Mechanical Testing Machines

Engaged in providing a wide range of testing machine that includes digital torsion testing machine, universal testing machine, computerised tensile testing machine, impact testing machine. These machines are available at industry leading prices, these machines are well known in the market for their features like durability and accuracy.

Universal Testing Machine

Offering the Universal Testing Machine which Includes :-

· Automatic Data capture, storage & graphic display.

· Recording, storage & retrieval of results & details.

· On line display of load & extension.

· Fully automatic, on screen calculations based on the delivered data.

· Out put to digital printer of test data, test results & graphs.

· Auto detection of over load, over travel & specimen break, on detection of the above conditions, the machine is automatically switched off.

· Load resolution – 0.01% of machine capacity for entire range.

Accurate and Users friendly software.

Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

·         This machine is designed for measuring hardness of metals & alloys of all kinds, hard or soft, whether round, flat or irregular in shapes.

·         Semi-automatic, motorized, digital, microprocessor based panel. We can get hardness in digital version.

·         Centronics parallel port for connecting dot matrix printer.

·         Three modes of operation viz.  Motorized automatic mode,  Motorized mode  & Manual mode.

·         Automatic weight selection by thumb wheel.

·         Test height x Throat is – 295 x 148 mm.

Machines strictly conforms to IS:1586 / 2281, BS: 240, ASTM-E-10

Dynamic Hardness Tester (Portable) DHT 6

Offering the wide range of Dynamic Hardness Tester (Portable) DHT 6 includes :-

· Sleek & handy design, comes in a slim briefcase, for carrying the machine.

· Mainly used to check hardness in confined spaces, on large & heavy components, permanently installed parts with low test expenditure.

· Built in conversion facility to convert ‘D’ value to Vickers (HV), Rockwell (HRB, HRC), Brinell (HB). The model operates on two numbers of pencil cells.

· 30 hardness scales for different probes selectable by feather touch keys.

· Display indicates selected material & scale combination & hardness value.

· Five numbers of probes D, G, SH, EX & C can be given in different combinations.

· Facility to connect dot matrix printer through centronics parallel port.

· Upto 100 readings can be stored in memory of the machine for printing purpose.

· Automatic calibration facility of probe is available through keyboard.

Deep Throat Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Deep Throat Brinell Hardness Testing Machine With Roller Conveyors

The machine has a heavy, robust, C-type load frame & has been designed for production testing of heavy components for Brinell hardness value. This machine is suitable for foundries, engineering industry, forging plants, automobile industries, on production line.

· Load stages – 750 kgf and 3000 kgf.

· Since most of the operations are fast and automatic, the test speed is high with less operator fatigue.

· A roller conveyor type sliding heavy table (base) for taking impression.

· Computerized model is available .Computerized model has built in CCD and suitable advanced software. Hardness will be displayed on computer monitor automatically. Results printout can be taken.

· Accuracy conforming to IS:2281.

Dynamic Balancing Machine (Horizontal) Model - FBM

    Offering wide range of Dynamic Balancing Machine (Horizontal) Model - FBM includes :-

    · Hard bearing type horizontal end driven two plane machines with microprocessor based / microcontroller based measuring panel.

    · Suitable for balancing of different types of rotors like rotor of electrical machines, fly wheels, crankshafts, submersible pump rotors, etc.

    · Measures & stores the unbalance in gms along with the angle for two selected correction planes on digital display.

    · Minimum achievable unbalance upto 0.5 micron shift in c.g.

    · Various Models – Suitable for rotors from 0.5 kg to 10,000 kg.

    Computerized / Electronic versions with printer facility & special machines to suit customers requirements can also be supplied.