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About Sigma Health Care

Established in the year 1928, at Cochin, Kerala, India, we “Sigma Health Care,” are one of the leading retailers of quality fitness equipment. Functioning as master distributors of products sourced by M/s. Sachdev Overseas (A leading importer of health and fitness equipment and accessories in India), we are presently offering exercise bikes, elliptical bikes, orbitrac spin bikes, orbitrac regular bikes, multi orbitrac bikes, motorized treadmill, motorized treadmill with dc motor, fitness accessories, fitness trampoline, home gym equipment.

Our business operations are led by Mr. Sreekumar V. Menon, who has with him rich experience in the field of Fitness Equipment. Under his visionary guidance, we have been meeting the emerging demand for fitness equipment that have risen due to present day work atmosphere and life style resulting in lack of physical exercises (A basic for good health). Seeing the emerging demands of the market, we established our exclusive firm to sell and service quality fitness equipments under the brand name ‘Aerofit.’ This initiative taken by us assist us in catering to the needs of people of various walks of life by making available quality Fitness Equipment at very affordable prices as well as provide our customers quality after sales services.

Today, we have successfully developed dedicated support system run by trained team of technical personnel who are on call for any trouble shooting at customer’s door steps. Under the umbrella of our parent organization ‘M/s. Sachdev Sports Company,’ that has been in existence since 1928, we are offering these competitively priced equipment under the brand name ‘Aerofit.’

Gateway to a Healthy Lifestyle

The day begins with quick fresh up followed by an instant breakfast. Couple of words with family, a kiss & bye for kids is then followed by hectic work schedule, physical strain as well as brain drain to meet targets, hurried lunch and toiling through bumpy roads worming your way through heavy traffic and then finally getting back home, only to hit the bed, foiled, wrapped in linen out and gone.

If this sounds familiar to your daily routine, then it is high time to THINK!

Everything happens on demand. With family demanding attention, we spend time with our kin, take them out for shopping and enjoy latest movie and so on. With profession demanding attention, we work towards achieving the targets to win heart of the boss, grab incentives. While doing all this, the pain or a back ache is often dealt with instant remedies including popping a pill or applying pain balm that can easily turn off the indicator.

That Is The Easy Way Out, Isn't It

But invariably, one day we all tend to realize the pressure of the entire system caused due to ignorance of those indications coming from the body. Then, we are left reeling under the shocking truth- ‘our body is priceless and we ought to have paid more heed to it.’


With modern lifestyle taking its toll on people, sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor knowledge on health leads to malnutrition as well as obesity. As per WHO, the sedentary lifestyle is also one of the 10 leading causes of death and disability and accounts for 300,000 premature deaths each year in United States alone. These deaths are mainly because of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other similar reasons. Further, the World Health Organization has also estimated that 60 per cent of world's cardiac patients will be Indians by 2010. Shocking statistics indeed!


As we are keen to have a successful business/career, to possess all possible assets, pleasures as well as provide excellent education to children and see them grow to better posterity, we are at the same time neglecting health problems as they seem too trivial. However, if we tend to view big picture holistically, Health is indeed the key component that forms foundation of a happy life.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is related to two close meanings - General fitness (a state of health and well-being) and Specific fitness (task-oriented definition based on ability to perform specific aspects of sports/ occupations). It is the functioning of heart, blood vessels, lungs and muscles to perform at optimum efficiency.

In previous years, fitness was defined as capacity to carry out day’s activities without undue fatigue. With automation there was an increase in leisure time that then brought changes in lifestyles. Physical fitness is now defined as body’s ability to function efficiently & effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist hypokinetic diseases as well as to meet emergency situations.

Fitness can also be divided into five categories:

  • Aerobic fitness
  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition

General fitness:

It comprises of handling body movements like:

Agility Jumping

Body composition


Cardiovascular endurance


Flexibility and joint range of motion

Speed Stamina
Strength Acceleration

Many sources also cite mental as well as emotional health as important part of overall fitness. Often presented in textbooks as triangle made up of three sub-sections representing physical, emotional, and mental fitness, here one may be physically fit but may still suffer from mental illness or have emotional problems.

However, the "ideal triangle" is balanced in all areas where physical fitness can also prevent/treat many chronic health conditions brought by unhealthy lifestyle or aging, among other implications. Working out can also help people sleep better and stay healthy.

Solutions offered

Backed by rich industry experience spanning over 8 decades, we are offering Fitness Equipment under ‘Aerofit’ brand, which is a leading name in the field of fitness equipment. Having established a complete set of systems as demanded in the market, we offer these through ‘M/s. Sachdev Overseas’ which is a leading name in building high-quality and safe products that deliver benefits for users in the Indian markets.

In last four years, Sachdev Overseas has successfully achieved rapid growth in Sales with large domestic market formed & sales outlets that cover every part of states/country. New products are also developed & in a short span of time ‘Aerofit’ has become market leaders in setting standards for others to follow. Further, the value added service being offered also includes stocking huge spare parts for any failures or any other defects for immediate replacements.

The range offered by us includes:

Motorized Treadmill –

Motorized Treadmill with DC Motor & 2.0 HP Continuous Duty

Motorized Treadmill 1.5 hp

Motorized Treadmill 1.25 hp

Motorized Treadmill with DC Motor & 1.5 HP Continuous Duty

Motorized Treadmill 2hp continuous



Fitness Equipment–

Elliptical Bikes


Orbitrac Regular Bike

Orbitrac Spin Bike

Home Gym

Multi Orbitrac Bike

Team Support

Our business initiatives are well supported by a pool of experts who are highly experienced & have with them rich knowledge of the Fitness Equipment industry. They are also well acquainted with latest market trends that help them to execute the business plans thorough analysis done on different sports & physical fitness sectors and their specific needs. Further, our workforce is also dedicated towards ensuring that all products incorporate latest features as desired by the end users.

Other than this, our sales & marketing team is responsible to gather all information regarding the specific requirements of the customers that enables us to understand the market scenario and offer best exercise equipment & other related accessories in the market.

R & D

We make consistent efforts towards matching up with user needs and quality standards prevalent in the market. Our product research team keeps track of latest changes & trends in global markets that enable us to deliver quality range of Fitness Equipment that are a perfect blend of comfort, usability & styles, helping us win accolades from customers.

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