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Unitron Hearing Aids

For close to half a century, Unitron has developed innovative hearing solutions inspired by real life. Our hearing instruments are built on the world’s most advanced platform and reflect the depth of our audiological and scientific expertise, we’re equally proud of our people: Unitron employees worldwide who collaborate with healthcare professionals to improve life for those with hearing loss.

Unitron Products:

Unitron has a full range of products to meet your individual needs.

Hearing aid styles:

Hearing instrument styles differ in their appearance and how they fit on and in your ears and offer different advantages depending on the design, size and technology. Most styles are available in a wide range of colors to suit your needs. You and your hearing healthcare professional can help you choose the style that’s right for you

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids from Canada.
Programmable or non- programmable
Available in all Styles
16 Channels, 16 Bands .

Quantum is available in three technology levels: 20, 12 and 6.


Moxi is available in three technology levels: 20, 12 and 6 .


Passport automatically matches your hearing instrument settings to your surroundings using an array of advanced, adaptive features.


Yuu is a premium, interactive hearing instrument that automatically adapts to your hearing needs.


Latitude family of products offers hearing instruments that fit your unique hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle.


 The Next series comprises four outstanding product lines: Next 16, Next 8, Next 4 and Next E.


 Shine is an affordable hearing instrument like no other, delivering the natural sound, comfortable listening and better speech clarity not typically seen at the essential level.


360’s many features can be activated and customized, as required, providing a powerful hearing instrument that adapts to your growing child’s changing needs.


 Tandem is a new CROS/BiCROS hearing instrument designed to overcome the difficulties associated with hearing in only one ear.



Other Information

  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Port of Dispatch: DELHI, INDIA
  • Production Capacity: 100 PCS/MONTH
  • Packaging Details: ONE HEARING AID/BOX.

Programmable Hearing Aid BTE

Item Code: shine

Digital programmable hearing aids
Unitron hearing aids
Small size hearing aids
Programming done free of cost

4 Channels, 8 Bands, 4 Manual Programs,


Tri vantage features (Speech Enhancement LD,

Anti Shock, Adaptive Directional Microphone), Phase

Canceller, In Situ Audiogram, Noise Reduction,

Wind Noise Manager, Data Logging. ( Not

Compatible with Smart Control and no Easy-t)



Why Choose Unitron Shine Hearing Aids?

We should say that the Unitron Shine is the only hearing aid in this class to offer 3 high performance features that are usually only found in really expensive products. The combination is called Tri Vantage and it was proven to increase the comfort of the user. Due to this we can now hear speech a lot more clearly, take advantage of the trademark Anti Shock feature and get to understand speech in really noisy environments thanks to the inclusion of directional microphones.


When you want to buy a Unitron Shine hearing aid you will be surprised to notice that there are many shell styles that are available. You can basically choose the style that you like the most while also thinking about your hearing loss problem and properly adjusting the gadget to aid you. Make sure that you do not buy the first one you see as you might be able to find one that better suits your wardrobe.


It is highly important to talk about understanding speech whenever referring to any hearing aid on the market. The Unitron Shine might not have the high end technology features that other models include but you will surely be surprised to notice that speech clarity is really high. In addition, the technology included allows the hearing aid to automatically adjust volume levels when faced with different noise levels in the environment. Even soft speech is much easier to hear and the loud sounds that are around anyone will not end up being more intense as with other gadgets.

Listening Comfort

Listening comfort is increased due to the included Anti Shock trademark feature. This allows the hearing aid to automatically detect any sudden sound that might be uncomfortable. The volumes are automatically adjusted so that the sounds will not bother the wearer.


Shine BTE , shine HP BTE , shine moda II BTE :


Channels, 4 Bands, 3 Manual Programs, Speech

Enhancement LD, Anit Shock, In Situ Audiogram,

Noise Reduction, Wind Noise Manager, Data

Logging. ( Not compatible with Smart Control and

no Easy-t)


shine + BTE, shine + HP BTE, shine + moda BTE, shine + ITC, shine+ CIC :

Other Information

  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), Western Union, Other
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Pieces
  • Port of Dispatch: delhi , india
  • Production Capacity: 50 pcs/month
  • Delivery Time: 7 days

Programmable Hearing Aid BTE

Ultra Small Hearing Aid

Ultra Small Hearing Aid

Item Code: moxi

1. Digital programmable hearing aid
2. CRT bte hearing aid
3. Unitron hearing aid
4. Small size hearing aid
5. Powerful bte

An ultra-small behind-the-ear (BTE) style is lightweight and sits snugly behind the ear. It connects to the ear canal with a nearly invisible thin tube. These instruments are ideal for style-conscious, first time and experienced wearers and fit mild to severe hearing loss.

Each of the ultra-small BTE hearing aids can be fit as an open fit device, which reduces or eliminates any plugged-up (occluded)sensation or any change to the sound the wearers own voice, which may have been the case in traditionally-fit hearing instruments.

Unitron Moxi

Moxi™ is an ultra-small BTE style that fits behind your ear with a tube connecting the amplifier in the ear canal. With 11 color choices and an easy telephone option, this hearing aid allows you to select the best level of automatic performance and convenience features for your lifestyle, listening preferences and budget. This style of hearing aid is sometimes referred to as a RIC (receiver in the canal) or RITE (receiver in the ear) or a CRT (canal receiver technology).

  • High-Fidelity Sound - Uses state-of-the-art
    technology to meet all your unique hearing needs where the number of bands
    relates to the fine tuning of the sound.
  • Moxi 20 - excpetional sound quality across 20
    • Moxi 12 - superior sound quality across 12
    • Moxi 6 - great sound quality across 6
  • Automatic Performance - Allows for speech
    clairity and noise comfort in challenging listening situations.
    • Moxi 20 - clear, effortless listening
      automatically in the range of sound environments from Quiet to Speech in Noise
      to Noise and special treatment for Music
    • Moxi 12 - clear, effortless listening
      automatically in the range of sound environments from Quiet to Speech in Noise
      to Noise
    • Moxi 6 - clear, effortless listening
      automatically in the range of sound environments from Quiet to Speech in
  • LearnNow - Select the LearnNow button and make
    real-time adjustments for your hearing aid to remember how you like to hear in
    that situation. The next time you encounter a similar situation, these
    refinements will occur automatically. Available
    with Moxi 20
  • Binaural Phone - With this feature you can hear
    a phone conversation in both ears, increasing your ability to hear and
    participate in phone conversations. Available
    with Moxi 20 and 12
  • Self Learning - Over time the adjustments you
    have are made are recognized as your preferred settings and are applied
    automatically the next time you encounter a similar situation. Available with Moxi 20 and 12
  • DuoLink - Allows your hearing aids to
    communicate with each other so that changes to volume or program selection on
    one side can be automatically applied to both ears.
  • Automatic Telephone Solution - Switches
    automatically when you get a phone call.
  • Feedback Management System - This feature is
    designed to provide a comfortable listening experience with less chance of your
    hearing aids whistling due to feedback.
  • AntiShock - AntiShock immediately detects
    sudden, jarring noises like a door slamming or dishes clattering and reduces
    them to make the sound comfortable, while preserving the quality of other sounds
    (such as speech) in your environment.
  • MyMusic - MyMusic is a dedicated setting that
    brings out the rich, full tones to enhance your overall listening experience and
    appreciation of your favorite music genres.

    Other Information

    • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer), Western Union, Other
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
    • Port of Dispatch: delhi, india
    • Production Capacity: 10 pcs/month
    • Delivery Time: within 5 days
    • Packaging Details: as from the company, with 2 year warrenty


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