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Acrylates and Monomers

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Veova 10 Monomer
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Veova 10 Monomer

Item Code: VEOVA10

VeoVa 10, a low viscosity liquid with a typical mild ester odor, is a very attractive monomer for the manufacture of polymers through reactions of the vinyl group. It imparts a combination of flexibility (medium to low Tg), hydrophobicity and very good chemical and UV resistance.



VeoVa 10 is widely used as a modifying co-monomer in the manufacture of vinyl acetate based polymer latices. VeoVa 10 is also used for the production of VeoVa 10/(meth)acrylic latices and solution polymers.


VeoVa 10 based polymer applications are:

  1. Decorative emulsion paints, plasters and renders.
  2. Industrial paints and coatings such as anti-corrosion paints, wood coatings and varnishes and coatings for polyolefins.
  3. Latices and spray-dried redispersible powders for mortar admixtures.
  4. Latices for adhesives including Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, construction and wood adhesives.
  5. Reactive diluent for specific heat-cured unsaturated polyesters.

VeoVa monomers copolymerises readily and randomly with vinyl acetate at high steady-state conversion levels. Batch reproducibility is very good, reactor fouling is minimal and hence, cleaning costs and downtime are low when compared to other comonomers such as acrylates.

VeoVa vinyl ester latices are compatible with other raw materials and easily formulated into emulsion paints. They exhibit good shear stability, which is required during paint processing and results in low production of off-spec paint. The shelf life of VeoVa vinyl ester based emulsion paints is very good because of good hydrolytic stability providing stable viscosity and pH. The binders can be stabilized using surfactants or protective colloids. Both types of emulsion paints based on Veo-Va monomer have very good rheological properties, resulting in easy application, good hiding power and good film build. This leads to lower labour cost during painting.

Very good outdoor durability:

  • VeoVa monomer is not sensitive to UV light or alkaline hydrolysis. It also protects neighbouring vinyl acetate units from saponification by steric hindrance because of the non-polar nature of the alkyl groups. When vinyl acetate / VeoVa vinyl ester latices are used as paint binders for alkaline substrates such as concrete, these properties lead to good long term exterior performance under varied climate conditions.
  • Hydrolytic stability: Re-dispersible powders or wet latices are mixed with cement which, by its nature, is very alkaline. In this application, the excellent hydrolytic stability of VeoVa monomer is even more important than in paints, where it protects vinyl acetate based polymers from degradation.
  • Water resistance: VeoVa monomers improve the hydrophobicity of both vinyl acetate based redispersible powders and acrylic based wet latex systems. 


Other Information
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Barrel
  • Port of Dispatch: JNPT
  • Delivery Time: READY STOCK
  • Packaging Details: 179 KG BARREL PACKING

Polyvinyl Alcohol
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Polyvinyl Alcohol

Item Code: GH17R

polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), is a colourless, water-soluble synthetic resin employed principally in the treating of textiles and paper.
The product is highly soluble in water and insoluble in practically all organic solvents. Incomplete removal of the acetate groups yields resins less soluble in water and more soluble in certain organic liquids.

PVA is used in sizing agents that give greater strength to textile yarns and make paper more resistant to oils and greases. It is also employed as a component of adhesives and emulsifiers, as a water-soluble protective film, and as a starting material for the preparation of other resins. By reaction with butyraldehyde (CH3CH2CH2CHO) and formaldehyde (CH2O), PVA can be made into the resins polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and polyvinyl formal (PVF). PVB, a tough, clear, adhesive, and water-resistant plastic film, is widely used in laminated safety glass, primarily for automobiles. PVF is used in wire insulation.

Grades:  we keep ready stock of following grades regularly & 
  • PVA 173
  • GH -17 R
  • BP 20
  • JP 20
  • JP 24
  • JP 33
  • JP 35
  • Celvol 540 & 
  • Many other grades:
  • Polyvinyl acetals: Polyvinyl acetals are prepared by reacting aldehydes with polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and polyvinyl formal (PVF) are examples of this family of polymers. They are prepared from polyvinyl alcohol by reaction withbutyraldehyde and formaldehyde, respectively. Preparation of polyvinyl butyral is the largest use for polyvinyl alcohol in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Polyvinyl alcohol is used as an emulsion polymerization aid, as protective colloid, to make polyvinyl acetate dispersions. 

Some other uses of polyvinyl alcohol include:

  • Paper adhesive with boric acid in spiral tube winding and solid board production
  • Thickener, modifier, in polyvinyl acetate glues
  • Textile sizing agent
  • Paper coatings, release liner,
  • As a water-soluble film useful for packaging. An example is the envelope containing laundry detergent in "liqui-tabs".
  • Feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products as a biodegradable plastic backing sheet.
  • Carbon dioxide barrier in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles
  • As a film used in the water transfer printing process
  • As a form release because materials such as epoxy do not stick to it
  • Movie practical effect and children's play putty or slime when combined with borax
  • Used in eye drops and hard contact lens solution as a lubricant
  • PVA fiber, as reinforcement in concrete
  • Raw material to polyvinyl nitrate (PVN). an ester of nitric acid and polyvinyl alcohol.
  • As a surfactant for the formation of polymer encapsulated nanobeads
  • Used in protective chemical-resistant gloves
  • Used as a fixative for specimen collection, especially stool samples
  • When doped with iodine, PVA can be used to polarize light
  • As an embolization agent in medical procedures
  • Carotid phantoms for use as synthetic vessels in Doppler flow testing
  • As agent in artificial Tears for treatment of dry eye.

Methyl Methacrylate Monomer
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Methyl Methacrylate Monomer

Item Code: MMA
Methyl Methacrylate Monomer:-MMA

GUJMER (Methyl Methacrylate) a colourless liquid with a pungent odour. A highly corrosive acid which can cause serious burns of the skin and eyes.

Specifications -
Chemical Formula CH3=C(CH3)COOCH3
Colour (APHA) 10 max.
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 0.942 To 0.946
Acidity (as methcrylic acid)5 0.005 Max.
Purity % (G.C. Method) 99.6 Min.
Water (by Karl fisher)% 0.05 Max.
Inhibitor HQ 35 ppm
Application -

• Semi-finished products like rods, tubes and sheets 
• Moulding and extrusion resins
• Dental Prosthesis
• Paints , Adhesives , Lacquers, Enamels and water proofing agent. 
• Textile Auxiliaries and sizing materials
• Leather finishing resins
• Polymer impregnated concrete
• PVC modifiers

• Additive for lubricating and industrial oils

Packing -
  • 190 Kg. HM-HDPE Barrels

Acrylates and Monomers
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Acrylates and Monomers

  •  2Ethyal Acrylate Monomer  (2 E.H.A.)
  •  Acrylic Acid                       (A.A.)  
  • Butyl Acrylic Monomer         (B.A.M.)
  •  Ethyl Acrylate                   (E.A.)
  •  Meth acrylic Acid               (M.A.A.)
  •  Methyl Acrylate                 (M.A.) 
  • Methyl Meth acrylic Acid.     (M.M.A)
  •  Styrene Monomer             (S.M.) 
  •  Vinyl Acetate Monomer      (V.A.M.)  

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