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There is a greater realization now that plywood, particle boards and laminates complement the responsible contribution of the other two building products; they provide interior infrastructure solutions that make millions of homes and offices robust, secure and attractive. 

Greenply Industries Limited (GIL), a Rs. 1007 crore consolidated, dynamic, professionally managed, Interior Infrastructure Company, a leader in the plywood and laminate industry in India.  The Chairman Mr. S P Mittal, a self made industrialist, who with his determination and perseverance along with a grassroots level experience has taken Green group to newer heights. Incorporated on 9th August 1984, The Company over the years has grown as an interior infrastructure solutions provider. 

Greenply Industries currently manufactures a host of renowned brands such as Greenply Plywood, Green Club Premium Ply which comes with a life time Guarantee, Greenlam Laminates, Green Decowood & Green Lamieboard, Pre-laminated particle board and MDF. The product range comprises of all range Plywood & boards, Flush doors, Decorative veneers, Decorative laminates and Pre lam MDF and Particleboard.

The Export contributed to around 22% of the total laminate turnover during year ended 31st March 2007. Green exports its laminate products to more than 50 countries such as, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Canada, Baharain, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, Dubai, Russia, Syria, USA, Australia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China and Israel.

Greenply's plywood range comes from the finest A grade timber and goes through a stringent 5-step process making it termite and borer resistant. Besides the cold and hot press process and the post resin treatment, Greenply's tenderizing is an in-house patented process.

Apart from these, Greenply Industries manufactures, Green Marine Plywood, Green Film- faced shuttering plywood, Green Flexiply , Green Flush Door, Green rubber wood panel and Green MR grade plywood

The global quality standards of Greenply Plywood:

* Green Club Premium Plywood - IS: 10701 
* Green Marine Plywood - IS: 710 
* Green BWR Grade Plywood - IS: 303 
* Green MR Grade Plywood - IS: 303 
* Green Flush Door - IS: 2202 
* Green Block Board & Commercial Board - IS: 1659 

Decorative Laminates

Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates are durable and elegant surface finishes for plywood and board based furniture and interiors. A laminate is basically layers of kraft paper and a layer of design paper which is treated and fused. 

If plywood provides form to furniture, then laminates add life and elegance. Available in 1.00mm thickness, Greenply has the widest range of innovative and elegant lifestyle designs in an exclusive array of textures. Greenply pioneered brining international laminate trends to India and can be found in over 25 countries worldwide.

Our laminate brands include: Green Flexilam, Green Fire Retardant Laminate, Dekodur, Green Edge Blends, Green Chalk & Marker Grade, Green Sturdo, Green Switchboard Panel and Greenlam.
Ideally suited for: 

Decorative Veneers

Decorative Veneers

Natural wood veneers are very thin layers of treated timber which add a natural wooden look to the surface of furniture, cabinets and interiors. 

Natural wood veneers offer the warmth and beauty of the timber for commercial or domestic applications. Over 200 species of veneers are available from Greenply Industries Ltd., outsourced from across continents. 

Ideally suited for: 
1.Furniture of all kinds 
2.Paneling of all kinds including paneling for railway coaches, buses and ships

Our leading brands include Green Decowood and Green Spectrum Wood. 

Green BWR Grade Plywood

Green BWR Grade Plywood

This is a preservative-treated, water-proof plywood manufactured from select hardwood timbers and the superior bonding strength of the BWR-type synthetic resin adds extra durability to marine and water applications like boats, pontoons, rafts, etc.

Green Block Board & Commercial Board

This is a lumber core board made from wooden strips or battens as per IS:1659, 1990 specifications.

It comes in two grades - interior grade (I-COM) and exterior grade (X-COM).

Block board is generally used for furniture and interiors, although X-COM is meant for exterior use in applications like garden benches, etc. It can withstand high humidity.

Green Club Premium Plywood

Green Club Premium Plywood

Apart from coming with a unique lifetime guarantee, this premium ply is made of 100% Gurjan/Keruing/Hollong timber of dipterocarpus species, Class-I durable type as per IS:5539-1969. It comes with a 1.2mm veneer and is equivalent to structured grade plywood as per IS:10701-1983.

Use of these hardwood species makes Greenclub 100% borer resistant, termite-proof and heavier, ensuring the very best in quality.

In the unlikely event of any deterioration or insect infestation, Greenply stands guarantee to compensate you for the value of the furniture or 3 times the cost of the plywood, whichever is lower.

