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Biopsy Punch

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We are original equipment manufacturers of biopsy punches for over 25 years now. We have sold millions and millions of punches in USA and several other advanced countries under the various brand names of our buyers. If you have ever tried to source a biopsy punch, chances are that you have seen our products!

Shoney Scientific India manufactures one of the finest disposable dermal punches in the world. It comes in an exhaustive range of sizes. This huge range is matched by very few manufacturers, if any.

We do believe, at Shoney Scientific India, that our punches are the sharpest available in the market. If you are a substantial user of this product, write to us for a free sample. Test it out and compare it with your existing brand of use. We are positive that you will find our punch sharper.

We have a mechanical testing tool for checking the sharpness of our punches. If required, we can send you a comparative study of your brand and our punch.

If the graft you cut stays imbedded in the blade in your application, we offer another innovative product from Shoney Scientific India. This is a disposable biopsy punch with an ejection mechanism. Just press down the plunger on the punch and a clean cut graft will be ejected out of the punch.

  • Seamless Construction - ensures a zero drag operation.

  • Double Grinding - makes for a razor sharp punch that lasts much longer than ordinary punches.

  • Controlled Size - means that you get a precise specimen size. We have eliminated the ID/OD guesswork involved with other punches.

  • Rigid Ribbed Design - gives the surgeon a true grip and a complete control over the procedure.


The complete range of sizes suitable for every conceivable clinical need includes:

0.30mm, 0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1.00mm, 1.25mm, 1.50mm, 2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 3.50mm, 4.00mm, 5.00mm, 6.00mm & 8.00mm.

Any other sizes can be made if required. We specialize in larger size custom made biopsy punches like 10mm, 12mm and 15mm.

These punches can also be used for punching holes in PDMS micro fluidic devices (non-medical application).


Our punches are generally packaged sterile in peel pouches and put in boxes of 25s. Customized packaging can also be done with our buyers' logos and write-ups, if available.

Manufacturing Policy

With our flexible manufacturing policy and our wish to respond to our customers' needs, we would strive to deliver any other size or style required by them for any specific purpose.


Payment Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Pieces
Port of Dispatch: Chennai
Production Capacity: 5000 Day
Packaging Details: Peel pouched in boxes of 25s.

Disposable Undies

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We offer high quality disposable undies

Tongue Cleaner

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Material of Construction:

The INNOVATIONS tongue cleaner is made of excellent surgical steel. Its high chromium and nickel content makes it highly rust and corrosion resistant. This is important as it has to coexist with water.

The INNOVATIONS tongue cleaner has been manufactured from hardened stainless steel. Thus, this stainless steel tongue cleaner prevents it from losing its shape under normal usage.


Again, a very important feature of our tongue cleaner / tongue scraper is its uniform sharpness, which has been made just right. Too sharp could damage the tongue; blunt would result in ineffective cleaning.

Surface: The cleansing area of the INNOVATIONS tongue cleaner is absolutely even. It is highly polished with absolutely no burrs. These tend to roughen and cut the tongue, damaging it in the process.

Ergonomy: The INNOVATIONS tongue cleaner comes with sleek handles which fit snug into the hands. The tongue scraper itself has been formed and contoured to complement the shape of the tongue.

These features minimize user strain.

The handles come in subtle pastel shades and in good morning fresh colours.

The INNOVATIONS tongue cleaner is hygienically packed.

Why Tongue Cleaning AT All?

The tongue, which is the gateway to the all important digestive system, is also home to millions and millions of bacteria. Its rough papillary surface is such that it provides an ideal environment for collection of desquamated cells, food debris and bacterial growth, capable of malodour production.

The following are areas where tongue cleaning assumes significant importance.

Halitosis or Bad Breath: The real culprit of bad breath is bacteria, not food, and bacteria on the tongue. Cleaning your teeth and maintaining healthy gums is only the first step in achieving fresh breath. To complete the job, in fact, to do most of the job, you need to clean your tongue. It has been found that brushing the teeth reduces breath odour by 25% but cleaning the tongue reduces breath odour by 75%! A combination of the two reduces it by 85%. Tongue cleaning is the single most effective method of decreasing breath odour. It cuts down on bacteria and leftover food particles, both implicated in tooth decay, periodontal disease as well as bad breath.

Dental Plaque: Recent scientific studies show that the top of the tongue harbours micro-organisms that are a probable source of bacteria for dental plaque. Since habitual tongue cleaning produces a clinically clean, or pink tongue, they believe it should be a regular part of home oral hygiene procedures. This would not only lead to fresher breath and to more healthy oral environment, but it would also contribute in a big way to the reduction in dental plaque.

