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Super Critical CO2 Extraction

CO2 Extraction Process


Super critical extraction process is the process of separating one component (the extract ant) from another (the matrix) using super critical fluids as the extracting solvent. Extraction is usually from a solid matrix, but can also be from liquids. The major application on industrial scale to either strip unwanted material from a product (e. G. Decaffeination) or collect a desired product (e. G. Essential oils, herbs extract, active ingredients for medicines). Carbon dioxide (co2) is the most used super critical fluid, sometimes modified by co-solvents such as ethanol or methanol. Extraction conditions for super critical co2 are above the critical temperature of 31°c and critical pressure of 74 bar.

Super critical fractionation: this is a process to separate the low boiling essential oils or other active ingredients from the high boiling components of the combined total extract. This can be done with liquid super critical fractionation column. Highly concentrated


The super critical extraction process delivers a superior extract that is highly concentrated with incredible purity. Super pure & chemical-free and unlike chemical extraction with industrial solvents like hexane and acetone where harmful residues of such chemical supplements, super critical extraction leaves no harmful residues and the process use natural co2

Services provide by svcgpl: we also offer a variety of service for super critical extraction including extraction of material on job. We can provide complete solution for extraction by super critical co2 method that includes:

  • Complete plant machinery and instrumentation on turn key basis.
  • Analytical support for methods of analysis of active ingredients available in the extracts of herbs and spices
  • Undertake research samples of commercial scale production, and develop optimum condition for extraction and commercial scale planning and project report

The specifications of the commercial and pilot plants are:

Commercial plant - 3 extractors of 300/500 litres capacity; pilot plant - 1-2 extractors of 10 litres capacity, 2 separators; operating pressure - 350 or 500 bar (max); temperature - 80 degree c; material of construction - ss 326; controls - plc based system with alarms and interlocks for safety.

Areas of application:

Agro industry - spice oils and oleoresins, essential oils - flavours and fragrances, bitter from hops, herbal medicines including artemisia ;natural pesticides, food colours and preservatives, vitamin e (tocopherols), nicotine/tar free tobacco, decaffeinated coffee and tea, cholesterol free food products.

Super critical uses

  • It has been suggested that super critical co2(sc-co2) can be used for treating mixed hazardous wastes.
  • There has been a large effort recently in exploring the use of sc-co2 for synthesis to minimize pollution from solvents.
  • An increased importance of sc-co2 in synthesis will require a better understanding of primary chemical processes in super critical solutions.
  • The possibility of using super critical water in a new generation of more efficient nuclear reactors requires an understanding of reactions in this medium.
  • Radiation chemical techniques, and in particular pulse radiolysis, can be used to generate reactants for study that are not easily accessible in any other way. We have applied these techniques to determine the primary products formed in radiolysis of sc-co2. We have measured rates of electron transfer reactions in sc-co2 and begun studies of solvated electron formation in alcohol clusters in super critical ethane.

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