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Cement And Concrete Testing Equipments

Ball Mill


Our organization is engaged in providing Ball Mill that is robust in construction, resistance to corrosion and possesses high operational life. This mill consists of a drum that is made of welded steel and have an inside diameter of length 300mm x 300mm. IT is supported by heavy duty bearings and also a reduction gear that is driven by a motor, which rotates the ball mill at 28-30 PM. Furthermore, it is supplied complete with 12-19mm dia steel balls and revolution counter.

Air Enterainment Meter


We offer our clients Air Entrainment Meter that is used for measuring air content of fresh concrete. These meters make use of special air meter for assessing if the concrete contains the requisite amount of air. Besides, these meters are measures air's entrapment or entrainment that is required by the concrete design. This method uses the principle of replacing the air in a known volume of concrete along with water for measuring the volume of water. 

Accelerated Curing Tank


We offer our clients wide array of Accelerated Curing Tank that is used for measuring the strength of concrete. The strength of the concrete is generally estimated only after 28 days by crushing the field test cubes or cylinders, which is made from the representative concrete generally used for the structure. Accelerated Curing Tank reduces this long period of 28 days and therefore is highly appreciated in the market. Following are some of the details of these tanks:


  • The rate of gain of strength of concrete is dependant on the reaction rate of the cement and additions of it with water (Hydration) that is in common with all the chemical reactions
  • the rate of reaction depends on reaction of temp.
  • Higher reaction temperature gives higher rate of reaction such that the concrete gains strength more rapidly when its temp. is higher
  • Accelerated curing is the process in which the temperature of the concrete is raised artificially by using external heat to maximize up the rate of gain in strength

Blaine Air Permeability Test App.


We make available to our valued clients Blaine Air Permeability Test App. that provides a significant effect in the physical properties of concrete. For increasing the surface area, the finer cement powder is required for effective setting of the concrete. The fineness of the cement is measured by sieving and the result is assessed against the standards cement. Besides, it is used to determine the fineness of Portland cement on the basis of the specific surface that is expressed as total surface area in square centimeters per gram of cement. The Blaine apparatus draws a well-defined volume of air through a prepared bed of cement of the defined porosity.

Compression Testing Machine H.O.


We make available to our clients Compression Testing Machine H.O. that is useful for field laboratories or mobile testing laboratories or vans that frequently changes site or location. It is generally useful where constant and consistent electric power is mostly not available. The load is manually applied and observed on the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge has a maximum load indicator that stand still even after the specimen is under test crushes and has to be manually set to zero.

Cement Auto Clave


We put forth for our clients Cement Auto Clave that is highly acclaimed for superior quality, accurate results and longer functional life. This clave are integrated with hi-tech instruments as per the set industry standards. Furthermore, these calves are available in varied sizes and specifications to go well with the requirements of the clients. Following are the working process of this clave:


  • The property of soundness is an appreciable expansion, which could disrupt a mortar or concrete, is tested by subjecting the set cement to boiling in water or to high-pressure steam
  • This method covers determination of the autoclave expansion of Portland cement by means of a test of neat cement paste specimens are 25.4 X 25.4 X 285.8mm, which are moist and cured for 24 hours +/- 1-1/2 hours and then exposed to action of steam under a specified pressure for 3 hours
  • The rate at which the pressure is increased in the beginning of the test and released in the test are specified
  • Linear expansion is measured by micrometer comparator


Compression Testing Machine Elec. Oper


We present our clients Compression Testing Machine Elec. Oper that is used for determination of compressive strength of a concrete cube that is made from fresh concrete cast in a standard test mould. The value of compressive strength is used to assess if the batch that the concrete cube represents is as per the required compressive strength. Both manufacturing of cube as well as curing should both be closely controlled as the cube is crushed and stated at constant speed till it sustain further increase in load. Then the strength is derived by a calculation using the maximum load and cube dimensions.

Compression Testing Machine-500KN


We are involved in offering Compression Testing Machine-500KN that embodies a hydraulic system. This machine is designed to meet the requirements of Indian standards and specification of 516-1959 for compression tests on the cement mortar cubes up to 7.06 cms. We also offer this machine in varied specifications for the varied testing requirements.  

