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E.S.E. Lightning Arrester Services


Our organization is engaged in providing E.S.E. Lightning Arrester Services to our esteemed customers. We render these services by using latest tools and technology in order to provide high quality service. Furthermore, we are appreciated in the market for our features like reliability, long functional life and competitive prices.

Earthing System Testing Services


This Earthing System Testing Services is totally a self contained instrument which is designed to measure earth electrode resistance, soil resistivity, earth continuity and neutral Earth loop tests. We provide this service at leading market price. Some ways for the testing of this system are as follows:


  • Connect the instrument for the particular test required as described later
  • Set the Range Selector to highest range, if any
  • Rotate the generator handle at 160 RPM and observe the ohmmeter deflection.

Earthing System Audit Services


We also offers quality of Earthing System Audit Service which involves in identifying electrical hazards as per the scope of the audit. In this service, outdoor substation and main transformer is tested first, after that the main sub station that is PCCs or MCCs is inspected. Following observation is carried out by our unit:


  • Installation as per approved design & Maintenance as per IS 3043?
  • Earth resistance measured periodically & make Test procedure record
  • Are neutral earth pits independent and separate
  • Is there an EPM programme in place & programme implemented
  • Incorporated in the EPM programme OR EPM is only documented
  • Is the earthing for the electrical and lightning systems interconnected,
  • Are the storage tanks / chimneys and other special structures protected?
  • Earth electrodes- maintenance / periodic tests / acceptable value
  • Awareness of basic concepts of lightning such as types of lightning,
  • Does the tanker de-canting procedure, switch-loading, etc
  • 1 Check Each earth pit for its physical condition like;
  • Physically ok or not.
  • Earth pit chamber condition.
  • 2 Location of earth pit with respect to equipment.
  • 3 Discharge the Earth pit before Disconnect
  • 4 Check type of earth pit with respect to equipment like;
  • Check size of pipe or plate used for earthing.
  • Check connecting rode whether it is as per standard or not.
  • Check condition of joints.
  • Condition of funnel.
  • 5 Technical condition of earth pit;
  • Condition of connecting rod / strip.
  • Condition of pipe or plate used for earthing.
  • Check condition of connecting strip from earth pit to equipment.
  • Check resistance value, with equipment in connected and not connected condition.
  • 6 Shut down if required, will be arrange by
  • 7 Expectations / Suggestion after audit;
  • Earth pit lay out as per requirement of
  • Condition of each earth pit.
  • Improvement/renovation

Lightning Protection Design Services


Our organization is is busy in providing superiority quality of Lightning Protection Design Services which finds its application area in various industrial works. This designing service is used with advance technology light arrestor which gives it protection in radius form. Some spesifications of this service are as follows:


  • Condition is very Bad most all the Earthing Strips are corrodes
  • Each LA required 2nos of Earthing Electrodes which were absent
  • Most of the Earthing Pits are Buried under ground
  • LA Earthing should not be connected to any other device
  • Earthing strips should not be connected to wall it may damage the same, it should be Insulated
  • All the Lightning Arrestor are Conventional no we cant take the guarantee of working
  • Mesh system is used in some plant, which is also not maintained properly
  • It protects only if the lightning fall on his tips
  • Due to metal shed it has high risk of lightning spike
  • Note: - Covering Area Details are as per IS-2309
  • 45 Degree: 00 to 15mtr Height, Coverage Area upto 9mtr/LA
  • 30 Degree: 15 to 30mtr Height, Coverage Area upto 6mtr/LA
  • 15 Degree: 30 to 45mtr Height, Coverage Area upto 3mtr/LA
  • Speed of Lightning Spike: - 50,000 km/sec

Earthing System Design Services


We provide top quality Earthing System Design Services which we render with the help of modern technology and tools. Our professional conducts regular market surveys to keep in touch with latest market trend and provide our customers with quality services. This service is known for its features such as maximum grid potential rise and Correction or refinement of preliminary design. The designing procedure of this range is:


  • Investigation of soil characteristics.
  • Determination of maximum ground current.
  • Preliminary design of grounding system.
  • Cal. of resistance of grounding system.
  • Cal. of maximum grid potential rise.
  • Cal. of step voltages at periphery.
  • Cal. of internal step and touch voltages.
  • Investigation of transferred potentials and Special danger points.
  • Correction or refinement of preliminary design
  • Construction of grounding system.
  • Field measurement of resistance of Grounding system as constructed
  • Modification of grounding system or addition of screens and barriers, etc.

