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Electronics Engineering Drawing Book

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Rs. 106. 50

Part A: Geometrical drawing
Drawing instruments and materials
Standard related to drawing, freehand sketching

Part B:
Technical drawing
Symbols, hand tools, magnetism, electricity,
Cells and batteries, resistors, capacitors
Inductors and transformers, generators, alternators and motors, electrical measuring Instruments, sound instruments, a. C. And resonance, rectifiers, filters and power supplies
Transistors and i. Cs.
Thermionic tubes, amplifiers, intercom and stereo system, oscillators, modulation and detection, receivers, transmitters and antennas
Propagation of radio waves, record players and record changers, tape recorders and two-in-ones, electronics test instruments, V. C. P. And V. C. R. , television, digital electronics
some electronic devices, communication systems.

NIMI Pattern Workshop Calculation & Science (Electrical)

Rs 199.50
Approximate Price - Rs 199.50
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As per NIMI-DGET PATTERN of Trade Testing

Topic Summary
New Pattern Assignment
Large No. of Solved Examples
New Pattern Exam-Oriented

Practical Guide To Apprenticeship Training

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Under the Apprenticeship Act, 1961 Updated January 2005
Apprentices and Their Training

Automobile Engineering 1000 Questions Answers Books

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Rs. 43. 50

For I. T. I. /polytechnic and everyone aspiring to know diesel/petrol engine system
automobile: general introduction and safety precautions, engine and its working system, main parts of engine
cooling system, lubrication system,
Fuel system of petrol engine
Fuel system of diesel engine
Ignition system of petrol engines
Brakes, clutch, gear box, universal joints and propeller shaft, rear axle and steering,
front axle and steering, chassis frame and suspension system, wheel and tyre tube,
auto electricity and battery, dynamo and alternator, self-starter, machines and tools of automobile workshop formulas, definitions and miscellaneous.
questions related to automobile objective questions answers

Computer 2100 Questions And Answers Text Book

Rs 247.50
Approximate Price - Rs 247.50
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Hardware, I/O Peripherals
Operating Systems (Windows / Linux)
Internet & E-mail, Multimedia, HTML / XML
Data Structure, C++ / Java / SQL
Networking, Troubleshooting

Electronics 1000 Questions Answers

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Rs. 43.50

For I.T.I./Polytechnics 10+2 (Voc.) and various Exams of BHEL, CEL, BEL, HAL etc.

Mechanical Engineering 1000 Questions Answers

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Rs. 43.50

For I.T.I., polytechnic and various technical exams

Electrical Engineering 1000 Questions Answers

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Rs. 37.50

For I.T.I. 10+2 (Voc.)/polytechnics and exams of BHEL/ITI/NTPC/BEL/Supervisors etc.

Workshop Technology 1000 Questions Answers Book

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Rs. 43. 50

For I. T. I. and preparation of various technical exams and polytechnic students

Fitter Shop 1000 Questions Answers

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RS. 37. 50

For I. T. I. 10+2 (voc. ) and instrument mechanic
fitter trade and safety precautions
measurement and units, measuring instruments, 
gauges and indicators, marking tools and instruments, cutting tools, dismantling, assembling and gripping tools, threads, limit, fit and tolerance, fasteners, jigs and fixtures, 
Engineering metals, heat treatment, anti-corrosive treatment, lubricants and coolants, 
honing, lapping and surface finish, grinding and grinders, mechanical power transmission, bearing, sheet metal work, black smithy & forging, lathe machine & its operations, welding, pipes.

Machine Shop 1000 Question Answers Book

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Rs. 43. 50

For I. T. I. /10+2 (voc. ) technicians and laymen aspiring to work in machine shop and instrument mechanic

Electronics Practicals Book

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Rs. 205. 50

Introduction to the trade and safety precautions
Electricities, resistance and batteries
Magnetism and electro-magnetism
Electrical measuring instruments
A. C. Inductors, transformers and chokes
Capacitors, resonance, special resistors, 
Junction diodes, transistors, rectifiers, filters and power supplies, modulation and Detection
Sound instrument, a. D. Amplifiers, radio  receivers, cathode ray tube and electronic Test instruments, receiver's alignment and repairs, pcb and ic, tape recorder and Two-in-one, advanced fault-finding technologies, television, video cassette / dvd player, digital electronics, computers

Fitter (Theory With Assignment/Test Solved) Textbook

Rs 286.50
Approximate Price - Rs 286.50
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Rs. 286.50

