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Bass Cylinder (In-Car Subwoores)

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The fact that this baby looks stunning is the least of its merits.

The SCB200-3BP features a sophisticated port-less Dual chamber Band Pass enclosure.

Our engineers have done away with the conventional port replaced it with a precisely weighted Passive radiator, a rare concept in Band Pass type enclosures.
The result is a complete elimination of turbulence noise which is an unavoidable consequence of any ported design.

Use of the passive radiator results in a studio monitor like precision and cleanness in the bass reproduction. A robust, inbuilt Mono-Block amplifier
delivers power with very low levels of distortion. As an added bonus, its compact dimensions leave you with a lot of space to spare in your boot. It has been specifically designed for Hatchbacks and SUVs.

Professional (In-Car Subwoores)

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The WB-200 offers you pretty much everything you would look for in a subwoofer. Be it accuracy, power or its efficient space saving design.

Its sophisticated enclosure construction features a dual chamber, 4th order Band-Pass design. The hallmark of this design is its efficiency, which maximizes performance and minimizes size.

A robust inbuilt Mono-block amplifier is capable of consistently delivering high power at very low distortion levels.

The reproduction chain is completed by a high performance 200mm Bass Driver with exceptional low-frequency response characteristics. The result is rich, deep and precise bass reproduction.


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These little workhorses are a great compliment for any great audio setup.

They give you crisp natural reproduction of highs. The exceptionally natural tonal quality is largely due to the use ofhigh grade, woven silk domes.

The use of high- flux Neodymium alloy magnets (in place conventional ferrite magnets) allow high power handling despite the small size. Additionally they have a 180 degree swivel feature that help configure a setup with precise stereo imaging.

X-Treme (In-Car Subwoores)

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The XDZ-250 is the ultimate Pièce de résistance when it comes to subwoofers.

We have put in all our engineering know-how about subwoofers into this product. A true high end masterpiece.

Touches the limits in all aspects – Power, Clarity and Precision. All this while keeping the size under control. Whoever said Big is Better, would like to think again.

Although larger than our other models, the Output to size ratio is par excellence.


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Dynamite (D-01 Home Inatalled)


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Dynamite (D-02 Home Inatalled)

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