Convesnsional Lightning Arrestor


Convensional Copper Lightning Arrestors:

We are offering a wide range of  Convensional  Copper Lightning Arrestors, which provide good performance under toughest conditions.

These  Convensional  Copper Lightning Arrestors are  protects tall structures and buildings from damage that is caused due to thunder lightning. They are fabricated by using  superior quality raw material.

We offer lightning arrestor, e.s.e. lightning arrestor and ss .

Spike Counter


Our company offers a wide range of Spike Counter (Mounting Of Lsr On Hvsc Down Conductor) which is a lightning event counter. This counter can be simply mounted at any location along the down conductor route. The purposes of this counter is to record the number of strikes that are captured by the lightning terminal and conveyed by the down conductor.

Copper Bonded Earthing Electrorode


We are offering our clients with a vast range of Copper Bonded Earthing Electro rode, this product range is made from high tensile low carbon Steel. Our products are known for their features like corrosion resistance, durability, crack proof and long functional life. We manufactures this range with roll thread which gives greater strength as compare to cut thread. This range of roads are the ideal driven earth electrodes, as they provide economical and efficient earth rod grounding system. 

Product Code: CBERS03

Hygroscopic Or Grounding Minerals Compound


We are engaged in manufacturing good quality of Hygroscopic Or Grounding Minerals Compound which is used around the earth electrodes at the time of installation. "SRIP" grounding minerals is a mixture of graphite, natural earth minerals and more that helps in retaining moisture for long time. At the time of installation, pouring it with water, this "SRIP" Hygroscopic grounding minerals will changes into the gel form and it can retain the moisture up to twenty times its dry volume.


ESE Lightning Arrestor


Lightning is a product of electrically charged storm clouds. The charged clouds induce an opposite charge (ground charge) on the surface of the earth beneath it as they travel through the atmosphere. When the ground charge reaches a structure, the cloud charge pulls it up onto the structure, concentrating the ground charge on and around it. I the ground charge build to a level exceeding the dielectric (insulation resistance) of the intervening air, an arc or lightning strike will occur. The process begins with stepped leaders branching down from the clouds. When they come within close proximity to the ground, approximately 500 feet, the electric field intensity at ground level becomes so strong that objects and structures begin to break down electronically, shooting steamers up toward the stepped leaders. When a streamer and a stepped leader connect, a path is created for a lightning strike.

Earthing Pit Cover


Our customers can avail from us a good quality of Earthing Pit Cover which helps in providing high safety to the earthing electrode and also helps in saving complete civil work cost. This product range is used in Relocating the record data, that is inspection and due date of U.V. based Fiber glass for its durable construction to heavy Locking facility available and is Mfg by ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co. 

Maintenance Free Gel Earthing Electrode


Maintenance Free  [M.F.] Chemical Gel Earthing Electrode

Generally in any earth system (or earth pit) measures are taken to ensure the good conductivity with earth and low earth resistance. For this purpose water/humidity retaining compounds like salt, charcoal, etc are used in the earth pit with various metallic parts.

But with Salt and charcoal in an earth pit, the life of the metallic parts gets degraded due to corrosion, likely hood of soil pollution is expected and there is good possibility of washing away of these mixtures (salt & charcoal) during rains.


Technology of “Airvent” M.F. Earthing Electrode

“airvent” M.F. Earthing Electrode is the innovative method of Dual Pipes or Pipe in flat system having a compartment of outer shell, inner shell with the terminal on the top, fabricated in high quality ERW/MS material and subsequent hot dip galvanization to maximum of 80-100 microns to strengthen the flow / dissipation of fault / static current to its maximum safety ness. “Air Vent” M.F. Earthing creating the ideas for making the different solutions such as GRID, MESH, TRI-POD, Faraday/Octopus, Crow-bar Earthing etc.,


“Airvent”–M.F. Earthing Electrode 

“Airvent” M.F. Earthing Electrode circumstances the inherent defects in the traditional earthing methods like corrosion, self resistance etc. “airvent” M.F. Earthing Electrodes is dedicated to provide innovative, cost-effective & environment friendly solution for your grounding requirements. Our proven experience with thousands of applications helped the industries to save money by preventing damage to their valuable equipments as well as improve the productivity by dominating unnecessary downtime.

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