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Sribs Biotekno International

Incorporated in the year 2007, SRIBS Biotekno International is a reputed name engaged in exporting and supplying of a comprehensive range of disinfectants, feed supplements, poultry supplements, cattle feed supplements, chicken feed supplements, feed vitamin supplements, growth promoters and probiotics, catering to the varied demands of aquaculture, poultry, dairy and piggery areas.

Our products are specially designed and carefully blended with


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Basic Information
Nature of Business
Additional Business
  • Exporter
  • Supplier
Company CEO
Babu Sudhakar
Total Number of Employees
11 to 25 People
Year of Establishment
Ownership Type
Sole Proprietorship (Individual)
Statutory Profile
Central Sales Tax No.
Value Added Tax Registration No.


Dr. Babu Sudhakar awarded recently, "Rastriya Udyog Ratna" in a National Seminar on individual Achievements, intellectual excellence & National Development organized by NEHRDO (National Eduaction & Human Resource development organization) and CEGR (Council for Economic Growth & research).

Our Mentor

The company is making headway under the mentorship of Dr. Babu Sudhakar, who is a qualified microbiologist. He has completed his Doctorate in Microbiology from NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute), Nagpur and further pursued Management Diploma from Jamunalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai. Later on, he also pursued management studies from Narsee Monje Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai.

After years of research and study, he had been instrumental in presenting and publishing more than 25 research publications at various national and international conferences and journals. His profound experience and business acumen has enabled him in garnering “Institutes (NEERI) foundation day award for conspicuous contributions to R&D excellence” in 1994-95.

Prior to his current position, Dr. Babu has over 12 years of working experience in a Indian Multinational Company based in Mumbai. He has worked at different levels of Technical, Marketing and Business management, as also worked in a capacity of Business Manager, in charge for Domestic and International markets.

Among his many professional accomplishments, he is proud of the role that he is currently playing in animal heath care, bringing about a more natural and holistic way to care for them. Dr. Babu is a member of 2008-09 edition in the International WHO'S WHO of Professionals, of International WHO'S WHO Historical Society, Washington, DC 20006.

Warehousing and Packaging

For a trading enterprise like us, it is inevitable to own a capacious warehouse that assures effective storage of products. Our warehouse is categorically structured and properly ventilated that assists in the safe storage of our range of disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics. We assure an appropriate temperature at the storage premises so that the quality of our products is intact and any outside elements like dust and moisture cannot hamper the physical and reactive properties of our products.

We have employed a team of packaging experts who make sure to pack our disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics in high grade packing material. They make use of HDPE bags, sachs, bottles and drums for safe and hygienic packaging of our consignments. To cater to the specific demands of our clients, we also undertake customized packaging of our products.

Our Aim

Sustainability is based on the capacity to endure and subsist in a limited existence. The word also means how practical interference needs to remain logical, minimal, diverse and productive over a period of time without disturbing the natural reserves.

There is abundant scientific evidence that humanity is living unsustainably and untenably. The concept of sustainability has very few alternatives with very few economically viable options.

Here at SRIBS Biotekno International, we have simplified the concept of sustainability by being more concerned about the ecological impact of our products and their end results, yet remaining focused on the cost-effective and consistent performance of our esteemed product line.

Product Portfolio

We are one of the trusted exporters and suppliers of an extensive range of specially designed, high quality disinfectants/sanitizers, feed supplements, growth promoters, probiotics and pond bottom and water pollutant adsorbents for Aquaculture segment and also we have specially developed formulations enriched with synbiotics, natural minerals, and herbal extracts for Poultry (Single product with multi advantages, as also alterbiotic), Cattle (milk augmentation and stress free, disease free healthy growth in cattle for dairy and beef production) and enhancing synbiotic protection in pig.

SRIBS product range has been developed scientifically with utmost care for the aquaculture and animal health care. During the research and development of the product range, particular focus was placed on product efficacy against their particular target and cost effectiveness, to give the user the ultimate confidence.

The distinguishing features of our products are given below:

  • Highly effective
  • Minimum dosage
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable (sanitizer)
  • Enriched with vital nutrients

 These are offered to our clients in various brands and are available at industry leading prices.

The Need for Probiotics Prebiotics

There has been a severe limitation on the use of antibiotics in therapeutic or sub-therapeutic doses in poultry feed with regards to the increasing public concerns about bacterial resistance to the same. This highlights the domain of enteric diseases, which are one of the major economic concerns in the poultry industry these days. Enteric diseases mainly result in lost productivity, increased mortality in flocks and potential contamination of poultry products that in turn lead to human food safety concerns. These factors mark the evaluation of alternatives to the use of antibiotics in poultry feed under field conditions and the major approaches in this domain are probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics and prebiotics are examined to be successful in potentially reducing enteric diseases in poultry and enhancing their productivity.

Proposed to assist in the prevention of carcass contamination, probiotics and prebiotics are helpful in improving the immune response in the chicken. Probiotic is a supplement that is defined as a live microbial feed supplement, which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal balance. It acts through a "competitive exclusion" by attacking the bacteria to the intestinal mucosa and forming a physical barrier to the attachment of pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics are stable supplements that remain active in the feed for a long time and release amylase, protease, lipase and cellulose and galactosidase.

These are helpful in the following:

  • Producing antibacterial compounds and enzymes
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Offering efficient feed conversion rate
  • Synthesizing B group of vitamins to help digestion of feed
  • Releasing DPA (dipicolinic acid), an antibacterial substance
  • preventing propagation of pathogens

On the other hand, prebiotics are defined as ‘non-digestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon’. Commonly available as oligosaccharides, prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that act by either supplying nutrients to beneficial microbes, or tricking pathogenic bacteria into attaching to the oligosaccharide rather than to the intestinal mucosa.

