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About Suguna Poultry Farm Limited

Testing Facilities

Suguna’s R&D initiatives are driven by highly qualified and experienced poultry experts including nutritionists and veterinarians. These initiatives over time have helped establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

About The Company

Chairman Mr. B.Soundararajan and Managing Director Mr. G.B.Sundararajan saw potential in growing the Indian Poultry Industry through integration, which later came to be known as Contract Farming. This led Suguna Poultry to pioneer contract farming in India. In 1986, Mr. B.Soundararajan and Mr. G.B.Sundararajan set up a poultry farm with 200 layer birds at Udumalpet. During 1989 - 90, when chicken prices crashed because of an over-supply of birds in the local market, Suguna saw an opportunity for business growth by helping the poultry farmers who had bought feed and medicines on credit and could not clear their dues. To help them recover their money, these visionaries began to provide feed and health support to indebted farmers in return for the end product - eggs. The success of this exercise gave birth to the Suguna Integration Model. The poultry integration model has set a win-win situation for both the farmer and the integrator. Farmers are provided with day-old chicks, feed and health support. Performance is monitored on a daily basis with Suguna field staff visiting the farms to check on the health of the birds, feed intake, growth and mortality levels. In six weeks time, the birds are weighed and are ready to be sold by Suguna. Farmers are paid a handsome growing charge for the birds at the end of this period. Thus, Suguna takes this success model to the next level vision of energising rural India benefiting the country, farmer and the company. A constant and relentless drive has taken the company''s growth and expansion which covers over 23,000 farmers from 8,000 villages in 16 Indian states. Impressed by the model and its success, Suguna receives invitations from many state governments to set up its operations. Many investors and delegates from across borders visit Suguna’s facilities to study this model and later adopt in their own countries. With mastery and success in contract farming, Suguna has shaped the poultry industry to its current position in India.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Energising rural India through a business process that creates and sustains innovation and strategy, by continuously adding value and care to its stakeholders with a style of management that will be exemplary to the corporate world. In business, there is always a better way. And the first step towards achieving that is to have a dream. For Suguna, the dream is to shape the future of India. Any dream for India would be incomplete without a powerful rural revival. This belief has driven Suguna to invest heavily in rural India and set its sights on a powerful economic and social transformation. Suguna has focused on developing rural India through the poultry farming industry. A pioneer in the integration of this hitherto small industry, Suguna’s fresh concepts such as contract farming has made individual farmers an integral part of its family. A holistic approach backed by technology, research and best practices, has revolutionized this industry empowering farmers across the country with wealth and prosperity. With a commitment to economic and social development in rural India as its core value, Suguna has today empowered over 23,000 farmers and is rewriting the futures of thousands of farmers and entrepreneurs. Suguna is modernizing the industry, creating employment, stepping up exports and has in store a bright future for over one million rural households in India.

Board of Directors

Suguna Poultry Farm Limited is the brainchild of Mr B. Soundararajan, Chairman and Mr. G.B.Sundararajan, Managing Director, two entrepreneurs and visionaries in the poultry industry. The brothers foresaw the potential to grow the Indian Poultry Industry through Integration now known as Contract Farming. A concept successful in many developed countries such as USA and Europe, contract farming failed in India until it was re-introduced by the brothers. Under their able leadership this industry has an enviable position in the business circles today. The two brothers, hailing from a village and born in a teacher’s family have reached the business zenith with a zeal to excel. Their management has made a mark in the corporate arena by continuously improving industry standards and professionalism. Today, with a revenue of Rs. 5480 crores, Suguna holds the number one position in the Indian broiler industry and ranks among the top ten poultry companies in the world. Suguna''s leadership can be seen in not just market share but also in innovation, research and development, and even technology. All thanks to professional management practices backed by the industry''s best Human Resources, IT Systems, and advanced processes.

Our Milestones

1984 Suguna Group was founded
1991 Introduced new Concept of contract farming in India
1992 First Hatchery
1993 First Breeder Operation
1998 Semi Automatic Meat Processing Unit with Cold Storage
1999 Fully Automatic, Micro Processor Controlled Feed Mill
2000 Inclusion of Grand Parents
2001 Expansion of Operations into other states
2004 Soya Unit Operation in Nagpur
2006 Successful implementation of Oracle ERP systems
2007 Layer launch
2007 Asian Livestock Industry Award
2007 Daily Fressh and Suguna value added eggs launch
2008 Convenience food launch, Asia''s largest feed mill at Hoskote
2012 Name change from "Suguna Poultry Farms Limited” to “Suguna Foods Limited"
2012 Launch of Dairy products, Pet Foods, Organic Manure, Cattle Feed, Herbal Division & Farm Equipments

Our Team

Mr. G.B. Sundararajan
Managing director

Mr. B. Soundararajan

Mr. K.S. Ramesh

Mr. S. Deenadayalan

Mr. Srikanth srinivasan

Mr. S. Selvam
Whole time director

To,Suguna Poultry Farm Limited

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