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Piperacillin Tazobactam Injection

Pipzo 4.5gm

Pipzo 4.5gm

Item Code: zo568
Product Name                          Packing
A To Z Ns Syp 100ML
A To Z Ns Tab 15S
A To Z Ns Drops 15ml
Alcipro 250mg Tab 10
Alcipro 500mg Tab 10
Alcipro Tn Tab 10
Cetiriz Syr 30ml
Cetiriz Tab 10
Clavam 375mg Tab 10
Clavam 625mg Tab 10
Clavam Bid Syr 30ml
Clavam Drops 10ML
Clavam Dry Syr 30ml
Clavam Dt Tab. (228.5mg) 10
Clavam Forte Dry Syp 30ML
Dorikem 500 Mg Inj VIAL
Fostitol Syp 100ML
Hemfer Inj 5*5ML
Hemfer Soft Gelatin Cap 30S
Hemfer Syr 200ml
Lorsumo Mr 4 Mg Tab 10S
Lorsumo Mr 8 Mg Tab 10S
Lorsumo Plus Tabs 10S
Pan 40 Tab 10
Pan -d Cap 10S
Pan 20 Tab 10
Pan 40mg Iv Inj VAIL
Pipzo 4.5g Inj VIAL
Pratham 100 Dt Tab 3S
Pratham 100 Rediuse 15 ML
Pratham 1gm Stat Granules 30ML
Pratham 200 Rediuse 15 ML
Pratham 250 Tab 6S
Pratham 2gm Stat Granules 60ML
Pratham 500 Tab 3S
Satrogyl 300 Tab 10
Satrogyl O Dry Syp 30ML
Satrogyl O Tab 10
Sumo Tab 10
Sumo Cold Pcf Drop 10ML
Sumo Cold Pcf Syp 60ML
Sumo Cold Tab 10S
Sumo Susp 60ml
Taxim Inj 1g VAIL
Taxim Inj. 125mg vial
Taxim Inj. 250mg vial
Taxim Inj. 500mg VIAL
Taxim -o 100 Dt 10
Taxim -o 200 Tab 10
Taxim -o 50 Dt 10
Taxim -o Dry Syr 30ml
Taxim -o Forte Dry Syp 30ML
Taxim -o Paed Drops 10ML
Taximax Inj. 1.5 G VIAL
Taximax Inj. 750mg VIAL
Trump A Syp 100 ML
Trump D Syp 100 ML
Xone 125mg Inj VIAL
Xone 1gm Inj VIAL
Xone 250mg Inj VIAL
Xone 500mg Inj VIAL

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  • Delivery Time: 1day to 7dayes
  • Packaging Details: piperacillin tazobactam injection

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