Prebiotics are helpful in the following:

  • Reduces intestinal colonization
  • Decreases the incidence of infection in the birds
  • Averts colonization of poultry with salmonellae represents food-borne health risk to consumers
  • Enhances immune competence by secreting IGA & IGG,
  • Stimulates immune response of the intestinal epithelial cell
  • Releases polyamines including spermine, spermidine & putrescine
  • Increases activity of the disaccharide enzymes like lactase, sucrase & maltase, which can check diarrhea & provide supportive interaction
  • Restores nutrient absorption capacity

The synbiotic activity of both probiotic and prebiotics state that prebiotics are helpful in improving the stability of probiotic cultures, both in the food and the intestinal tract, and thus in improving the effect of probiotic bacteria.

Thus, the products made from a combination of probiotics and prebiotics, known as synbiotics, are favorable for the following:

  • Lowering the gut pH
  • Keeping the pathogens away
  • Enhancing the activity of proteolysis
  • Getting lower enzymes for FCR (feed conversion ratio)
  • Stimulating pancreatic secretions (better digestion)
  • Promoting antibacterial/antifungal activity in feed & gut

Role of Herbal Extracts in the Domain

There are several herbs and their extracts that have played a vital role in improving human and animal health. Since times immemorial, India and several other countries have deployed these herbs for the formulation of active chemical compounds and antibiotics.

Some of the herbs that have been identified and extracted by researchers for improving human and animal health are:

Tinospora Cordifolia

  • Known for strong anti-inflammatory action

  • Useful in stress conditions caused due to inflammation

  • Liver tonic for improving body metabolism and growth

  • Also acts as a potent immune-stimulant



  • Clears the infection of urinary tract by acting on the calculi

  • Exerts strong diuretic action

  • Relieves both kidney and heart for normalizing the metabolism



  • Effective antioxidant as vitamin E

  • Decreases the level of lipid peroxidation curcuma longa

  • Protects from damage to the cells when fed regularly

Feed Supplements

Shrimp feed can not be formulated with vitamins and amino acids as they loose their structural properties and are ineffective under high temperature processing of feed palletization. Since fish and shrimp do not have mechanisms to synthesize essential vitamins and amino acids, it is important of a supplement of these to the feed. These nutrients are helpful in healthy growth and development of defense mechanism of fish and shrimps and are useful in countering the diseases.

We have developed five different products, specifically formulated with useful nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and immune stimulant, that are used for value added feed supplementation at various stages of aquaculture. This helps in the cultured species grow healthy and faster. Helping in of cost and energy savings with lesser problems in culture.

These supplements are offered in the following types:

  • viaMina - a powder form nutrient product based with vitamins for the apeutic growth
  • groFast - a liquid form growth promoter enriched with vitamins, amino acids for faster and healthy growth
  • proLive - a liquid form liver protector feed supplement strengthened with vitamins, amino acids and herbal extracts to protect liver from diseases and helps in better digestion
  • hiBindz - a liquid form binder gel with nutritional value for binding all the powder form feed supplements to feed pellets
  • toPro- a powder form probiotic feed supplement enriched with beta glucon as immunostimulant to strengthen digestive and immune system


According to scientific researches, more than 25% of the feed is not consumed by the fish/ shrimp and is disintegrated in to the pond water. This disintegrated feed gets accumulated at the bottom of the pond and over a period of time generates toxic gases like nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia because of its protein rich nature. This in-turn creates anoxic conditions at the pond bottom that makes the shrimp/ fish become restless and stressed during rest time. This in-turn makes the species physically weak and more vulnerable to primary infection of pathogenic bacterial and protozoan attack and secondary infection of viruses.

In order to maintain toxic free pond bottom and prevent anoxic conditions, we have come up with cheQz, a silicate based adsorbent that is helpful in preventing the primary infection at the bottom. This adsorbent has high cationic exchange capacity that effectively controls the toxic pollutants and also improves oxygen component in the pond water.

Vendor Base

Being a customer oriented firm, all our endeavors are directed towards client satisfaction. For doing so, we take special care in procuring our disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics from reliable vendors. With the view to keep up transparent deals with our vendors and our clients, we accumulate our products from trustworthy vendors based across the globe.

We assure to abide by credible procurement procedures and thus we are capable of exporting our disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics in stipulated time frame. Further, we make sure that we procure products at industry leading prices, which would help us in maintaining the trust of our clients and a positive market image.

Brands We Deal In

To ensure that are clients are completely satisfied, we offer them with only branded disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics.

Some of the brands that we deal in are:

  • Superio
  • Uniqsan
  • Viamina
  • Grofast
  • Prolive
  • Hibindz
  • Topro
  • Cheqz
  • Supremo
  • Milqx
  • Enhanso

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How to rectify stunted or slow growth (shrimp/fish)?

Indiscriminate use of antibiotics. high density, low aeration. poor or imbalanced feeding, stress (climatic fluctuations) causes poor or stunted growth using enzymatic gels with complete nutrient profile can help in boosting immunity to with stand fluctuations and improve digestion thus promotes growth

How to rectify soft shell problem during culture?

During molting process the delay in shell hardening makes shrimp more vulnerable for infections and injuries, delay in shell hardening may be due to non-availability of certain minerals which may block the needful process, usage of specially formulated products which helps in construction of carapace (shell) and muscle (combination of calcium, potassium and magnesium along with suitable nutrients in available form).

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