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Power Transformers

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Skipper offer power transformers from 2 mva to 60 mva, upto 161kv, with on-load tap changers. Our plants are equipped with skilled workforces, world class machineries, modern tools and backed by state of art technology.

Distribution Transformers (Dt-01)

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  • Conventional distribution transformers
  • completely self protected single phase transformers
  • completely self protected three phase transformers

Transformers (T-01)

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Skipper offer special transformers for various applications meeting customer specific requirements. The manufacturing range includes unit auxiliaries, station auxiliaries, system interconnecting transformers, transformers suitable for both induction and arc furnaces, rectifier transformers, double winding and multi taping transformers and earthing transformers.

the range of kva ratings for such applications starts from 300kva to 15mva, voltage classes 11 kv, 22kv & 33kv to all national & international customers.

the some of the transformers manufactured are of very special features like extended delta transformers to suit 12 pulse rectifier furnace transformers.

Epoxy Resin Cast Current And Voltage Transformers

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The dry type instrument transformers have been a great success specially in heavily polluted surroundings. Epoxy cast instrument transformers are also available for outdoor application in special type of resins known as cycloaliphatic resins.

Oil Filled Current Transformers

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Oil filled current transformers in high voltage applications are still the preferred ones due to cost advantages and easy availability of the technology. They are available in live and dead tank versions depending on the customers requirements. In measuring and protection applications they can be manufactured in single or multi-core as well as multi-tap designs. Tap changing can also be on primary or secondary, however due to convenience of low current and low voltage, secondary tap changing is now a days the preferred trend.

Vacuum Circuit Breakers

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The skipper make outdoor vacuum switchgear type pcvcb, is an outdoors, structure mounted, easy to install, vacuum switchgear for use in 12/36 kv system. It is a porcelain-clad construction similar to conventional outdoor high voltage switchgear and is a gang operated triple pole circuit breaker fitted with reliable and well-proven vacuum interrupters. Adequate phase clearances and height have been provided to meet standards and safety requirements. It is suitable for direct connection to overhead supply lines.

the type pcvcb design incorporates a minimum of moving parts and simplicity of assembly assuming a long mechanical and electrical life. All fundamental advantage due to use of vacuum interrupters like low drive energy, light weight construction, virtually shock free performance leading to ease of erection and reduction of foundation requirement etc. Has been retained.

Product Code: 12-24-36-KV

Isolating Switches (Is-01)

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Disconnecting switches are used for isolation of system under fault conditions or carrying out the maintenance work without disturbing the main supply network. The disconnecting switches are made as per relevant standards and the customers specifications. They are made with and without earth switches with mechanical / electrical interlocks, manually or motorized operated mechanism, having capacity to interrupt line charging currents. The current carrying parts are made of electrolytic grade copper. The contacts are designed to provide discharge free supply. The arcing horns ensure that main contacts remain safe during opening and closing operations thus giving a longer life to the switch. The metal parts are surface treated for protection against rust. The switches are tested from approved labs for high short circuit currents.

Isolating Switches (Is-02)

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Down the years we have been working to better the switches in operation. Bearings and bushes were standardized to reduce the torque. Most of the manually operated switches can be operated with less than 30 kg operating weight.

we have also provided solid core insulator in most of the models to ensure operators safety in the event of main insulators leakage.

Expulsion Type Drop Out Fuses (Etdof-01)

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Drop out fuses are used for fault protections in rural electrification, distribution system, industrial units having medium voltage connections both as primary and secondary back ups. The drop out fuse should operate before the connected equipment i.e transformer gets damaged. Generally D.O. Fuses are used as switching device along with protection and operated with the telescopic insulated rods from the ground level.

The operation of drop out fuse is extremely violent. Once the fuse blows off, the arc restrikes till it is quenched. Even few cycles are sufficient to damage the current carrying parts and the barrel.Skipper over a period of time has acquired expertise in the manufacturing of drop out fuses to withstand such short circuit currents.

