Wepox 2000mg Injection

Wepox 10000 MG InjectionWepox 5000 MG InjectionWepox4000 MG InjectionWepox2000 MG Injection to our esteemed clients. These products are used for the treatment of anemia due to long-term serious kidney disease, also known as chronic renal failure, people receiving zidovudine to treat HIV and people receiving chemotherapy for certain types of cancer. Our medicines is very similar to the natural substance in the body that prevents anemia.Attributes:
  • Longer shelf life
  • Accurate composition
  • Effective results
  • High purity
  • Hygiene

Foristal Tablets

novartis ltd

antrenyl tabs 10x10

bonebay-60 10`s

broadband-20 5`s

broadband-40 10`s

calcium sand wom sug free 30`s

calcium sand-growt 30`s

calcium sandoz-multi 30`s

dibimet tabs 10`s

ebutol-800 tabs 10`s

foristal lon 10`s

foristal tabs 10`s

formax tabs 10`s

glyred-80 tabs 10`s

hamatrine caps 30`s

hisense-1mg cap 15`s

hydergine tabs 10`s

hypotears pl 10ml

lodiric-sr-2 10`s

loromycin-25 6`s

loromycin-50 3`s

nitrt tts-5 25mg 1,s

nutrisan cap 30`s

otrivin c nasal spra 12ml

parlodel-2. 5 tabs 10`s

regeeva tabs 10`s

resource diab va 200g

resource diabe ch 56gm

resource dialysis 200gm

resource hepatic 200gm

resource high 200gm

resource ins 20g

resource jun 200gm

resource vanilla 400gm

resource vanilla 56gm

rimactane-450 4`s

rimactazid-4 tabs 4`s

rotacor-10 tabs 10`s

rotacor-20 tabs 10`s

rozifer tabs
sandocal plus tabs 15`s

sandocal susp


Rabipur Vaccine

calcium sandoz inj1 10ml

cergo md tab.10,s

citro-macalvit tabs10`s

daskil 1% cream10gm

daskil-250 tabs7`s

macalvit plus syp200ml

macalvit syp200ml


methergin inj1x1ml

methergin tabs10`s

pactel 1000mg tab4

pactel 625mg tab6

pactel375 mg tab6

palitex tab.10,s

rabipur vaccine.vail

relmus 4mg10,s

relmus 8mg.strip

syntocinon inj5x1ml


voveran emugel 21gm

voveran emulgel30mg

voveran emulgel50mg

voveran inj1*3ml.

voveran plus.10,s

voveran thermagel30gm

voveran-50 tabs15`s

voveran-d tabs10`s





clearine eye drop 10ml

coderan tab 6,s




gen teal eye 10ml

genteal 10ml 10ml

genteal gel 10g

hypotears plus eye 10ml

lioresal-10 10`s

lioresal-25 10`s

neuroflam 50 mg. 10,s

nyolol eye drop 5ml

okacin eye drop 5ml

sirdalud 2mg  6`s

tegrital cr 300 mg 10,s

tegrital syp 100ml

tegrital-100 10`s

tegrital-200 10`s

tegrital-400 10`s

tegrital-cr 400 tabs 10`s

tegrital-cr-200 tabs 10`s

trioptal 600 mg. 10,s

trioptal syrup. 60ml.

trioptal-150 10`s

trioptal-300 10`s

vitalux plus tr tab 30,s

voveran opth 5ml


Miacalcic Nasal Spray

benefiber powder 100gm

cal sandoz wom p 60tab

cal sandoz woman p 60. Tab

calcium san choc. 30,s

calcium san wom - s 60tab

calcium san wom(lemon) 30tab

calcium sand-a/ic 30`s

calcium sand-a/ic 60`s

calcium sand-choc 60`s

calcium sand-orang 100`s

calcium sand-orang 30`s

calcium sand-orang 60`s

calcium sandoz-a/ic 100`s

calcium sand-wom-p 30`s

calcium sand-wom-s 30`s

calcium soft buterscotch. 30`s

hematrine caps 30`s

otrinoz adult 10ml

otrinoz baby 10ml

otrinoz peadiatric 10ml

otrinoz saline

otrivin adult nasal spray 10ml

otrivin paed 10ml

otrivin pead nasal spray 10ml

otrivin-mini 10ml

otrivin-s-sol 10ml

sandocal-500 20`s

softchew (butterscotch) 30 tab

softchew (choclate) 30tab

t-minic actikof 60ml

t-minic drops 15ml

t-minic plus syp 60ml

t-minic plus tab 10,s

t-minic syp 60ml

t-minic tab 10`s

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elidel cream.

miacalcic nasal spr 2m

Pza- Ciba-750

product description packing

sandoz (inspira) div.

4d plus tabs 4`s

4-d tabs 4`s

adelphane es 10x10

adelphane tabs 10x10

angicor-20 tabs 10`s

angicor-40 tabs 10`s

angicor-60 tabs 10`s

claxotac 250/125 mg tab 10,s

claxotac 500/125 mg tab 10,s

cletus-100 tabs 10`s

cletus-50 tabs 10`s

cofvector syp 100ml

combirich tab 10,s

curam 1. 2gm inj 1

curam ds suspension 30ml

curam dt 228. 5 mg

curam suspension 30ml

curam-288. 5 30ml

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dibiglim-mf 1mg 10`s

dibiglim-mf 2mg blister

glyred-m10 tab 10`s

lazandol 750mg. 10,s

lazanol 250mg. 10,s

lazanol 500 mg tab 10,s

lazanol inj 1

lodiric 100mg tab 10,s

lodiric sr 250 mg 10,s

metoxim 100 dt 10,s

metoxim 200mg  5,s

metoxim 50 dt 10`s

metoxim-50 syp 30ml

microprogesta 100mg 10,s

microprogesta 200 mg tab 10,s

pza-ciab-1000 10`s

pza-ciba susp 100ml

pza-ciba-500 10`s

pza-ciba-750 10`s

Secef-200 Capsules

regestrone tabs 10`s

rimactazid+e 2`s

rimactazid-450/300 4`s

rimactazid-disped 10`s

rimactazide plus 600/300  4`s

rimstar-4-fdc 6`s

rimthree-fdc 6`s

rozirich 100mg tab 10,s

rozirich plus syrup 150ml

rozirich plus tab 10,s

sacsecure (amniotic kit) 1*2,s

secef dt 100mg 4,s

secef susp 30ml

secef-200 caps 4`s

secef-400 caps 4`s

senseplus-p tab strip

sulcef 1gm vial

sulcef forte

urclar 250mg 10,s

urclar-od  tab

veroka syp 100ml

zetri 250mg vial

zetri-1gm inj vial
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