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Electrical Power Transformer

Distribution Transformer

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SPEL manufactures distribution transformers of various ratings like 100 KVA 11KV / 433 V to 500 KVA 33 KV / 433 V in distribution range. Distribution transformers upto 250 KVA can be of either copper or aluminium windings as per customer request. Supreme power equipment is a regular supplier of distributor of transformers to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. Distribution transformers are type tested at external institutes like CPRI (Central Power Research Institute), ERDA (Electrical Research and Development Association), IIT and Anna University.

Converter Transformer

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Six pulse and twelve pulse converter transformers are used in industries for converting AC current to DC current. Various ratings of three winding transformers with Vector groups Dyn11/dd0 voltage range 380V / 575 V is manufactured with good performance and low harmonics

Power Transformer

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Supreme power transformer has a robust infrastructure that is well resourced to manufacture 25 MVA 132 KV class. We have supplied 16 MVA 33/11 KV and 8 MVA 33/11 KV transformers. TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board) has been running successfully since commissioning. SPEL is currently executing orders of 16 MVA 110 KV and 10 MVA 110 KV. SPEL transformers are type tested at CPRI (Central Power Research Institute) Bangalore and IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) Madras.

Phase Shifting Transformer

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A phase shifting transformer or a quadrature booster which is more popularly known as a quad booster is a specialized transformer that controls the flow of real power on three phase electricity transmission networks. For an alternating current transmission line, power flow through the line is proportional to the cosine of the difference in the phase angle of the voltage between the transmitting end and the receiving end of the line. In the existence of parallel circuits with different capacity between two points in a transmission grid; for example, an overhead line and an underground cable, direct manipulation of power flow between the paths averts any opportunity of overload. Some of the salient features of the phase shifting transformers are:

  • Precise engineering on the designs

  • Easy to use

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Conducive to high pressure and temperature

Stepdown Transformer

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Step down transformers of rating 500 KVA to 3 MVA are made for different industrial purposes. SPEL has supplied OLTC and off circuit transformers. All routine tests will be done at factory premises. Special tests such as temperature rise test, impulse and short circuit will be done on request. SPEL has supplied step down transformers to many industries and has short delivery time periods as requested by customers

Furnace Transformer

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SPEL can manufacture arc furnace transformers and sub merged arc furnace transformers up to 5 MVA 33 KV. Furnace transformers are used with arc or induction furnaces of all sizes with on-load tap changers or motorized off circuit switches, which are complete with all limiting reactors in certain applications. It is widely usage in steel plants, aluminium industries, gas factories and calcium carbide industries.

Windmill Transformer

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We have proficient knowledge on windmill transformers which require frequent switching operations and voltage variances; hence our range of windmill transformer can provide to the power requirement of more than 900 windmill projects across the country. Our three windmill transformers are supplied with various ratings from 315 KVA 11 KV to 2.25 MVA 33 KV to our multiple windmill clients. The special traits of our windmill transformer are:

  • Conducive to high temperature and pressure

  • Optimal performance

  • Best suited for the purpose

Earthing Transformer

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Supreme power equipment specialises in manufacture of earthing transformers. Earthing transformers have bi-directional power flow and are subjected to frequent switching. Supreme has supplied over 700 nos of windmill transformers. SPEL takes pride for having supplied to major players like:

  • Vestas

  • Suzlon

  • Pioneer


Isolation Transformer

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Isolation transformers are used for decoupling two circuits. Blocks transmission of DC signals and interference by ground loops. We manufacture isolation transformers with ratings above 100 KVA 415V/ 415 V. Transformers will be manufactured to customers requirement.

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