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Nag Nagin Jora (silver)


This pair of male and female snakes is considered to ward off evil effects of various malefic yogas formed in a horoscope, especially kalsarpa dosha. It is also burried in soil before commencing any building activity as a mark of respect to the life of patal loka (life below the ground level).

Navrattan Locket


Since ages the indian rulers and wealthy people have been taking the protection of navrattan. It strengthens all the planets and wards off their evil effects. It adds magnetism and glow in the person who wears it. All humans who come within the aura of this pendent are greatly influenced by the wearer. It contains gems for all planets including real diamond studded in silver.

Horse Shoe Ring


Horse shoe ring (ring made out of kale ghore ke nal): this is a hand made ring from horse shoe. This removes all the hindrances, evil effects, effects of mantra & tantra and nazar. It removes the malefic effects of saturn and rahu. It also protects the wearer from all fears and foes. It also improves the blood circulation and iron absorption of the body.

Saphatic Shri Yantra


Shri yantra is the marvel of yantra shakti. It is said to bring wealth. The powerful temples of the past which are still worshipped and a sign of wealth like the ones at tirupati temple or the famous somnath temple in gujarat have shri shri yantra within them. It brings influence, money and all round success in actions.

Lions Nail (Silver)


Lions nail has been worn since ages by people from all walks of life including tribals, villagers, town men and royalty. It is said to confer on the wearer courage to face the strongest enemies. Inner energy is enhanced and will power is also strengthened. It wards off all evil powers and weakens the courage of the opponents. It also wards off uncomfortable dreams etc.

Horse Shoe


Horse shoe (kale ghore ke nal): this has to be affixed at the entrance of a work place or residence. The open part of this horse shoe has to be upwards 'u'. This removes all the hindrances, evil effects, effects of mantra & tantra and nazar. This also removes the malefic effects of saturn. Especially good for people in politics and administration



Gangajal (packed water of holy ganges): 500 ml of gangajal filled from haridwar. This is according to maharishi vedvayas the only way to fight the malefic effects of the kalyuga. The holy water of ganga should be used in all the religious ceremonies. If kept in a copper container in house it gives holy vibrations and fights away evil and bad luck. Good both for material prosperity and spiritual growth.

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