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About Suditi Global Academy

Incepted at Delhi (New Delhi, India) we “Suditi Global Academy” are a recognized service provider. We are a residential –cum-day scholar English medium school that provides Computer Education, Tours and Excursions, Sports and Cultural Activities, School Van Facility, Library Facility and Medical Care and Health services in School. All the facilities provided by us are known for reliability, credibility and efficiency. The accuracy and quality of the service is maintained by the quality team that looks after the quality department of the school.


Complying with industrial standards and adopting ethical business policies, we have been able to expand the market for our services. The huge infrastructure of the school helps us to cater to the needs of the clients with effective results. This infrastructure supports these quality auditors with the required installed facilities. Our services are tested thoroughly for their quality by the quality auditors before they are rendered to the clients. Clients can avail these services from us at market leading prices within the stipulated time frame.


Under the visionary guidance of Dr. Ram Mohan, our director, we have learnt new skills to enhance our services. His vast knowledge and experience in this domain has been a guiding light for us.

Our Mission & Vision

To Achieve Excellence In Imparting Technical Education.

To Strive To Inculcate a Sense of Integrity and High Sense of Responsibility amongst Student.

To Ensure That the Darkness of Ignorance Is Illuminated By the Light of Knowledge.


To Ensure That The Students Are Well Equipped With The Necessary Technical Skills.


To Meet Global Standards.


To Inculcate Sincerity And An Urge To Serve The Society And The Country As Well.


To Develop System And Environment With View To Motivate The Students To Pursue Their In A Conducive Manner.

To Guide And Promote Positive Thinking, Self Confidence And Leadership Amongst The Student Of The Institute.


To Provide Ample Opportunities To The Faculty, Staff And Students Of The Institute For Their Professional Development.

Teaching And Learning

Teaching And Learning

  • Upgrade teaching and evaluation methodologies to the standards of the leading institutions of the world
  • Provide students with an educational experience that develops in them the capacities for creativity, critical judgement, effective communication and in-depth knowledge
  • Enhance the interaction with industry in teaching programmes through guest lectures, seminars, adjunct faculty programs and industrial internships for students
  • Induct high-caliber faculty and to upgrade the general level of faculty, their skills and qualifications to seek excellence in performance and to inculcate commitment towards the fulfillment of the mission
  • Ensure effective evaluation of teaching curricula, and co-curricular learning opportunities of students
  • Interact and build alliances with universities abroad to benefit by sharing of experience, knowledge, faculty and facilities
  • Develop appropriate programmes for inculcating quality consciousness, appreciation of, and sensitivity to ethical standards, protection of environment and other social responsibilities

From Chairman's Desk

Amongst the greatest of all great services that can be possibly rendered by a man to God, is the education of children.” The foundation of Suditi Global Academy is laid with a view to facilitate the education of the children of the society, the nation, and the world. It is the dream child of me and my wife under the inspirational force of my venerable parents Late Sukhveer Singh and Dilawari Devi and venerable Late Madan Lal Arya. The objective of the school is to provide education to each and every child; rich or poor, bright or dull. The school aims at instilling into its children, global understanding, universal values, spiritual perception, wisdom, service to mankind, positive attitude, leadership skills, competency, self-discipline, excellence in all things, hard work, strong will power, noble nature, patience, truth and honesty. My mission is to produce from this academy great teachers like S. Radhakrishnan and Gandhi, great preachers like Lord Buddha, Mahavira, Ram Krishna Paramhamsa and Vivekanand, great leaders like Gandhi, Shastri, Nehru, George Washington and Abraham Lincon, great thinkers and philosophers like Rousseau, Confucius, Tagore, Gandhi, Frobel and Pestalogy and eminent scientists like Einstein Newton and C.V. Raman, great Generals like Napoleon and Alexander the Great."


 I hope that the Almighty will help us to realize our dream and achieve our goal.

Smart Class

Smart Class

Suditi Global Academy is the first school in the region with a new age technology to enhance the skills of teacher through SMART CLASS from class LKG to class X. The innovative SMART CLASS is multi sensory experience that improves effectiveness and productivity of teaching-learning process in classroom; it brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms and makes learning an enjoyable experience for students. Through the help of this technology students receive audio visual education as per the requirement of the present day. It makes the classes very lively and interesting. The 3D effect in the Science diagrams gives the child a better understanding of concepts and basic structure of the organism.

