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Abhrak Bhasma

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We bring forth Abhrak Bhasma that is a highly effective Ayurvedik Medicine having many medicinal benefits. Abhrak Bhasma we Manufacture and Export is a boon of traditional ayurvedic formulations that has passed down the ages. Clients can be assured of availing the best variety of Abhrak Bhasma developed meticulously by our experts.

Akeek Pishti

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We offer Akeek Pishti that is specifically formulated to cure heart diseases and fever. The Akeek Pishti include Akeek (pure) and rose water. The Akeek Pishti formulation is taken for the popular reference book Aarogya prakash We offer the Painkiller Medicines in tamperproof packaging as per the clients’ requirements.

Arogyavardhini Vati

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We are involved in providing clients with Arogyavardhini Vati that is highly effective in digestive problems and ovarian problems. The Arogyavardhini Vati is formulated from natural substances like Mercury, Sulphur, Shilajeet, etc. The Arogyavardhini Vati range is made available to the valued customers at market leading rates.

Bang Bhasma

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We bring forth high quality Bang Bhasma that is used to generate body power and is a highly effective health-care medicine. The Bang Bhasma is supplied to the market in safe and hygienic packaging. We offer the Bang Bhasma at affordable rates to the valued clients across the globe.

Kashish Bhasma

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We provide the clients Kashish Bhasma that is highly effective in Stomach diseases and Liver diseases. The Kashish Bhasma range is made from natural Minerals and Jadi-bootees like Kashis (pure), Bhringraj and is free from all side-effects. We offer the Kashish Bhasma at affordable rates to the esteemed clients.

Mahayograj Guggul

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We are involved in providing clients with Mahayograj Guggul range that are formulated to cure joint pain and digestion. The Mahayograj Guggul range is quality tested by our quality controllers to make it free from all drawbacks and thereby ensure the delivery of safe products. We offer the Mahayograj Guggul at competitive prices to esteemed clients worldwide.


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We offer customers Makardhwaj Rasayan range that is highly appreciated for its superior performance. The Makardhwaj Rasayan is formulated in compliance with the GMP quality standards. We formulate this range of effective Makardhwaj Rasayan under proper supervision of our experienced team members that accounts for its high popularity in the market.

Moti Pishti

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We bring forth highly effective Moti Pishti ayurvedic medicine that is highly appreciated by the clients all over the world for their good results. This Moti Pishti range has been successfully meeting the demands for treating different types of Eye problems. Moreover, we provide the Moti Pishti to the clients across the world with tamperproof packaging.

Praval Pishti

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We bring forth Praval Pishti that is an effective ayurvedic heath-care medicine used to combat problems related to body growth. The Praval Pishti is prepared under expert guidance of our proficient professionals. Customers can be eased with the reasonable prices of the Praval Pishti offered by us.

Punarnawa Mandur

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We bring forth Punarnawa Mandur range that assists in blood growth. The Punarnawa Mandur is highly essential healthcare ayurvedic medicine and thereby improves health and immune system. The quality formulation of the Punarnawa Mandur range offered by us complies with GMP standards.

Ras Sindoor

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We are engaged in the Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting of Ras Sindoor that are highly beneficial and show positive results. The Ras Sindoor is replete with essential minerals that are required for good health. The Ras Sindoor range is offered at affordable rates to the clients across the world.

Ropya Bhasma

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We provide Ropya Bhasma to the valued clients across the globe. The Ropya Bhasma range is used as an effective nerve tonic, etc. The Ropya Bhasma range is manufactured with traditional ayurvedic formulations from the well-known book Siddha Yog Sangrah. Ropya Bhasma can be obtained at competitive prices from clients.

Sanjeevani Vati

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We are engaged in the bringing to the valued clients Sanjeevani Vati that is widely used for obtaining relief from Urine celerity and Liver problem. The Sanjeevani Vati range offered by us undergoes rigorous testing measures to make it free from all side-effects. Customers can acquire Sanjeevani Vati range from us at reasonable rates.

Swarna Bhasma

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We are instrumental in bringing to the clients highly effective Swarna Bhasma. We are empowered with well-defined and GMP certified process facilities that assist us in delivering the Swarna Bhasma with optimum effectiveness towards treating the said ailment. Customers can obtain the Swarna Bhasma at market leading rates.

Basant Kusumakar Ras

We are renowned as a prominent Basant Kusumakar Ras Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. The Basant Kusumakar Ras range is formulated with extreme care in our in-house testing laboratories. This variety of Basant Kusumakar Ras is highly effective in curing general debility and is offered in compliance with GMP quality standards.

Kumar Kalyan Ras

We offer Kumar Kalyan Ras range that is formulated from substances used for curing all types of children’s problem. The Kumar Kalyan Ras range is formulated from high quality raw materials like drugs and Aloevera. The Kumar Kalyan Ras range, an effective ayurvedic medicine, plays a major role in improving heart and lungs power.

Sameer Pannag Ras

We are instrumental in bringing Sameer Pannag Ras that is effectively used as nerve tonic. The Sameer Pannag Ras range is rigorously tested in our in-house laboratories to ensure the formulation of GMP standard Ayurvedic Medicines. We offer Sameer Pannag Ras at economical rates to the clients across the globe.

Swarnraj Bangeswar

We bring forth to the customers Swarnraj Bangeswar that is a highly effective ayurvedic medicine. The Swarnraj Bangeswar range is ideal for treating urinary problem and general debility. Considered safe and effective, this Swarnraj Bangeswar is among the most widely-sold ayurvedic medicines in the world.

Tamra Bhasma

We are engaged in bringing to the clients an extensive Tamra Bhasma range. The Tamra Bhasma is effective ayurvedic medicines that help in Stomach and liver diseases with no fear of side effects. We offer the Tamra Bhasma at reasonable rates to the clients all over the world.

Yogendra Ras

We offer the valued clients across the world highly effective Yogendra Ras having effective results and the best formulated ayurvedic medicines. This range of Yogendra Ras is provided to the clients after conducting several quality control tests to make the range safe and free from all side-effects.

Mahayograj Guggulu

Mahayograj Guggul

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