Theoretical aspects
Short Answer Type Questions
Multiple Choice Type Questions
Matching Type Questions

Machinist (Theory With Assignment/Test Solved) Books

Rs 268.50
Approximate Price - Rs 268.50
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Rs. 268. 50 Theoretical aspects
Short answer type questions
Multiple choice type questions
Matching type questions

Mechanic Motor Vehicle (Theory With Assignment/Test Solved)

Rs 232.50
Approximate Price - Rs 232.50
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Rs. 232. 50

Part- 1 trade theory

Part-2 assignment/test-solved

Mechanic Diesel (Theory With Assignment/Test Solved)

Rs 133.50
Approximate Price - Rs 133.50
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Diesel Engine Principles, Constructional Details, Fuels and Combustion, Fuel System,
Fuel Injection, Governors, Lubrication System, Cooling System, Air-intake System
Exhaust System, Engine Performance And Rating, Operation And Maintenance,
Fundamentals Of Electricity, Battery, Charging System, Starting System, Hand Tools,
Workshop Equipment and Safety, Glossary of Terms, Assignment/Test-Solved 

Electrician (Theory With Assignment/Test Solved) Sem 1- 4

Rs 295.50
Approximate Price - Rs 295.50
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Rs. 295. 50

Detailed theory
Short answer type questions
Multiple choice type questions
Fill in the blanks type questions
True/false type questions
Matching type questions

Fitter Trade Practicals Books

Rs 214.50
Approximate Price - Rs 214.50
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Rs. 214. 50
Skill information, fitter, turning, pipe fitting, material handling welding, forging, sheet metal
118 trade practicals

Workshop Calculation & Science And Engineering Drawing

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Workshop Calculation & Science And Engineering Drawing (Electrical / Electronics)

Rs. 169.50

Electrical / Electronics
Workshop Calculation
Workshop Science

COE : Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Book

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Rs. 187. 50
Module 1 :basic workshop practices
Module 2 :basic electricity, electronics and electro-mechanics
Module 3 :basic refrigeration 1
Module 4 :basic refrigeration 2
Module 5 :basic refrigeration 3
Module 6 :basic refrigeration 4

COE : Automobiles Theory And Assignment

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Rs. 205. 50

Basic fitting and measurements
Basic sheet metal work and welding
Basic electrical and electronics
Basic microprocessor and computer operation
Basic petrol and diesel engines
Basic of transmission, suspension, steering system and brakes

COE : Production And Manufacturing Text Book

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Rs. 187. 50

Fitting and measurement
Sheet metal worker and welding electrical, electronics and computer skills
Turning & grinding
Milling and gear cutting
CNC programming & operation and hydraulics and pneumatics

NCVT - Electrician Basic Electrical Engineering Text Books

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Rs. 180.00

Objective Type Question Bank

2500 Questions

Short Answer Items

Multiple Choice Items

Maching Items


A Text Book Of Engineering Drawing

Rs 120
Approximate Price - Rs 120
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RS. 120. 00


  • Objective type questions with key
  • Isometric to orthographic (Ist angle method)
  • marking the dimensions
  • No of horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Choose the correct view
  • Missing lines
  • Labelled parts
  • Missing views
  • Orthographic projection to isometric view
  • Isometric to orthographic (Ist and IIIrd angle methods)
  • Free hands sketch

A Text Book Of Employability Skills

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Rs. 97.50

C. Subas


Electrical Engineering Drawing

Rs 166.50
Approximate Price - Rs 166.50
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Symbols and Abbreviation
Power Plant & Sub Stations
Three Phase, Four wire Supply
House Service Connection
AC Motors
DC Machines
Electrical Instruments/Circuits
Wiring faults, Protection & Earthing
Diversity/Contactor Control Circuits

Technicians' Guide

Rs 100
Approximate Price - Rs 100
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This book “Technicians’ Guide” is prepared based on the new revised syllabus of CTS under NCVT for Mechanical Trades. The purpose of this book is to furnish, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS IN All India Trade Tests, Written Tests, VIVA-VOCE tests of various factories. There are 1260 Questions and Answers arranged in the subject wise, chapter wise, trade wise and year wise. Trade Theory, Workshop Calculation and Science, Engineering Drawing are included as a part of this book. Important FORMULAE and Tables are added at the end of this book. It shall prove to be very useful for candidates appearing for AITT and Factory Interviews.


Author :

Sadanand Murthy,

Retd., Principal, Govt. I.T.I.

To,Sreenivasa Stores

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