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Iodine Liquid

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Iodine liquide and its compounds are primarily used in nutrition, the production of acetic acid and polymers. Iodine's relatively high atomic number, low toxicity, and ease of attachment to organic compounds have made it a part of many x-ray contrast materials in modern medicine.


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Menthol crystals are made by the fractional distillation of menthol oil. The distilled oil yields pure menthol as a fraction, that is gradually cooled and crystallized. It is manufactured by extraction of menthol from menthol oil. The oil is chilled to a temperature of -40°c to separate the menthol, which is later crystallized by slow cooling.

Methyl Salicylate

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Our organization is engrossed in offering methyl salicylate. We have achieved a remarkable position in the market. Having experience of many years, our team has shown great results in the processing and supplying of this range. We offer these products at industry leading prices.


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Offered are fine quality N-Methyl-Pyrrolidone (NMP) which could be defined as a chemical compound; useful as a cleaner for polymeric residues, metal finishing, etc. These are processed from fine technology and are used as a solvent for paint stripping. Further, these chemicals are checked on different quality parameters and used in pharmaceutical, textile, agrochemicals and numerous other industries. This solvent is packed in excellent materials and used for dissolving different kinds of chemicals.

Octanol Solvent

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We are providing high quality of commercial Octanol solvents or Pure Solvents. Which is widely used in pharmaceutical industries, paint industries, ink industries, rubber industies, etc. It is available with certificate of analysis and available in barrels as per the requirements of our clients. We have commercial solvents with more than 99. 00% purity. Besides, it available at competitive prices.

Phenol Formaldyhide Resin

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We are counted among one of the well known manufacturer and suppliers of Phenol Formal Dehydride Resin , which is known as a white crystalline, toxic solid with a sweet tarry odor. These are widely referred to as a "hospital smell" and are also known as carbolic acid. Further, the chemicals are used in abrasives industry, textile industry, pesticides industry, pharmaceuticals industry and dye industry.

Urea Formaldyhide Resin

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Our clients can avail from us high quality Urea Formal Dehydride Resin. Which is a commonly used nitrogen-release fertilizer. When mixed with water it hydrolyses back to ammonia and CO2 and therefore, is applied through spraying or water irrigation systems. The usefulness of this fertilizer is that it helps in releasing nitrogen by favoring the reagent side of the equilibrium. Spreading of the urea is very important as it has high nitrogen concentration, which can lead to damage to the seed germination.

Methyl Cello-solve

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Packaging Details: hdpe drum

Diphyneyl Oxide

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DOP Chemicals

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2-EHA Chemicals

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Phosphorus Pentoxide

Rs 150per kgs
Approximate Price - Rs 150 per per kgs
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Aliphatic Hydro Carbon Oil

Clear colorless liquid flash point 77cpacking standard density 0. 79

Glyphosate Technical

A product for agro


used in light weight bloke,refactorys,fertiliser

Sodium Thiosulphate

Sodium thio sulphate

Also Deals In

  • DI-octal-adipet
  • Ethyl Cellosolve /butyl Cellosolve
  • Glysrine
  • Potassium Cromate
  • Propionic Acid
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sorbitol
  • Tio2 Food Grade

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