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it is a new field of biotechnology linked with information technology. Bioinformatics can be defined in a manner that the application of information sciences (Mathematics, Stastics, and Computer Sciences) to increases the understanding of biology, biochemistry rather biological data. The discipline encompasses any computational tools( programming, software development) used to manage, analyze and manipulate large sets of biological data.

  • Indian Biotechnology Sector is currently nascent and accounts for a mere ] percent of the global biotechnology market. The consumption of biotech products in india is estimated to grow ten fold to us $ 1. 5 billion by 2007 and to us $ 4. 5 billion by 2010.

The key Market for Indian Biotechnology Sectors:
    Industrial Biotech (Enzymes)
  • Vaccines ( Recombinant Vaccine)
  • Diagnostic(immunological kits)
  • Veterinary Product (Animal Health Product)
  • Agri Biotechnological Product (Genetically Modified Seed)

Animal Biotech Product

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 Animal Biotechnology is the application of scientific processing or production of materials by animals to provide goods and services. Animal genetics is important in the application of Biotechnology to manage genetic disorders and improve animal breeding. Genomics, proteomics and Bioinformatics are also being applied to Animal Biotechnology. In most developing countries, Biotechnological applications relating to livestock need to be suitable for animal owners who are resource-poor small-scale operators who own little or no land and few animals. Animal biotechnology include generation of transgenic animals usmg gene knockout technology to generate animals in which a specific gene has been inactivated, production of nearly identical animals by somatic cell nuclear transfer. SHRM Biotech started up as Biotech services & training company in Eastern region in the year 2006 with the objective of preparing professionals with the right mind set and skill set to leverage the potential of Biotechnology through high quality, intensive practical oriented training programmes in several specialized streams. From biotechnology to clinical trials, SHRM Biotech delivers solutions that help utilize information effectively and transform key business practices. With an unparalleled dedication to quality, we help our clients’ priorities, plan, and implement the right technology solutions to meet their needs, all the way from discovery to product launch.

Industrial Biotech Product

Jatropha curcas is a wild shrub use for production of biofuel is an exercise implementing sustainable solutions. In India, as a means of economic empowerment, social upliftment and poverty alleviation within marginalized communities. It is a small tree or shrub with smooth gray bark, which exudes whitish colored, watery, latex when cut. Normally, it grows between three and five meters in height, but can attain a height of up to eight or ten meters under favorable conditions.


It has large green to pale-green leaves, alternate to sub-opposite, three-to five-lobed with a spiral phyllotaxis.


The petiole length ranges between 6-23 mm. The inflorescence is formed in the leaf axil. Flowers are formed terminally, individually, with female flowers usually slightly larger and occurs in the hot seasons. In conditions where continuous growth occurs, an unbalance of pistillate or staminate. Flower production results in a higher number of female flowers. 


Fruits are produced in winter when the shrub is leafless, or it may produce several crops during the year if soil moisture is good and temperatures are sufficiently high. Each inflorescence yields a bunch of approximately 10 or more ovoid fruits. A three, bi-valved cocci is formed after the seeds mature and the fleshy exocarp dries.

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