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Effluent Treatment Plant

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Effluent Treatment Plant such as ETP Aeration Tank, ETP Anoxic Tank and Domestic RO Plant from India.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant

Item Code: ETP-02

Effluent Treatment Plant for Textile Industries:

  1. Canadian Clear is a master in Textile Dyeing Effluent Treatment Solutions. Our patent marked technology of ozonation with CPR has been creating ripples in the industry for the past two decades. The effectiveness of this technology results in efficient effluent treatment and water reuse

Ozonation MBR:

  1. We have also implemented ozonation with MBR for the segments of Tannery, Dyeing and other industrial effluent treatment solutions. As all these technologies reduces the foot print of the area required for constructing the effluent treatment plant and does not use any chemical addition and thus does not create sludge
  2. Worldwide research in advanced oxidation and utilization of the technology is a challenge. Canadian Clear is an active participant and an efficient equipment manufacturer in supporting the technologies

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Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plants We offer qualitative range of Effluent Treatment Plant, wastewater treatment systems, waste water treatment plant, industrial effluent treatment which is highly efficient in filtering water from different types of contamination. It has latest bio-media technology which ensures quality water treatment with the removal of nitrate from it. Furthermore, these effluent treatment plants are completely assembled in our factory which enables us to reduce its cost of manufacturing. Effluent Treatment plat finds wide application in various sectors such as: Residential & commercial construction site projects Defense, Rehabilitation Camps and Disaster Management Camps.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant

Item Code: ETP-01

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading solution provider for Waste Water Treatment and since 1972, with 4 decades of experience in the field of Water Treatment.

We specialize in Effluent Treatment Plant and have successfully supplied projects of various sizes in India and globally.

The above projects have been covered in various industries like Textile, Tanneries, Beverages, Sugar Mills, Refineries, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels and Resorts etc., globally. Our successful history for the past 40 years speaks about our Technical Strength.

Canadian Clear has global operation with Channel Partners and own establishments over 42 Countries Worldwide. Canadian Clear is a reputed name among the Industrial Water users for the past four decades. A pioneer in the field, our company is one of the very few in the world with a complete range of waste water and treatment technologies. Our position of strength has been attained by our focus on technological advancement through continuous Research and Development.

The company has a fill-fledged R&D center where our engineer’s work on new product design, development, as well as up gradation of existing ones and indigenization of foreign technologies obtained through collaborations. Our international business division contributes a major share of the company’s sales turn over. The company has established offices in Dubai, UAE as well as in the USA and China to take care of regional support.

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ETP Aeration Tank

Canadian Clear is the company, which provides a complete solution for Effluent Treatment, recycling and zero discharge.

    Our Certifications And Approval:

    • CLRI a Govt.of. India organization
    • Neeri
    • Teri
    • Anna University
    • Sugar cane research institute
    • IIT Madras

    Canadian Clear offers innovative technological solution for achieving ‘Zero Discharge’ and efficient water recovery for reuse.

    We offer complete ‘Turnkey Solutions’ for ‘Effluent Management’ as below:

    • Effluent Treatment
    • Effluent Re-Cycling
    • Reject Management
    • Waste Recovery


    With an effective “Research & Development”, we have concluded that we require a combination of technologies to achieve effective “Waste Water Treatment” by implementing high end technologies.

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    ETP Anoxic Tank

    Effluent Treatment-Anorexic Tank:

    The Anoxic Tank receives flow from the equalization tank, either by gravity or by pumping. Anoxic tank consists of an Agitator / Mixer for constant churning of the mixed effluent. At the same time, bacteria nitrifies the ammonia to nitrogen contained in the wastewater

    The oxic unit consists of an oxic tank, membrane unit, and filtered water pump. The wastewater is pre-screened with the inlet screen and is fed to the anoxic tank. The retention time in the oxic tank is approximately 4 to 6 hours. BOD is removed by aerobic micro-organisms, which is maintained by high concentration of MLSS

    After these biological treatments are completed, solids-liquid separation is performed through the membrane unit installed within the oxic tank. The filtrate is discharged as treated water with the filtered water pump. The filtered water pump is automatically operated according to the water level within the oxic tank

    The membrane unit consists of a membrane module for filtering and the air diffusing unit that feeds air for washing the surface of the membrane module. The air fed from the air diffusing device cleans the surface of the membrane and at the same time provides oxygen required for biological treatment. The sludge generated within the reaction tank is discharged manually with the excess sludge valve discharge to the sludge storage tank

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    Domestic RO Plant

    Domestic RO Plant

    As per the requirement of our customers, we bring forth a wide array of Domestic RO Plant. Our range of Domestic RO Plant is formulated using latest technology to meet high performance and reliability. Furthermore, Clients can avail these Domestic RO Plants on most affordable prices.



    • Rigid construction
    • Long working life
    • Premium quality

    Effluent Treatment Plant

    Effluent Treatment Plant
    Effluent Treatment Plant

    We are manufacturers and exporters for Effluent Treatment Plants for various industries. Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants manufactured by us are known for their flawless quality and excellent performance.Effluent Treatment Plants are made using only best quality material and are equipped with latest technologies and features. Our treatment plants find their application in various industries.

    Some of advanced Features of our Effluent Treatment Plants are:


    • Primary Treatment Systems :-
        • Removal of floated particals (Bar screen / vibratory screen)
        • Removal of oil installing floating drum skimmer, floating disc skimmer,belt skimmers, rope map wringer, tube skimmers
          • Secondary Treatment Systems :-
          • Removal of BOD / COD - MLSS - MLVSS / Diffusers (fine,core)
          • Blowers / Compresser / Floating / Fixed aerator

            Territory Treatment:
            • Effective low chemical Technologies
            • Useful for the treatment of chemical oxidation of high COD effluent
            • Useful for removing of color for textile effluents
            • Used in carbon filters and pressure filters
            • Used in tertiary treatment plants
            • For emulsified and oily waste, these are used with dissolved air flotation process
            • Useful in reverse osmosis plants
            • Useful in nanofiltration plants, ultra filtration plants
            • Aerobic & Anaerobic effluent treatment plants
            • Biological Sewerage treatment plants
            • Diffused aeration system
            • Bio trickling filters
            • Chemical Oxidation of high COD effluent
            • Color removal for textile effluents
            • Wet air oxidation plants for sulfide waste

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