Student-Teacher Interaction

In a teaching institution it is necessary that there should be a good rapport between the teacher and the student. They should be able to freely communicate with each other and must understand and appreciate each other's view-point not only on academic matters but in matters of general interest as well.

Admission Information

  • The School Prospectus and Admission form are available from the school office in the months of Feb, March, April and June for the ensuing year.
    No system of registration a year or more in advance is in existence in the school.
    Admission tests are normally held in the month of Feb, March and June.
    No new admission into class X and XII will be permitted.
  • A registration fee is payable with the submission of the registration form for admission per student. This fee is non-refundable and non-adjustable. The payment of the fee does not guarantee admission into the school. The admission can be sought after qualifying the admission test.
  • No child will be admitted without the Transfer Certificate obtained from the school last attended. If a student comes from a school other than Uttar Pradesh, the Inspector of Schools of the district of that State must countersign the Transfer Certificate.
  • Admission will be considered on production of the following documents:-
    1. Proof of Date of Birth.
    2. Latest Progress report of the student.
    3. Transfer Certificate.

  • A student's name and date of birth, as recorded in the Transfer Certificate are official and legal and may not be changed subsequently by the school authority.
  • If any student, boarder or day scholar, fails to return to school after any vacation with in three days of the official date of opening without certified intimation to and written permission of the Principal, his/her name will be struck off from the school rolls.


  • If a parent of his/her own accord decides not to send his/her child to the school after he/she has deposited the admission fee and registration fee with the school, he/she will not be entitled to a refund of either the admission fee or the registration fee deposited and would be liable to pay three month's tuition fees in lieu of notice.
  • The registration fee and the admission fee is non-refundable and non-adjustable under any circumstances.
  • If a parent wishes to withdraw his/her child  at any time he/she must inform the principal in writing giving clear three month's notice of his/her intention to do so.  If the specified notice is not given, the parent is bound by the rules of the school to pay full tuition fees for the ongoing session.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded in any case.
  • Cases pertaining to refund of fees will not be subject to litigation
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who is found to have used unfair means in the tests/examinations and if the student concerned continues to repeat the offence, he/she will be required to be withdrawn.
  • The Transfer Certificate will be issued to a student only after the parents have paid all sums due to the school. 

Curriculum and Examination

Curriculum and Examination

Suditi Global Academy offers equal opportunity to each child to develop an all-round personality through its multi-faceted curriculum offered and sufficient facilities to excel in various spheres of knowledge, activities and experiments. 

Religious and Moral education form an integral part of the curriculum.

This academy is an English Medium Residential-cum-day-scholars' school but the school lays emphasis on learning and respecting the mother tongue. 
Subjects taught at Primary and Junior levels are English , Sanskrit, Hindi, Maths,  Science, Social Science, Computer, Moral Science, General Knowledge, Music, Art & Craft and Drawing.

Subjects taught at Secondary and Sr. Secondary  levels are  English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics Practice, Computer Science, Business Studies, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Physical Education, Environmental Science and Fine Arts. 

Service Portfolio

We are a residential –cum-day scholar English medium school that provides various services. All the facilities provided by us are known for reliability, credibility and efficiency. The accuracy and quality of the services is maintained by the quality team that looks after the quality department of the school. We provide these services at market leading prices within the stipulated time frame. We offer:


  • Medical Care and Health services
  • Computer Education
  • Tours and Excursions
  • Sports and Cultural Activities
  • School Van Facility
  • Library Facility

Domain Expertise

With rich industry experience we comprehend the fact that efficient communication backed by high end quality inspection procedures has helped us create a name for ourselves in the industry. Our organization is bestowed with professionals who are equipped with proven skills to deal with the day-to-day crises, if any, and meet the requirements of the clients. Our professionals are highly skilled in this domain due to their vast knowledge and years of work experience.

Our Team

We employ professionals who have vast experience in this domain and posses complete knowledge of the services we provide. Our team works with coordination and cooperation to maximize client satisfaction and achieve overall goodwill. Our professionals have successfully catered to our clients with a wide range of services and achieved a position of repute in the industry. Further, they are regularly furnished with skill enhancing training sessions to keep them abreast with the current market needs. 

Why Us?

We have been the top choice amongst the clients owing to the classic services we offer. Adopting ethical business practices and working according to the industrial standards, we have registered our name in the minds of the clients. We provide services for life. Some other reasons why we are favored by our clients are as follows: 

  • Reliable services
  • Flexible approach
  • Adroit team of professionals
  • Ethical business practices
  • Competitive pricing policy

To,Suditi Global Academy

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