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Sikh Turban

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We cater our clients with a exclusive range of  Turbans (safa) that are available in a variety of colors and shades. Turbans are available in different qualities viz:
Asli Rubia
Platinum Rubia
Neelam Rubia
Full Voile
Madhurani Full Voile

Further, these are also available in different sizes as per requirement. Standard Size is 5 mts for single Turban.

Rumala Sahib

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We offer a wide spectrum range of rumala that are high in demand in domestic as well as in international market. These Rumala are basically a small piece of cloth that is normally used to cover Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The various specifications of our wide range are following:

  • Available in single set with one rumala and two Palak
  • Available in double set with two rumala and two Palak
  • Rumala with embroidery
  • Floral rumala
  • Designer rumala


Sikh Religious Book

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We cater a broad range of Religious Books to our clients that are quite valuable and possess good quality paper. These books are properly printed and associated with reliable publishers. Owing to the rich and admirable content, these books are highly demanded by domestic and international market. Available in Punjabi , Hindi & English ,with & without translation, in differrent sizes.

Gutka ( Daily Prayer Book) :
Japji Sahib , Rehraas Sahib , Chopai Sahib , Nitnem , Sukhmani Sahib , Sunder Gutka , Dukhbhanjani sahib , etc.
Sanchian  , Amrit Keertan ,
Pothi Japji Sahib 51 Path  etc.

Shabad Gurbani CD

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We are engaged in offering wide range of CD`S which are associated with Sikh religion and their preaching. Also, these contain perfect sound and good reception and usually updated with the latest version. We are having the exclusive collection of Shabad Gurbani CD`s , VCD`s , DVD`s , MP3.

Wooden Kanga

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are engaged in supplying our wide range of wooden combs that are
extensively used by Sikhs. Kanga is a small comb and usually it can
be worn easily in the hair. It helps to remove tangles from the hair
and acts as a symbol of cleanliness to the Sikhs. Cleanliness and
tidiness is part of their religion. The Sikhs were commanded by Guru
Gobind Singh to wear a small comb called the Kanga at all times. It
generally come in different sizes and always kept in the hair.

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