carbon anhydride, Carbon monoxide, Ammonia.

Toxicological Information:

Acute Oral Toxicity LD-50: 3000mg/kg (tested on rats)
Skin Irritation: None
Eye Irritation: Slight (tested on rabbit eyes)
Respiratory Tract Irritation: None
Skin Irritation: Irritating (tested on Indian pores)

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