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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We have an in-house lab, well-equipped to put raw materials and finished products through the most rigorous tests. Qualified and experienced ceramic professionals monitor process parameters.   Each final product is given a thorough going-over before it leaves factory premises, everything to satisfy, even the most demanding and finicky customer.

Core Values

  • Satisfy the thirst for elegance and simplicity
  • Sip the cocltail of beauty and substance
  • Drink the brew of comfort and excitment
  • Get into an inspiring relationship
  • You and Soncera



Soncera is an attempt to give you a very different experience. It seems from our belief that sanitary ware is not merely a utility but a lifestyle statement.

Shailesh Vasnani
- Chairman

We want Soncera customers to keep coming back for more towards this end. We invest a lot in design, back-end processes and distribution to offer a better range, quality and services.

Ramnik Patel
-  Managing Director

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