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Pioneer Authorized Service Center


We also offer Pioneer Authorized Service Center, Pioneer Corporation is a multinational electronic goods manufacturing company with its headquarters in Japan. The company manufactures its premium range of electronic products under the brand name Pioneer and is an emerging player in the Indian market. Because of being a relatively new brand, there are a very few authorized centers of Pioneer in the Delhi and NCR region. Our organization is proud to be one of the few authorized service centers for electronic products offered by Pioneer. We are capable of repairing the following products offered by Pioneer:


  • DVD players
  • Television sets
  • Car electronics
  • LED displays


SONY Authorized Service Center


We offer SONY Authorized Service Center, Sony has traditionally offered high end Electronic Products, Amplifiers & Audio products, Televisions, LCD/Plasma, Laptop (VAIO), Home Theaters. These products are appreciated for their energy efficiency, high performance and world class features. Our experts only use genuine parts & accessories while repairing these products. We are offering repairing services for the following SONY Products Category:


  • Personal Audio
  • Home Audio (Hi-End)
  • Home Video (DVD's/VCD's)
  • Home Theaters
  • In Care Entertainments - Home Service N/A
  • CRT TV (Televisions)
  • LCD / Plasma TV
  • Personal Imaging (Cameras -Handycam/Cybershot) Home Service N/A

Hitachi Authorized Service Center


We Hitachi Authorized Service Center are also engaged in repairing LCD / Plasma offered by Hitachi. High Definition Plasma TV offered by Hitachi offers an entirely new viewing experience for the viewer. The television has bright, high impact screens with an unmatched aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, Hitachi LCD TV offers an expanded vision with extra levels of dynamic image performance. These two popular Hitachi home electronic products are repaired by the experts at our service center. We ensure that the repairing is completed within the stipulated time frame and only genuine parts & accessories are used for replacement. This service is available for the Delhi and Noida region. Products we cater for Repairs are...

                Hitachi LCD / PLASAMA


Yamaha Authorized Service Center


We offer also Yamaha Authorized Service Center. Yamaha has traditionally offered high end electronic products, musical instruments, amplifiers & audio products. These products are appreciated for their energy efficiency, high performance and world class features. Our experts only use genuine parts & accessories while repairing these products. We are offering repairing services for the following Yamaha Products:


  • Musical Instruments
  • Amplifiers
  • Audio Hi-End Products

Service Pre-Requisites

SONY / Hitachi / Pioneer / Yamaha is to electronic products what is Sachin is to the game of cricket. The brands has millions of loyal customers all across the world and is amongst the topmost & most respected electronic products manufacturers in the world. They offers premium range electronic products such as VIAO, Television, Camera, LCD / Plasma, Playstation, Handycam, Music Instruments, Amps and many more. Out of the countless products that are offered under this brand, we are engaged in repairing all kinds of electronic products offered by them. These services are available in South Delhi & Noida region and are rendered on a timely basis.


Warranty Servicing :

Authorized Service Centers take full REPAIR and REPLACEMENT WARRANTY of their products' parts within the specified warranty period that usually varies from product to product provided the following conditions are satisfied..

1.    Warranty Card accompanying any Sony product is duly filled and mailed to the Sony Service Center.

2.    The warranty card is presented to the Authorized Personnel from Authorized Service Centre.

3.    The product is purchased from an Authorized Dealer only.

4.    There is no alteration in the physical construction or electrical circuits of the product.

5.    The previous Repair or Service of the concerned product is done by personnel from the Authorized Service Center and not from any private service provider.


Out Warranty Servicing :

1. Please produce ORIGINAL Service Job Sheet while taking delivery of the product, Srvc Center reserves the right to refuse delivery if the same is not produced.

2. The Payment terms are CASH ONLY.

3. Repairs will commence only on approval of repair estimates or else Normal Estimation / Inspection charges are applicable which is minimum to Rs.100/- or 25% of the Service charges, whichever is higher.

4. No Warranty or Guarantee on spare parts replaced.

5. If the same defect re-occurs within 30 days of deliver, the labor charges shall be waived-off but the Parts will be charges on Actual.