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Organic Waste Material Based Power Plant /Project

Organic Waste Material Based Power Plant /Project


Technical Specifications Of Organic Waste Material Based Power Plant /Project

Plant capacity Feed Per Day kg 35-70 100-200 160-340 300-600 640-1300 1100-2350
Size Of The Plant Width X Length M 0.9x3.9 1.24x5.7 1.5x6.7 1.8x8.2 2.3x10.6 2.8x13.0
Total height of the plant M 2.4 3 3 3.6 4.2 4.8
Total Area Required Sq.m 8 16 22 33 54 81
Material Of Construction
Civil Work Requirement M NIL NIL NIL 1.52X1.52X1.52 2.08X2.13X2.08 3.04X3.04X1.82
Power Consumption Per Day KWh 5 7.5 7.5 10 10 17.5
Gas Production Per Day Max Kg 14 42 70 126 266 490
Average Gas Production Per Day Kg 40668 16-33 25-56 48-100 102-212 176-390
Option Power Production, Units/Day KWh 40 128 224 400 848 1560

Organic Waste Material Based Power Plant /Project


Features of the Organic Waste Material Based Power Plant /Project :


  • Organic Natural Gas revolution in biomethanization technology to produce high quality organic natural gas.

  • Plant operation is automatic and gas produced is purified to meet the PNG standards.

  • Totally compact and minimum site work to install the plant.

  • No civil work for plant up to 300kg/day capacity and ready to install condition.

  • Very minimal civil work for plant above 300kg.

  • Gas Produced can be connected to a standard LPG stove and the same LPG line.

  • Any biodegradable material can be used as the feedstock.

  • Pipe line grade organic natural gas, for cooking or other thermal applications.

  • Electricity production as on option.

  • No carbon dioxide emission since it is reused in the process.

  • Carbon foot print neutral, hence eligible for maximum carbon credit.

  • Hydrogen sulfide content in the gas is extremely low.

  • Modules can be added at any time to expand the capacity.

Uses Of Gas Produced


Uses of Gas Produced :


  • Gas produced ™ is refined and purified to PNG standards.

  • A replacement fuel for LPG, diesel, Furnace oil, LDO and wood.

  • Gas Produced can be used in D.G. Sets, Boiler, Thermionic fluid heating, domestic and industrial cooking.

  • Carbon emission minimal compare to any other fuel.

  • Highly economical and easy to handle.

  • Support from MNRE (Ministry of New Renewable Energy) For India Only and for Overseas Kindly contact the concern authorities .

  • Safe and self dependent fuel.


World's largest killers are not Cancer, Heart Disease or AIDS and the like... it is simply the Air we breathe, the Water we drink and the food we eat, all of which are highly polluted.




BIO-ENERGY is the energy produced from bio degradable materials in the form of Gas or Power.

Global warming & other impacts on earth :

  1. Due to industrial processes air, water & food are contaminated & increase in carbon dioxide creates an adverse effect to cause global warming.

  2. Fossil fuel combustion has created a lot of harm to our environment & is badly affecting the greenhouse effect & causing global warming.

  3. Fossil fuels are on the verge of vanishing & we don’t have ample stock of it & needs to have alternative methods to be invented.

  4. Change in land use by deforestation & converting agricultural land into concrete jungle.

These are the impacts we are facing now a days & what we are going to give our next generation is as follows :

  1. No fuel & thus again either cycle age or bullock cart age which we call as stone age in terms of science.

  2. A very uneven environment causing extreme hot season, floods, volcano, earthquakes, deserts, end of lots of species, unhealthy environment in which hospitals &doctors will be in prime business due to contaminated food, air & water.

  3. Sea level will rise & almost all coastal areas will be drown.

  4. Life will be too slow to have any progress & inventions.

  5. Colonization will start again in search of sources & better life resulting wars & destructions.

The raw materials for the same are as under :

  1. Kitchen waste, food waste, municipal solid waste

  2. Agricultural products such as corn silage, rice husk, de-oiled cake, cane leaf, etc.

  3. Agricultural bye products such as manure, crop residues etc.

  4. Slaughter waste, poultry waste, sea food waste etc.

  5. Pig manure, Ship manure

  6. Water weeds such as water hyacinth, water lettuce etc.

  7. Animal dung such as cow, buffalo, horse etc.

  8. Oil Seeds

Need for the same :

  1. Dumping of municipal solid waste isn’t possible as all sanitation landfills are out of their capacity.

  2. Need of clean & pollution free environment

  3. Alternative required for fossil fuel which may not last for too long.

  4. Greenery required for fresh air & for the beautification of capital state.

  5. Employment requirement.

  6. Organic manure for chemical free fruits & vegetables

  7. To improve the status of Delhi & India as well in International community by earning more carbon credits

Benefits of Bio energy :

  1. Clean & green environment with no dumping landfills.

  2. The plain landfills can be used for the benefit of community

  3. Power or Gas production without fossil fuels.

  4. Organic manure resulting non-toxic vegetables, fruits & eatables.

  5. Non-toxic pest repellents for agriculture.

  6. Employment generation : packaging of manure & pest repellents & at sales outlets.

: at power plants(to run& manage the working of power plants)


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