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Servo Stabilizer

Servo Voltage Stabilizer (1KVA To 1500KVA)


Our range of Servo Voltage Stabilizer (1KVA to 1500KVA) employs a solid state circuit to control the Servo Motor. A motor to feed the primary series controls buck-boost transformer, which is coupled to the arm of a transformer. Uninterrupted power supply is maintained as the gradient of the stabilizer output voltage and reference voltage controls the Servo Motor, hence, providing the proportional control systems rather then on/off circuits.

Constant Voltage Corrector (CVT) ( 50VA To 10KVA)


We offer to our clients Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) (50VA to 10KVA) that is based upon Ferro resonance principle. The units are equipped with in-built harmonic filter offering constant sine-wave output. Owing to the high isolation between input & output, it offers effective protection against transient spikes & harmonics and has no-shock problem even if leakage occurs in the equipment being operated. However, CVT has the limitation that it can't be used for heavy starting current load such as refrigerators, air-conditioners and induction motors, owing to its over-load protection characteristics. Listed below are some of the considerable features of our range of Constant Voltage Corrector:


  • Output highly isolated from input

  • Protected against over-load and short circuit

  • Instantaneous correction

  • No-moving parts, relays or electronics circuitry


The optional features of Constant Voltage Corrector are follows:


  • Over voltage and under voltage protection facility

  • Extended input range-140 -280 V

  • 110 (Output) can also be supplied



Automatic Voltage Corrector ( 0.25KVA To 30KVA)


Avail form us a high quality range of Automatic Voltage Corrector (0.25KVA to 30KVA) that offers reliable and consistent performance.


Servo Stabliser


we provide logicstat and blue bird servo stabliser from 10kv til 1000kva

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