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R C Unbalance Meter

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Our R C Unbalance Meters are widely used for resistance unbalance & capacitance unbalance measurement of paired cables. These are being manufactured as per the industrial standards by using high graded raw material and advanced technology. Moreover, these can also be offered in customized sizes and specifications as per the client’s requirements. We are looking for local queries from Surat.

Digital Conductivity Meter

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Our Digital Conductivity Meter has been developed to facilitate easy determination of conductivity of nonferrous metals based on eddy current principle. It uses a probe which when placed on the surface of metal indicates conductivity on a linear scale panel meter. These digital conductivity meter can also be used for measuring stressed conditions if they can be related to the electrical conductivity of the specimen. The accuracy claimed is 2% but for high conductivity samples an accuracy of better than 1%is easily obtained. The clients can use their own sample of known conductivity in the region of interest to enhance the accuracy. We supply the instrument in a rugged carrying case which gives complete protection and has separate pocket for probe. The equipment can be used without removing it from the carrying case. We are looking for local queries from Surat.

Dielectric Constant Meter

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We offer our clients with Dielectric Constant Meter designed for measurement of relative dielectric constant permittivity of semi-solid or liquid insulating materials at 1 MHz test Frequency as per ASTM D 924. These dielectric constant meter are being used with SIVA Three Terminal Oil Cell and can also be used with any other test jig. The reading of dielectric constant is direct and no calculations involved. The salient features are as follow:

• Suitable for measurement of dielectric constant of liquid and semi-solid insulating materials
• It can also be suitable or solid insulating materials if used with proper jig
• Particularly very useful for testing of petroleum jelly, wax
• Test signal is pure sinusoidal waveform Wires & Cables Test Equipments of 1 MHz frequency
• Direct Reading of dielectric constant
• No calculations involved
• Digital Readout
• Built in calibration facility
• Operates directly on 230 VAC mains supply
• Attractive housing

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Conductor Resistance Meter

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We offer conductor resistance meter which has proved to be ideal for measurement of conductor resistance of one meter PVC insulated Cu conductor. The model CRM-1 is for communication cables & copper wires. The salient features of our conductor resistance meter are as follow:

• Direct Digital display of conductor resistance in raw value/normalized (Ohms/Km at 20° C)
• Facility to enter temperature through thumb wheel switch
• Automatic input of temperature through in built temperature sensor
• Four terminal method of measuring for increased accuracy in measurements
• Self Stripping knife edge contacts for easy insertion of sample (less preparation time)

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Enameled Wire Tan Delta System

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Our concern is the only Asian company manufacturing enameled wire tan delta systems. These are specially designed for checking the curing quality of enameled wire. The salient features are as follow:

  • Auto Balancing
  • Digital Readout of Temperature & Tan Wires & Cables Test
  • Useful for Bending Point Test
  • Useful for Single Point Test
  • User Friendly Windows Based Software
  • Colored graph comparison
  • Software based PID Controller
  • USB Communication port Equipments
We are looking for local queries from Surat.

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