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Microcontroller Trainer Kit

Development Trainer Kit - 89v51RD2

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We offer 89v51RD2 Development Trainer Kits, which come with following distinguished features:

• Primarily used for control oriented applications
• Helpful in gaining data regarding single bit programming, arithmetic, logic and interfacing of peripherals.
• Provided with ISP feature
• Provide ideal development platform for designing of microcontroller based systems
• User friendly & completely self contained.

Development Trainer Kit - 89C51

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Our large clientele can avail a wide gamut of laser Microcontroller Trainer Kit from us, which are manufactured by utilizing supreme quality materials and components to meet the industrial standards and to satisfy the clients’ specific requirements.

  • 8051/ 89C51 Microcontroller operating at 12 Mhz
  • 64KB on-chip internal Flash EEPROM program memory
  • 1KB on-chip data RAM
  • 64KB External Data RAM
  • 32KB EPROM for monitor program
  • 32KB RAM for Program/Data memory
  • Onchip Programmable Counter Array (PCA) PCA Contains five 16 bit PWM/capture/compare output
  • 48 TTL I/O lines using 8255 terminated in two 26 Pin FRC Connectors
  • All CPU address, data, and control signals are terminated in a 50 pin FRC Connector (VXT Bus) for Interfacing.
  • All connections of the Microcontroller are terminated in a separate connector for expansion.

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