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Diesel Plunger


We specialize in manufacture and export of premium quality Diesel Plunger which is widely used in fuel injection systems and engines. The Diesel Plunger offered by us regulates the quantity of fuel delivered through an upward motion to the engine. Available in for all leading engine brands, the diesel plunger exported by us has carved niche for itself in domestic as well as foreign markets.


  • Regulates the quantity of fuel
  • Ensures enough quantity of fuel delivery
  • Offers perfect sealing
  • Different variants for leading engine brands

Available for leading brands like

  • MICO
  • USHA

Diesel Nozzles


We offer premium quality Diesel Nozzles that are made from industrial grade materials like EN 31 Metal and other metals. Vitally important for the regulation of the fuel flow to ignition compartment our Diesel Nozzles have been preferred by clients across the globe


  • To regulate the flow of fuel to the ultimate ignition compartment
  • To convert the diesel into the diesel vapors and spray it on the piston


  • Helps efficient functioning of fuel injection systems
  • Made from industrial grade materials
  • Unique construction design
  • Easy to install
  • Low Maintenance

Nozzle Variants:

  • DN
  • DNPD
  • DL
  • DLL
  • DLLA
  • DLLAP.

Delivery Valves


we are looked upon as the most trusted source of delivery valves that are made from highly durable en 31 metal, which offered premium strength to them. Apart from assisting in rapid building of pressure in the injection line, our delivery valves are also used to cut the flow of fuel at the termination of injection pulse. The easy availability of our valves at competitive prices has placed us among the leading delivery valves manufacturers and exporters from delhi.


  • to assist in the rapid build of pressure in the injection line
  • to cut the flow of fuel at the termination of fuel injection pulse


  • robust construction
  • easy to install and use
  • low maintenance
  • durabl
  • anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive

made from

  • en 31 metal.

Fuel Injectors


Fuel Injectors as part of our precision automobile spares range. Fabricated from superior quality Cast Iron, the Fuel Injectors offered by us are made as per strict international standards. The long life and strong structure of our Injectors has popularized us as the prime Fuel Injector Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers from Delhi.

Unique Features

  • Complies to strict international standards
  • Strong and Durable Structure
  • Unique construction design
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Competitive price
  • Low maintenance

Made from

  • Cast Iron

Widely Used At Place Like

  • Automobile Service Stations
  • Garages
  • Automobile Manufacturing units.

Industrial Gaskets


we are one of the leading industrial gasketsmanufacturers, exporters and suppliers from delhi. We offer high grade industrial gaskets that are available in different variants, sizes and specifications to meet varied needs of our diverse clientele. Widely used for flanges in non-asbestos jointing sheets or metal gaskets, our industrial gaskets have carved niche for themselves in the market.

made from

  • high quality copper

suitable for

  • hatz
  • lombardindi
  • deutz fl series
  • mini door
  • lister st/lr/ts/hr/sr/ha/lp/tr
  • yamaha
  • compressor range like elgi
  • mercedes benz
  • volkaswagen
  • renult.

Nozzle Tester


We offer world class NozzleTester which is made from quality Aluminium, that offers it durable and strong structure to them. Endorsed by expert designers and engineers for its high performance and unique construction, the Nozzle Tester offered by us has carved niche for itself in the market.


  • Strong body
  • Unique construction
  • Easy to install and use
  • Minimum maintenance

Made from

  • Industrial Grade Aluminum

Widely Used For Testing

  • For testing injection nozzle opening pressure
  • Leakage spray pattern
  • Atomization test
  • Chatter tests.

Cylinder Blocks


our cylinder blocks are especially casted using advanced machines using centrifugal shell mouling process. The unique design of our cylinder blocks which comprises of cylindrically bored holes for the pistons of a multi-cylinder reciprocating internal combustion engine, has helped them to earn reputation of being the best available in the market


  • shellmoulingprocess
  • centrifugalprocess


  • unique construction design
  • made using advanced machines
  • cylindrically bored holes
  • different sizes, variants and designs

ideally suitable for

  • lombardindi
  • hatz
  • deutz fl series
  • mini door
  • lister st/lr/ts/hr/sr/ha/lp/tr
  • yamaha
  • compressor range like elgi
  • mercedes benz
  • volkaswagen
  • renult.

Oil Seals


we are looked upon prime manufacturer, supplier and exporter of oil seals from delhi. We offer different types of oil seals like metric oil seals, rotary oil seals, 8. Shaft oil seals, hydraulic oil seals, bonded oil seals and many others. The oil seals offered by us have emerged as the perfect sealing solution for different industries due to their long life and prefect sealing capacity


  • durable and strong
  • special design
  • different variants
  • excellent sealing capacity


  • metric oil seals
  • rotary oil seals
  • shaft oil seals
  • hydraulic oil seals
  • bonded oil seals
  • lip oil seals

made from

  • high quality synthetic rubber with special additives.

Automotive Piston


We offer world class Automotive Pistons that are fabricated from exceptional quality Aluminum Mild Steel that offers durable and strong structure to them. Made in accordance with strict international quality standard, our Automotive Pistons have proven to be the ultimate choice for number of heavy duty automobiles


  • Enhances efficiency of the automobiles
  • Gives better compression to the engine
  • Unique construction design
  • Strong body

Made from

  • Aluminum Mild Steel

Available for renowned brands like

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Perkins
  • Mazda
  • Toyota
  • Kiroskar
  • Lister Peter
  • Nissan.

Piston Rings


we offer exceptional quality piston rings that are popular in domestic as well as foreign markets because of its high performance and unmatched durability. Our piston rings have fine grain and therefore they provide high tension even at high temperature and high engine operation speed.

uniqueness :

  • unmatched durability
  • offers high tension
  • efficient operation at high temperature and speed
  • unique construction design
  • low maintenance

manufacturing process :

  • piston : aluminium die casting

material used :

  • aluminium, mild steel (ms) & steel
  • grey c. I. Casting

widely used in :

  • automobiles
  • tractors
  • industrial & diesel engines
  • air & gas compressions.

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