Vibrating Machine


Vibrating Machines offered by us are used for the preparation of mortar cubes for determination of compression strength of ordinary and rapid hardening Portland cement, low heat Portland cement, Portland blast furnace cement and high alumina cements. This machine is an easy method is to provide greater vibration of lower amplitude to the mold while casting. Besides, air tapped in cement mortar paste cannot be easily removed while casting cement mortar moulds.

Flow Table


Our organization is engaged in offering Flow Table that is suitable for concrete mixes of high and very high workability. The consistency and workability of the concrete is connected to the water and cement ratio, to ensure the effect of admixtures and finally to the strength and quality of concrete. To perform this test, a sample of the concrete is placed on a metal surface that is raised and dropped for a known height.

Slump Test App.


High quality Slump Test App. is used for determining workability. This test helps in determining the workability of fresh concrete that can be normally undertaken at the point of delivery to assure that the concrete is of appropriate consistency for placement. The test is applicable to concrete of medium workability and the device is a type of hollow cone-shaped mold. The mold is generally filled in three layers of every volume and is rodded with a 16 mm steel rod for 25 times. The mould is then easily lifted away and diversity in the height of the concrete is generally measured against the mould. The slump test is a type of measure for checking the resistance of concrete to flow under its own weight.

Flexural Testing Machine


We provide our clients Flexural Testing Machine that is highly demanded for compressive strength and high tensile strength values. These testing machines helps in knowing when the concrete is used free of reinforcement and can be subjected to certain tensile force. The test method involves applying a load at the main center of the beam of concrete supports at its ends. The load required for breaking the specimen is then recorded.

Gauging Trowel


We offer our clients Gauging Trowel that is known for their superior quality, optimum functionality and longer functioning life. These products are developed using advanced technology under the supervision of strict quality auditors. Besides, these trowels are supplied with excellent quality wooden handle. These trowels are pointed in type and have approximately 210 gm of weight. 

Heat Of Hydration Of Cement


We are engaged in offering a wide array of Heat of Hydration of Cement that is a chemical reaction that takes place in between cement when mixed with water and is exothermic. The intensity of this reaction is generally measured in this test and the value of heat of hydration is important where the cement is incorporated into concrete that is poured in large volumes. In such cases, huge amount of build up of heat arises as the reaction takes place and which, if excessive can cause cracking in the structure. Heat of hydration of cement is generally expressed in calories per gram.

Concrete Mixer - Lab Type


We specialize in providing our clients Concrete Mixer - Lab Type that is device that combines cement, aggregate sand or gravel and also water to form concrete. For this it makes use of a revolving drum to perfectly mix the components. Uniform and thorough mixing of the batch can be effectively produced in the field or laboratory and is inevitable for mix design formulation. 

Compression Testing Machine Channel


We provide our clients Compression Testing Machine Channel that is used designed for testing of cement, concrete molds of different sizes such as 15 cm x 15 cm x cubes, 10 cm x 10 cm x cubes, 7.06 cm x 7.06 cm cubes and 15cm x 30 cm cylindrical mould. It has a capacity of 1000KN (100 tons) and can be easily operated with hand as it is fitted with 15 cm dia load gauge. Moreover, these channels are also used for testing bricks with the usage of adjustable hand wheel. 



Our clients can avail from us Humidifier that is based on the principle of rotating disc splash plate. It is provides super fine particles that becomes a part of the atmosphere, while reaching every corner of the room, thereby resulting cool mist that does not condense when obstructed. This helps the particles to remain suspended in the air, thereby obtaining humidity up to 95 % RH in enclosed areas. This can atomize up to 3 liter of water in an hour while full evaporation in the driest possible ambient conditions. An optional arrangement is also provided for controlling the humidity that automatically cuts off and put on the unit as required (at an extra cost).

Cube Mould


We offer Cube Mold1 that is a sturdy and with appropriate dimensions and sizes. These molds are manufactured appropriately with tight dimensions, hardness, squareness and surface finish requirements. Besides, these molds used to cure cubes of fresh concrete that are made to test a wide range of properties on an eventually cured and hardened concrete. Fresh concrete is generally subjected to a standard compaction regime in the cube mold and is normally cured initially under specific laboratory conditions.

