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K Series Electric Actuators


Valve Actuator with IP68 Protection Degree, Standard Drive Interface and Self Diagnosis Function

Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. Non-intrusive design
Non-intrusive debugging
2. Double sealed structure
3. Torque protection
4. Valve location limit protection
5. Power phase lose protection
6. Electronic gate latching protection
7. Motor over temperature protection
8. Input and output channels with photo electricity insulation
9. Detect valve position by hoare switches
10. Automatically phase order adjustment
11. Display valve position real time by LCD
12. Self diagnosis function
13. Manipulation by hand-wheel
14. Explosion-proof structure with Exd II CT4
15. Protection degree: IP68
16. Low inertia and high torque motor with F degree
17. Worm and turbine operates in an oil bath
18. Standard drive interface
19. Non-thrust bearing configuration
20. Accept voltage, current and pulse signals

Rotork "IQ" Range Intelligent Actuators



Provides intelligent communication options and a multilingual display. The IQ range offers multi- and quarter-turn isolating/reg

Provides intelligent communication options and a multilingual display. The IQ range offers multi- and quarter-turn isolating/regulating duty. Torque range 14 to 3 000 Nm (10 to 2 200 lbf-ft) direct drive (multi-turn only). Higher torques when combined with IS or IB gearbox up to 40 800 Nm (30 000 lbf-ft). Quarter-turn when combined with IW gearbox up to 250 000 Nm (185 000 lbf-ft). Complete integrated motor control. Simple non-intrusive infra-red setup and adjustment. Digital analogue or bus system remote control and status reporting. Comprehensive software tools for plant records and valve performance analysis.

Rotork 'A' Range-Volving Reliability


Double Sealed 3- Phase Electric Valve actuators
"A" range actuators combine the qualities of a robust electric motor and a well proven mechanical drive of utmost simplicity. 
Rotork 'A' Range Syncroset Actuators are particular Suitable for :• Applications where actuators with seprate mounted starters would be preferable. For eg., where there are high levels of vibration, high ambient temperature or where accessibility to the motor operated valve is limited after installation.• Installations where traditional electro-mechanical integral controls are preferred for the continuity of house specifications.•Sites using DC single phase power supplies.•Failsafe operation by pneumatic or battry power.
For most 3 phase applications the Rotork 'IQ' actuator provides the best combination of economy and performance for the motorisation of valve and dampers

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