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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We have an in-house lab, well-equipped to put raw materials and finished products through the most rigorous tests. Qualified and experienced ceramic professionals monitor process parameters.   Each final product is given a thorough going-over before it leaves factory premises, everything to satisfy, even the most demanding and finicky customer.

Core Values

  • Satisfy the thirst for elegance and simplicity
  • Sip the cocltail of beauty and substance
  • Drink the brew of comfort and excitment
  • Get into an inspiring relationship
  • You and Soncera

Infrastructure Facilities

Mould preparation department
This department is the heart of the sanitarywares manufacturing plant. The mould is made up of pop material which is used to mould or we can say, to make shape of sanitarywares. The experienced designer invents the new designs for the market need. These designs are than approved by the upper management with required changes. After approval the special team makes master/mother mould of that design, this mother mould is than used to create moulds that are used to create sanitary wares pieces.
Sensational suite

Slip house

This is the begging process of sanitarywares manufacturing. The body of sanitarywares is highly vitreous than the other ceramic products so the selected high quality raw materials are procured from rajasthan, kutch, bikaner clay and many other places that are used to prepare the body of sanitarywares. The main materials that are used in slip house are feldspar, quartz, talc, china clay, ball clay, soda & silicate.
These materials are mixed in the required proportion with the proper proportion of water in to the cylindrical grinding ball mills installed with ceramic lining bricks & containing ceramic pebbles which is rotated up to six hours to properly mix-up & grinding all the clays & powders with water and it forms the liquid slurry called as slip. This slip is than sieved in double layer vibrator sieve and passed through magnets to remove any impurities and iron particles, than the slip is stored in to the underground storage tanks. There are nine storage tanks each of capacity of sixty tons, to keep stock of slip. This slip is stored about three days in storage tank this process is called as aging process. In storage tanks low speed sturers are rotating to prevent the settling of the suspended solid particles and to maintain the fluid properties of slip intact. This is required to make high quality vitreous body. After aging process the slip is pumped from the storage tank to the casting area of the unit called as casting department by hydraulic pump.

Casting department
Casting department actually make sanitarywares to look in its actual shape from the slip. The main process include in this department is the slip is pumped from slip house through the pipes and than this slip is used to charge the mould of appropriate shape. These moulds are made up of pop material which absorbs the water from the slip to form a shape of sanitarywares. This process takes six to eight hours depending upon the shape & size of sanitarywares. Than this green piece of sanitarywares are detached from mould and again kept about six days to dry completely.

Checking department
After casting, the surface of green piece of sanitarywares is rough. In this department surface of green sanitarywares piece is smoothen with the help of dusters and finishers, the pieces are prepared for the final checking. During checking process the specially trained workers inspect the green piece for any damages, cracks or pinholes or any impurities by applying kerosene. Some defects that are visible only after firing, so this department require high accuracy to check the green pieces to reduce finished goods rejection. After checking process these green pieces are moved to glazing department.

Our Certifications

Our Certifications

Our Certificate



We want Soncera customers to keep coming back for more towards this end. We invest a lot in design, back-end processes and distribution to offer a better range, quality and services.

Ramnik Patel
Managing Director

About Us

Soncera is one brand that makes perfection not an act but a habit. Inspired by style, elegance and flair, it excels at imbibing the inspirational rays in your lives with its company, sonam ceramics, which specializes in fulfilling your dreams with its quality and eminence.

The company is the first ssi sanitaryware preparer in india to acquire the isi quality mark for its products. The first ssi sanitaryware producer in india to receive the iso 9001:2000 quality certification for its processes. The first ssi sanitaryware producer in india to attain the iso 1400:1996 for its eco-friendly systems.

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