Humidity Oven


We offer Humidity Oven that is acknowledged for absolute reliability and accuracy. This apparatus is made up of high quality CRC/G.I. - powder coated with double wall and stainless steel in the inside chamber. Furthermore, this oven is available in varied temperature specifications as required by the clients. Following are some of the specifications of this oven:


  • Temp range from ambient +5° C to 60° C controlled by dual display microprocessor based digital temp.
  • Controller with +/- 0.5° accuracy
  • Humidity range from atmospheric humidity to 95 % controlled by dual display Microprocessor based digital temp
  • Controller (dry and wet bulb method) with + 3 % RH
  • Inner water tank made of stainless steel with ball cock valve
  • Front door has a full view glass observation window


    Vibrating Table


    We provide our valued clients Vibrating Table that produces better concrete molds and cylinders by removing entrapped air. It evenly distributes concrete inside the molds that eradicates the problem of bug holes as well as air bubbles. Moreover, we offer these tables in varied sizes and specifications to suit varied working applications of the clients. 

    Jolting Machine


    We hold high expertise in offering Jolting Machines that are supplied with mould and hopper operation on 230 Volts 50 Hz AC. It comprises of a rectangular table that is rigidly connected by two sturdy support arms to a spindle at a horizontal distance of about 800 mm from the center of the table. The table can be easily raised and allowed to fall freely with the help of a cam that is connected to a motor. Further, the cam rotates at a rate of about a 60 rev/min. A stroke counter appropriately fitted with micro-switch, which stops the machine after every 60 jolts. Locating pins are provided for effectively mounting the mold compartments on the table. The mold that is surrounded by the hopper can be conveniently clamped rigidly to the table. 

    Vee Bee Consistometer


    We make available to our clients Vee Bee Consistometer that measures the remolding capability of concrete under vibration. The test results of the consistometer reflect the amount of energy that is required to effectively remold a quantity of concrete, under given vibration conditions. Besides, this consistometer is also applicable to concrete with slumps, which are less than 2 inches.

    Tile Flexural Tile Testing


    We are engaged in providing our clients Tile Flexural Tile Testing that is used for cement concrete flooring tiles. This apparatus has a capacity of about 200 kg. for cement concrete flooring tiles. The specifications of these apparatus are very similar to the Vee Bee Consistometer, but in case of the bearing rollers of 25 mm dia and spans of 150, 200 and 250 mm, the load is applied at the rate of 200 kg/min/meter, without any lead shots.

    Le Chatlier Mould


    Owing to the knowledge of our experts, we are able to present accurate and high quality Le Chatlier Mould that is used for conducting soundness test. This test assesses the possible risk of late expansion owing to hydration of uncombined calcium oxide or magnesium oxide. The Le Chatlier apparatus magnifies any expansion at the time of heating to a value that can be measured.

    Tile Abrasion Tester


    We are one of the reckoned organizations engaged in offering Tile Abrasion Tester, which is highly acknowledged for accurate results and premium quality. This tester is used for testing the abrasion resisting capacity of a tile. Moreover, this tester is available in varied capacities and grades as per the specification details of the clients. We supply this with automatic preset revolution counter and a 7.5 kg weight but without abrasive powder and thickness gauge. This tester is suitable for operations of about 230 V single phases.


    Following are the specifications of these testers:


    • The tile sample is properly pressed under a specified load against a grinding path that is strewn evenly with abrasive powder revolving at a rate of 30 + 1 r.p.m.

    • At the end of 100 revolutions of the disc, the second parallel side of the sturdy tile is subjected to wear for an similar number of revolutions of the disc

    • The wear of tile is measured using the thickness gauge

    • The Abrasion testing machine comprises of the following:

      • A replaceable grinding path fitting on a rotating disc to its vertical axis

      • The rotating disc and grinding path are properly enclosed by a circular tray

      • A bracket holds the specimen

      • The loading is done by a counter balanced lever

      • A funnel is provided that facilitates charging the grinding path with abrasive powder

    Length Comparator


    Length Comparator is used to measure the drying shrinkage of an autoclaved Portland cement and the potential expansive reactivity of a specified amount of cement aggregate combinations in the mortar bars at the time of storage on self-drying. The instrument comprises of channeled base over which two vertical pillars are affixed and an adjustable cross plate is provided at the top. A dial gauge is also provided for reading 0.002 mm x 12 mm or 0.01 X 25mm. More details of this instrument are mentioned below:


