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Sona Masoori Rice

Sona Masuri Rice Old

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It is in genral saying that the older the rice be, it will have more delicious and tasty element in it. And generally people prefer to have old rice to eat which is kept for several months after harvesting.

In Karnataka,it is mainly cultivated in Raichur, Koppal & Bellary districts. In AP, it is mainly cultivated in Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar, Nizamabad, Warangal& West Godavari Districts.

The best quality Sona Masuri rice can be found in the regions of Kurnool, Warangal, Godavari districts and Nellore of Andhra pradesh followed by Sindhanur region of Raichur District of Karnataka.

Sona Masoori Polished Rice

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The rice is popular in the Southern regions of India. Grown in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. They are shorter and fatter than other Indian rices.

Sona Masuri (or its original name Samba Masuri or BPT or HMT or Jeela karra masuri) is a medium-grain rice grown largely in the Indian states of Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. In Telugu, Sona Masuri rice is called Bangaru Theegalu (meaning Golden Ivy). It is lightweight and aromatic, and considered to be of premium quality. This Premium variety of rice is mainly exported to other Countries.

Sona Masuri is largely considered to be a healthy dish as it contains less starch and is easily digestible. It is ideal for preparing dishes like sweet pongal, biryani, fried rice, and daily cooking

Sona Masoori Unpolished Rice

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The less processed the rice, the less the risk for ailments like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc]. Sona Masuri Unpolished is one of the best varieties of rice, as it has less starch content and is easier to digest than its more processed counterparts.

It is available with us in the most natural form as it can be used direcltly for consumption and served as a most nutrient diet.

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