Gustation: Taste buds are complex epithelial structures which when stimulated transmit sensations to the brain. The stimuli are chemical substances in the food which must be dissolved in saliva before they can enter the taste pores and stimulate the nerve endings. It is obvious that a dirty tongue cannot taste the subtle flavours of good food and that a clean tongue would be capable of savouring the most refined of tastes.

Health: In the past, the tongue was a key predictor of illness. For dentists and physicians alike, it was a much relied upon diagnostic means of identifying many maladies inside the mouth.

Considering all of the above, wouldn't a clean tongue, cleaned in the right way, lead to a healthier and a more fulfilling life?

Disposable / Reusable Liposuction Cannula

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Shoney Scientific India was one of the first manufacturer in the world to introduce the disposable liposuction cannula. We have been making this product for over 25 years now and our rich experience in this ensures that you get a top notch product.

Reusable and Disposable Liposution CannulaeFEATURES

Some of the great features that make our cannulae unique are –

Tip – We take great care in ensuring that the tip is absolutely smooth and the angle just right. Not even the minutest of dents / dips are allowed at the very end of the tip. The angle of the tip is controlled. It is polished to a high degree. This ensures the smooth movement of the cannula inside the body.

Slot – This is where our cannula actually excels. We have a 3 part step down procedure that ensures that the slots of our cannulae are totally burr free and totally smooth. The slots are specially ground to smoothen all sharp edges and burrs. They are then countersunk with a special bit. Finally, they are polished to a high degree.

High workmanship of the above 2 ensures the absolute minimum damage to delicate capillaries and fine blood vessels compared to ordinary cannulae. Eventually, this leads to minimal patient trauma possible.

Handle – This is a specially molded handle suitable for the liposuction procedure. It is made from LDPE. This is light in weight and softer to touch compared to ordinary handles. Yet, it is rigid enough to allow surgeons a sure grip to aspirate effectively.

Insert molding – One problem associated with disposable liposuction cannulae is the telescoping or the coming off of the tip from the handle. We have solved this by adopting a unique insert molding technique. A bump and crease treatment given to the end going inside the handle ensures that the tip never telescopes or comes off.

Shaft - The shaft of our cannula is electro polished to a high degree to ensure smooth to and fro movement.


The Shoney Scientific India liposuction cannula comes in various sizes to suit all kinds of applications.

  • The standard lengths - 15cms. 26cms. 32cms.

  • The standard ODs - 3mm. 4mm. 5mm. 6mm.

  • The standard slot configurations - Spatula. Accelerator. III.


These are just a few of our products. With our flexible manufacturing policy and our wish to respond to our customers' needs, we would strive to deliver any other products or components in any size or style required by them for any specific purpose.

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Cervical Dilators

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Shoney Scientific India manufactures a range of instruments for cervical dilation, curettage and sounding procedure.

The possible uses for these instruments include

  1. Endometrial sampling

  2. Hysteroscopy introduction

  3. Intracervical dilation

  4. Uterine sounding

  5. Intrauterine procedures

  6. Determining uterine depth

    Some features that make our dilator sets unique –

    1. Our completely smooth and easy use reusable dilator sets are made of Teflon. This is one of the most non sticky materials know to man. Additionally, we carry out numerous smoothening and polishing operations on it to make it super smooth.

    2. What makes our dilators unique are the various finishing and smoothening operations we carry out on them. This makes them super smooth and almost frictionless. Feel our tapered surface and compare with any of our competitors!

    3. The malleable nature of our product makes it much easier to use than ordinary stiff dilator sets.

    4. We pay a lot of attention to the tip of our dilators. They are designed for easy insertion and gradual and gentle dilation, minimizing patient discomfort.

    5. The deep rings on the handle ensure

FUE Punch For Hair Transplant

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Fantastic FUE punch with incredible features at an unbelievable price! 

The most extensive range of sizes:

0.60mm, 0.65mm, 0.70mm, 0.75mm, 0.80mm, 0.85mm, 0.90mm, 0.95mm, 1.00mm, 1.05mm, 1.10mm, 1.15mm, 1.20mm, 1.25mm and 1.30mm. Other sizes can also be made if required.

These FUE punch sizes are available both in super sharp and blunt.

Unique full hollow design for easy extraction! 

Unique treated surface for smooth operation!

Unique grinding process for long lasting life! 

Thin walled for close grafting! 

Please visit our website for details on our products and services.

PDMS Punch With Plunger Or PDMS P...

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Dermal Biopsy Punch

Dermal Punch

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