Expulsion Type Drop Out Fuses (Etdof-02)

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We offer high quality Expulsion type drop out fuses (etdof-02)

Expulsion Type Fuse Elements

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The Fuse cut outs are important feature of todays system protection. Utilities spend handsome amount to ensure the reliable distribution of power supply backed by highly consistent and reliable system protection. When we talk of the fuse Cut Out the, fuse link forms the Heart of it. It is very important that the fuse links follow the specified characteristics to avoid any malfunctioning of the protective system. SKIPPER - SK Series fuse links ensure the elimination of any such mal functioning thus making it more reliable than others available in the market.

Transformer Control Panel

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Transformer & associated equipments connected in the network is normally a complex and delicate system. The protection of system & people working around it, its reliable operation to meet the expectations of users is extremely important. Here comes the role of transformer rtcc (remote tap changer control panels).


complete designing form concept to commissioning is undertaken, keeping in view the simplicity & ease of operation, high reliability & timely performance. In the early stages of project, the requirements are known only in general sense. Skipper undertakes such development & designing, supply & commissioning to meet voltage ranges upto 132 kv class. We also undertake to supply control & relay panels for line feeders, transformers, bus couplers transfer breakers of various system voltages.

skipper has supplied large number of control & relay panels to clients spread over number of countries in various sectors. The equipment has been supplied both for green field & refurbished projects.


Polymeric Insulator (Pi-01)

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Polymeric Insulator (PI-01)

Polymeric Insulator (Pi-02)

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We offer high quality polymeric insulator (pi-02)

Polymeric Insulator (Pi-03)

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We offer high quality polymeric insulator (pi-03)

Polymeric Insulator (Pi-04)

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We offer high quality polymeric insulator (pi-04)

Main Distribution Board

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Skipper mdbs are asta certified as per iec-60439-1 upto 2500a. The design is incorporated to cater all requirements / specifications of uae utility departments viz dewa, sewa, adwea, fewa etc. The skipper mdb construction of enclosures are form 2 type with ip 54 degree of protection.

the cubicle is suitable for both front and rear access. The galvanised sheets are subjected to chemical treatment before application of powder coating to ensure excellent corrosion resistance. The standard colour of the paint is ral 7032.

Draw Out Motor Control Centre

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Draw out motor control centre is a free standing, floor mounted switchboard available both in single front and double front versions and suitable for indoor installations each bus-bar section is divided into distinct zones for bus-bars, feeder power cabling and auxiliary bus-bars.

the compartment houses modules for individual feeders comprising mccb i s contractors, relays, timers and associated auxiliary equipments compartments have variable heights allowing upto 20 feeders in a vertical section. The modules have four distinct positions: services, test isolated and maintenance. Each module is operated through a racking handle for smooth operation. Automatic safety shutters are provided as a standard for safety purposes. Control contacts are sliding type and are totally shrouded to have better degree of protection.

Feeder Pillar

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Ratings: upto 2000 ampincomer: switch fuse units, isolators vertical strip, fuse-ways etc. outgoing: vertical / horizontal switch fuse units upto size 3, vertical strip fuse ways upto size 3fuse links: din type, size 0 to size 3metering: optional voltmeter, ammeter energy meter and maximum demand indicatorsenclosures: sheet, steel, glass reinforced plastic conforming to different classes compliance with bsen/iec 60439-1copper used is of hard drawn high conductivity type specially imported from europe. ingress protection class: ip54/66construction: form-2

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

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Automatic power factor correction panels upto 1400 kvar are manufactured in compliance with bsen/iec60439-1 international standards.

contactors used in capacitor bank circuits are suitable for capacitor switching duty which can withstand large transient current peaks at high frequencies. The contactors have an operational life of 100,000 switching conditions. The contactors comply to iec-947-4-1. Three phase high rapture capacity fuses are provided for each capacitor step. Fuses used are of modern industrial design with current limiting capacity of 100ka.

