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Fundamentals Of Computer Operating And Programing

Rs 214.5
Approximate Price - Rs 214.5


As per NIMI-DGET pattern of trade testing
Fundamentals of Computer Operating and Programing Trade Theory and Assignment/Test (Solved)
A text book for semester 1
According to revised syllabus prescribed by D.G.E. & T for Semester 1

Employability Skills

Rs 160
Approximate Price - Rs 160


This Instructional Material consists of both Theory & Practical exercise on the Subject Employability Skills (Common for all Trades). It broadly covers (1) English Language Course (2) Communication Skills (3) Quality Tools (4) Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and (5) Entrepreneurship.

Electronics Theory Semester 1 To 4


Rs. 349.50 As per 2014 Revised Syllabus

Semester Solved Paper Electrician Theory And Employ Ability


Rs. 100.00

Semester Solved Paper Electrician Workshop Cal & Drawing


Rs 100.00

West Coast Recycled Paper

west coast paper

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