Fire Alarm Systems
We are providing Fire Alarm Systems to our clients. These are effective in avoiding injuries, deaths and business losses resulting from fire. Therefore, it''s necessary to evaluate fire safety preparations and ensuring maximum protection for the organization or premises. Moreover, these are also offered at market leading prices.
Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

We offer a superior quality range of Fire Alarm Systems. These are effective in avoiding injuries, deaths and business losses resulting from fire. Therefore, it's necessary to evaluate fire safety preparations and ensuring maximum protection for the organization or premises. Moreover, these are also offered at market leading prices. The offered product range encompasses:

  • Early Fire Detection Systems
  • Convention and Addressable Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Cleaning Agents

Features of Control Panel:

  • In-built software to sense, receive and recognize the signals sent by the sensors
  • During any abnormal condition or malfunction, an alarm is activated that has to be acknowledged physically and reset
  • Available in 2 to 8 zone (areas) options
  • SMPS power supply
  • Software provided for monitoring and report generation and events logging
  • LED's for individual ZONES to indicate status of respective zones
  • Relay outputs provided for individual Zones
  • Relay output activates in Short / Alarm condition of respective zone
  • Relay output for hooter gets activated, when Short / Alarm condition occurs in any sensors
  • Mute switch provided for silencing the hooter
  • Limit switch for sensing door status (i.e. Open / Close) provided
  • A Buzzer which beeps with hooter in Short / Alarm and Open Panel Door conditions is provided. Here, the buzzer cannot be silenced through Mute key



  • RS485 serial port at eight baud-rate speed setting (Default 9600 bps) for interfacing with Master (PLC, PC)
  • Optional Potential free outputs for all zones
  • Modbus RTU interface to communicate with BMS System



  • 4x20 LCD for displaying status of all Zones
  • LED Display status for all zones



  • Configuration : Control Panel with optional zones from 2 to 8
  • Operating Voltage : 230V AC 50Hz
  • Dimension : 305mm X 225mm X 85mm
  • Weight : 2.5 kg
  • Mounting : Wall


  • RS 485 to RS 232 convertor available at extra cost


  • Available in 2 Zone to 8 Zone options

Response Indicator

Designed to be used as an auxiliary indication for detectors that are located in closed spaces (i.e., not Visible) For example: above false ceilings, in closed rooms, etc). Detectors are equipped with a terminal to allow connection to the Response Indicator. Response indicators contain a LED which lights up as soon as the connected detector detects fire..


Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information. This is typically used in the form of way finding information, restricting entries in places, Safety information’s etc..

Different types of Signage’s available with us are

  • Stickers
  • Boards
  • Glow signs
SMS Generator

This controller can accept up to 16 inputs.


  • Can save 5 Telephone/Mobile nos.
  • 32 programmable messages
  • Ideal for Network based application
  • Compact size
  • Operates on 10-30Volts DC supply



  • Power Consumption 15mA@24Volts, 0.5watt max.


Aspiration Systems

The Early Smoke Detection concept works by continually drawing ambient air through sample points in a pipe network. Upon entering the unit the sampled air is filtered.

Then it is passed into the detection chamber where light scattering technology detects the presence of very small amounts of smoke. As the amount of detected smoke increases the aspirating panel provides the user with an instant understanding of a smoke event, even from a significant distance through audio visual notification devices integrated with the system.

Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

We specialize in designing Addressable Type of Fire Alarm & Detection System for small / medium / large commercial / industrial establishments including high rise buildings, hotel, hospitals and corporate business houses.

Addressable fire alarm systems offer benefits in speed of detection, identification of the location of a fire and easier maintenance. Addressable fire alarm systems also offer tolerance to faults in the system wiring, which allows a single pair of wires to be used to connect up to 200 devices to the system, allowing cost savings in the wiring of large systems. In larger installations, the benefits of improved maintenance and reduced cabling cost are overwhelming. The price difference between Addressable systems and conventional systems has narrowed to such an extent that even for small installations, the use of an Addressable fire alarm system should be considered. 

Fire Alarm Detectors

We offer detector of highest quality standard. It is an apparatus that identifies Smoke /Heat /combination of both and gives forth an alarm to alert the neighborhood. Our range is fabricated from most refined technology in conventional & addressable systems and is offered at industry leading prices. 

Strobes & Hooters

hooter cum strobe will give the audible & visible indication to the users.

Alert Annunciation and Mimic Panels

We are one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Annunciation/Mimic Panels. These are used to alert the operators at the time of any emergency in plants and premises. We facilitate these with multiple back-lit windows which display the name of a process alarm. Moreover, these are also known for features like superior performance and longer service life.


  • Light in each window is controlled by hard-wired switches when a process condition enters an abnormal/altered state
  • Single point or multi point alarm logic modules operate the window lights
  • The light in the annunciation panel reverts back to normal state only when plant/premises has returned to normal state

Other Details:
  • Item Code: Mimic
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
  • Delivery Time: 15 days
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