Higher strength:weight ratio, dimensional stability, uniform strength and high durability makes it superior to any conventional plywood.

In experiments, it was established that a 9mm thick Greenclub plywood has technical properties more than that of 12mm BWR plywood, which effectively means a cost-saving of 25% for you. 

Every layer of veneer is processed as per IS:5539 and treated mechanically using the Slit Method making it stress and warp free.

Green Flexiply

Green Flexiply

This is the dream solution for today's furniture manufacturers and carpenters. A combination of conventional materials and modern technology, it is ideal for curved or rounded structures, especially when small radii are required.

It can be easily bent by hand and gives tremendous flexibility to any application.

This innovation from Greenply can be molded into any shape and is perfectly suited for curvy, rounded furniture.

Flexiply is made of Gurjan species, exclusively with phenolic resin which conditions it to undergo extreme climatic changes. It is available in both cross grain and long grain in 1.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and 18mm thicknesses.

It has a bending radius of 360° at minimum for

4mm - Up to 7cm diameter
6mm - Up to 10cm diameter
8mm - Up to 12cm diameter

Once glued, laminated or veneered, it holds its shape beautifully for all time.

Green Flush Door

Green Flush Door

Doors are an intrinsic part of any interior design that enhance the overall ambience. Being the first element to make an impression , a door not only provides security but adds to the splendor of your home. In this era of style and uniqueness, doors are not just a basic functional requirement, they in fact play a essential role in adding grace and magnificence. Greenply Industries Limited (GIL), India’s largest interior infrastructure company launches Green Doors, a range constituting various types of readymade doors available in a wide range of decorative forms. 

Green Doors are available in standard thickness ranging from 25mm to 40mm.The doors are developed from selected mature timber and promise to provide an advantage to the designers, architects, builders who can now opt for ready-to-use doors which are engineered in a manner to give better strength and uniformity. Green Doors are available in range of Commercial Face, Teak Veneers, Fire Retardant Doors and one can also choose from Spectrumwood range of veneers. 

Green solid core flush doors are a favourite with builders because of their durability, stability and accuracy of dimensions. What's more, they are warp-free and termite and borer resistant.

It is an ideal choice because of its accuracy and excellent dimensional stability in varying humid conditions. In addition, it has excellent economic value. While the stiles and frame are made of select hardwood species, the fillers are made of select single species.

It has provisions for housing locks and securing wings and its shearing material is strong enough to withstand normal knocks and blows. It has higher screw holding capacity, better slamming properties, better squareness and flatness, and has zero deflection in flexure and edge-loading.

The flush door shutter conforms to the requirements as per IS:2202 (Part 1), 1999 as per the tests prescribed in IS:4020

Green Defender (Fire Retardant Plywood)

Green Defender (Fire Retardant Plywood)

Another quality product from Greenply, this has unique fire retardant properties thanks to a 3-stage treatment with a special chemical unlike normal plywoods. It is made from 100% hardwood (Sap wood free) Class 1 durable timber as per IS-5509:2000.

The surface is isolated by a layer of imported fire-retardant chemical that delays temperature rise, reduces the evaporation of gases and prevents oxygen from reaching the surface.

The high density of the raw material slows down ignitability and flame spread. It can prevent fire from spreading for up to 38 minutes. 

Today, it is used extensively in hotels, shopping malls, automobiles, railway pantry cars, etc.

Green Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Green Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

This is an exterior grade, preservative-treated, boiling water-proof plywood manufactured using specially formulated phenolic resin.

It can withstand water and the abrasive action of concrete, even where vibrators are used.

Its high strength and stability makes it ideal for shuttering applications such as sewer construction, bridge construction, factories and buildings, etc.

Green Marine Plywood

An exterior grade plywood made from selected species of timber, it is bonded with high grade resin as per IS: 1848-1974.

It can be used effectively for extreme exterior applications like marine craft and water equipment like pontoons, rafts, folding boats, assault boats, etc.

Ecotec PF & MR Plywood & Board

Ecotec PF & MR Plywood & Board

The very latest offering from Greenply Industries, it comes as both ply and board.

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility at Rudrapur, it is made from 100% virgin timber and is available in both MR and BWR grades.

The superior quality timber is pressed under controlled temperature and high pressure using the matt calibration process (pioneered in India by Greenply). This gives Ecotec a compound core, high dimensional stability and excellent structural strength. It can withstand extreme temperature and moisture, doesn’t warp or bend and is borer and termite resistant.

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