Sub Main Distribution Switchboards

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Sub main distribution boards rated upto 800a comply to bsen/iec 60439-1 international standards.

construction: form 2bus-bar systems used are of hard drawn high conductivity (hdhc) tinned copper imported from europe. Tin-plated copper bus-bars are fully braced and supported. Routine tests are conducted on all submain distribution boards according to iec60349-1 sub-clauses

Final Distribution Board (Fdb-01)

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Final distribution boards rated upto 250a comply to bsen/iec60439-3 international standards and fulfill local authority regulations and requirements.

bus-bar mounting systems allow easy interchangeability of switching devices and give total protection from live parts. Comb bus-bars used for interconnection of mcbs, elcbs are suitable for loads upto 120a (500v) in compliance with iec 664. Comb bus-bars are available in pin-type and fork-type models. Available for single and three phase distribution. Ease in installation, operation and maintenance. Routine tests are carried out on all distribution boards as per iec60439-1.

l. V. Distribution feeder pillar

Final Distribution Board (Fdb-02)

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We offer high quality final distribution board (fdb-02)

L.V. Metering Panel

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Ranging from 100A upto 800A, 415V, 50Hz, 3 PhasePowder coated sheet steel / GRP (Fire Proof) enclosure with canopy / rain shed.IP 54 degree of protection.Complete with Trivector meter (displaying upto 250 parameters), suitable Bus-Bars, class 0.5 CTs as per the ratio of the panel rating.Viewing window with toughened glass.Corrosion proof pad locking arrangements for utility departments to avoid tempering.

Load Centres / Distribution Board

Unitized Substation

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The unitized substation is a state-of-the-art-system which simplifies conventional substation design. M/s Skipper’s (ISO 9001 certified co.) fully engineered factory built design, is tailor made to customer needs. The company takes the total responsibility of engineering and building the complete USS, with fit and forgets technology. The Quality is guaranteed as all components of USS are subject to stringent internal quality checks. The housing is made from a composition of Aluzinc Sheet Steel having thickness of 2 mm,1.5 mm mild steel and 4mm structure member base frame and then powder coated.

Transformer Compartment

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The compact substation incorporates our own make distribution transformer which is designed and made strictly as per iec60076 and is2026 specifications. The transformer compartment is fitted with removable bolted cover with louvers and sand traps. This design allows maximum ventilation and prevents ingress of sand or its accumulation in door cavities.

Medium Voltage Metering Units

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SKIPPER is in field of manufacturing metering cubicles from 11KV to 33KV voltage ranges suitable for indoor / outdoor applications. The company has been a major supplier to various state electricity boards, utilities and industrial units requiring medium voltage connections. The units are compactly designed for indoor/ outdoor applications keeping in mind the space limitations. The metering cubicles are supplied with side entry or bottom entry for cables as required by the customer.

Medium Voltage Metering Units (Mvmu-02)

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We offer high quality Medium voltage metering units (mvmu-02)

Mobile Capacitor Banks

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SKIPPER executes World Bank Order for Nigerian Power System. Skipper Energy is supplying 33KV, 20MVAR, Mobile Capacitor Banks to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) for National Energy Development Project against Global World Bank tender.

These perfectly and innovative designed Capacitor Banks will improve Power Factor of PHCN Grid and will provide 20% to 30% saving in power by Reactive Power Compensation. The Power saved is power generated. These units can be shifted from one place to another as per the requirement with negligible dismantling, as the same have been designed to be mounted on trailers within a short time.

Distribution Transformers (Dt-02)

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Distribution Transformers (Dt-03)

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Distribution Transformers (Dt-04)

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Transformers (T-02)

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Transformers (T-03)

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Mobile Sub-Stations

The 15 MVA 33/ 11Kv transformer mounted on trailer with switching & measuring equipments is being supplied by Skipper India. The switching module consists of 33KV isolator, outdoor VCB, CT , PT & LA. The Relay and metering panel is provided with protective relays and metering for the transformer.

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