    • The plunger end of the dial gauge can be easily located up on a 6.5 mm. dia ball or other reference point that is cemented in the specimen
    • On the base, there is a similar recessed seating where a second ball can be placed or reference point in the specimen
    • Provided with a stainless steel standardization bar along with an insulated grip and with a 6.5mm dia ball properly mounted in the ends

    Mortar Mixer


    We offer Mortar Mixer that is used for mixing cement pastes, mortars and pozzolanas. It comprises of an epicyclic type stainless steel paddle that is imparted with both planetary and revolving motion. This mizer is suitable for operation on 230 Volts, single phase. Following are some of the specifications of this mixer:


    • It has two speeds
    • Mixer blade has a low speed of about 140 + 5 rpm and a medium speed of 285 + 10 rpm
    • It also has a planetary movement of about 62 + 5 rpm in low range and planetary movement of about 125 + 10 rpm in medium range
    • Stainless steel bowl is fitted with handle and fitted with lid made of non-absorbing material that is not attacked by cement, masonry cement, cement pozzolana mixture or lime pozzolana mixture
    • The scraper comprises of semi rigid rubber blade that is attached to a handle of about 150 mm long
    • The blade has about 75 mm long, 50 mm wide and is tapered to a thin edge

    Mortar Penetrometer


    We specialize in offering Mortar Penetrometer that is used for finding out the rate of hardening of mortars that is sieved from concrete mixtures with the help of penetration needles of different cross-sectional areas. This instrument comprises of a barrel that houses a calibrated spring and a stem that graduates from 0-70 kg x 1 kg. In addition, these are also provided with six interchangeable penetration needles in the areas of 645, 323, 65, 32 and 16 mm sq. The penetration resistance is also measured by the force that is exerted to penetrate the mortar by 25 mm, which is indicated by a sliding ring on the stem. The needle shanks are appropriately marked at every 12.5 mm. These instruments are provided in a wooden carrying case.



    We provide our valued clients Extensometer that consists of two movable frames both pivoted at one end. The lateral Extensometer is appropriately fixed to the specimen with the help of tightening screws. The lateral Extension is appropriately indicated on a dial gauge of about 0.002 mm x 12 mm travel. The extension is magnified with 2.5 times and the dial gauge readings can be divided by 2.5 to get the accurate readings. A spacer strip is also provided to set the dial gauge initially and can be easily removed after initial setting is made. These are provided in a wooden carrying case.

    Concrete Thermometer


    We provide our clients Concrete Thermometer that is used to measure the temperature of the fresh concrete (specially in hot climate) in order to ensure it is not too hot, as this could be the cause of flash setting and rapidly reducing workability. The temperature of the concrete at the time of placement is use to control and to avoid varied possible difficulties. The measurements are mostly taken at the point of placement.

    Pulverizer Lab Type


    We offer high quality Pulverizer Lab Type that is a disc type grinder. This grinder is designed to grind virtually any type of material to produce a fine mesh sample in a single operation. Generally, it is a self contained grinder along with a rotary disc and having a planetary movement in the vertical plane. This attribute provides life to the moving parts that produces a sample of uniform fineness. The grinding takes place between two discs, one of which is a stationary while the other revolving eccentrically at high speeds. The discs are mostly made from heat treated mechanite metal. Other details of this grinder are as follows:


    • Provided with a hand wheel that helps in adjusting the six of the final product
    • This is done when the machine is in operation
    • A self locking device holds the hinged grinding chamber in the place, which affords easy as well as quick access to it by removing ground samples for cleaning
    • The Pulverizer has a strong capacity of reducing about half a kilogram of Quartz type of sample into 100 mesh in a minute
    • The Pulverizer is also provided with a 3 H.P. motor, a starter, "V" Belt pulley drive and mounting wired for 440 Volts, 3 phase A.C. 50 Hz.
    • Disc Diameter: 175 mm.
    • Maximum feed Size: 6 mm
    • Yield : 250 gms/min
    • Size of finished product: 100 mesh


    Concrete Test Hammer


    Our organization holds expertise in offering Concrete Test Hammer that is needed for testing concrete structure to ensure their strength and durability. Rebound hammer surveys can also be conducted to provide an uneven estimate of concrete strength, in cases, where it is not possible to determine by more accurate way like core extraction and testing. This test comprises a special rebound hammer that measures the recoiling of piston against the concrete surface, where a standard force is applicable. This recoil then can be correlated approximately into concrete strength.

