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Room Care Taski In Ahmedabad

TASKI R7 Floor Cleaner Concentrate


Taski R7 is an effective floor cleaner. It can be used for both wet mopping as well as scrubbing with a machine. It is a concentrated product with economy of use.

TASKI Spiral Floor Cleaner Concentrate


Taski spiral is a scientifically blended, liquid detergent for cleaning floors and oily greasy work areas. It contains mixed additives and special ingredients to enhance cleaning performance. It can be used for both, wet mopping as well as scrubbing with a machine.

Crew Emerel Multi-Surface Creme Cleanser


Crew emerel is a multi-surface creme cleanser with a mild abrasive formula for removing stubborn spots, buildups, scuffs, grease, rubber marks and soap scum from common restroom surface. It provides effective spot cleaning to vertical surfaces without leaving a film residue.

Taski J Shop 600 Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser


J shop 600 has a powerful, heavy-duty industrial formula for cleaning soils and grease. It contains corrosion inhibitors & is compatible with waste water treatment system.

Taski Spiral Hd Heavy Duty Alkaline Degreaser


Taski spiral hd is a heavy-duty alkaline degreaser formulated specifically for tough greasy soil. This can also be used for low & medium soil conditions at lower concentration.

Deep Gloss


Deep gloss is a maintainer especially for stainless steel, it cleans, shines & protects stainless steel and resists finger marks, smudges, water marks.

Spray Bottles


Taski spray bottles are extremely convenient to use and possess high durability. The bottles have been aesthetically designed. Informative labels for all the products are provided separately with these spray bottles.

Squeezee Bottles


Taski squeezee bottles are refill bottles used for dispensing toilet bowl cleaners. The bottles have been designed in a manner so as to reach the inner areas of the toilet bowl.

Power Pads


Power pads are multi-purpose pads that scour up to 4 times faster than conventional commercial scouring products. It scratches surfaces up to 8 times less than other heavy duty commercial scouring products. This non woven pad scours faster than conventional abrasive scouring pads and has a unique bow-tie shape.

GLO Metal Polish


GLO is an all-purpose metal polish. The special blend of fine abrasives, waxes, emulsifying agents removed oxidized films on metal surfaces. It restore the original shine and protects against scratches.

TASKI R6 Toilet Cleaner


Taski R6 is an effective toilet cleaner specially formulated to remove lime-scale deposits and stubborn stains. It leaves toilet bowls and urinal bowls sparkinal clean. It has ideal viscosity for extended contact time.

Taski R9 Fully Cleaner


Taski r9 is a fully cleaner for cleaning all fittings and walls in the bathroom. It is specially formulated for hard water conditions. Its usage regular prevents scale depositions on walls and fittings.

Taski R1 Fully Formulated Cleaner-cum Sanitiser


Taski R1 is a fully formulated cleaner-cum sanitiser for cleaning and sanitising all surfaces in the bathroom viz. Sink, tiles, tub, floor and fittings. This pleasantly scented product does not contain any abrasives or bleach. Taski r1 is a safe for use on marble and granite.

Taski R2 Concentrated General Purpose Cleaner-Cum-Sanitiser


Taski R2 is a concentrated general purpose cleaner-cum-sanitiser. This pleasantly scented product that does not contain any abrasives or bleaches, is ideal for the quick and the gentle cleaning of all hard surface (eg. Tv cabinets, photo frames, telephone etc. ) including glass and mirrors.

Taski R3 Concentrated Glass Cleaner


Taski R3 is a concentrated cleaner for all types of glass and mirrors. Regular cleaning of windows, glass display case and mirrors with taski R3, leaves the surface clean and streak free.

Taski R4 Shine UP


Taski r4 shine up is a product formulated for wooden furniture maintenance. When used daily it cleans and leaves a deep, lustrous sheen on wooden furniture.

Air Freshner- Taski R5


TASKI R5 is a water based air freshner featuring a pleasing floral perfume with deodorizes guestrooms, banquet halls and office rooms. Water based air freshner does not use ozone depleting CFC. Extremely economical in use.

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