    Concrete Permeability App.


    Owing to the proficiency of our professionals, we are able to present Concrete Permeability App. That is used for determine the durability of the concrete structure. Generally, a concrete structure is considered to of optimum durability, if it performs in accordance with the intended level of functionality and serviceability during a predicted period of time. The durability depends upon the ease (or difficulty) with which the fluids (water, carbon dioxide, oxygen) in the form of liquid or gas can migrate from end to end hardened concrete mass. Therefore, this apparatus checks these three modes to ensure its permeability. 

    Reflectance Meter


    We offer Reflectance Meter that is used for measuring the whiteness of a sample with head for brightness measurement or for opacity measurement. This meter has 45° diffuse reflectance head along with tristimulus green filter. Furthermore, this meter is provided with different capacities and specifications to suit the varied testing

    Standard Spatula


    We are engaged in offering Standard Spatula that is known for accurate results, sturdy construct and high operational feature. This spatula is made up of stainless steel along with wooden handle. The size of the blade is of 20 cm long and width is of 2.5 cm precise appropriate thickness.

    Concrete Penetrometer


    We offer our clients Concrete Penetrometer that is appreciated for optimum results and optimum functionality. The durability of a concrete depends largely on the ease (or difficulty) with which fluids (water, carbon dioxide, oxygen) in the form of liquid or gas can move through a hardened concrete mass. Concrete is considered a porous material and therefore the moisture movement can occur effectively by flow, diffusion or absorption. The penetrometer is concerned with all these three and is measured generally by the overall potential for moisture in concrete with the help of these three modes that is referred to as its permeability.

    Compression Testing Machine Digital


    We are involved in offering Compression Testing Machine Digital that is designed to meet the need for a simple, economic and reliable means to test the concrete for its compressive strength. The design of this machine is very simple both in case of construction and operation that makes the machine easy to use and also maintain. The unit is also compact, making it useful for different sites as well as laboratory applications. The digital machines are provided with a pace of rate controller that enables it to maintain a constant speed of loading.

    Tensile (Briquette) Testing Machine


    Our industry experience enables us to offer Tensile (Briquette) Testing Machine that is a sturdy machine for manually operation a load upto 500 kg. It is fully provided with one briquette mould and a varied set of weights to weigh 50, 100, 150 and 200 kg. without a lead shot. Besides, this machine is available in different capacities and specifications for the suitability of different applications. The instrument is friction free, accurate, double lever system while the load is being applied with the help of sliding weight on the top lever. Following are some of its specifications:


    • Motorized operation is about 900 Kg
    • The capacity of the unit is 900 kg
    • After fixing the briquette in the jaws, the machine can be switched on
    • The sliding weight slides over a calibrated lever, thereby applying tension to the specimen
    • A micron-switch is fitted instantly that stops the machine on failure of the briquette
    • On failure the tensile load is accurately read to known 0.5 kg by means of a marker that is provided on the sliding weight
    • The machine is made operational for succeeding test only after bringing the sliding the weight to the zero position
    • Suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles, single phase 

    Compaction Factor App.


    We bring forth for our clients Compaction Factor App. that is generally defined as the ratio of the mass of the concrete when compacted in the compaction factor along with the apparatus to the mass of the fully compacted concrete. This involves dropping of a volume of a concrete from one hopper to another and appropriately measuring the volume of concrete in that of the final hopper to the fully compacted volume. The results of this compaction factor test can be easily correlated to slump even though the relationship is not linear. Besides, this test is difficult to run in the field and is also not practical for large aggregates over 1 inch. Comparing to the slump test, this apparatus is bulky and an appropriate balance is requisite to perform measurements.

    Vicat Needle App.


    We make available Vicat Needle App. that is used to find out the amount of water required to make a cement paste of standard consistency with a suitable setting time. The time that cement takes to stiffen into a standard value after adding water is commonly known as the set time. Here, the test involves mixing cement with appropriate amount of water and then measuring its resistance to dissemination of a standard probe at changing time intervals, until a certain value is reached.

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